Weekend Fun!

I had an awesome weekend! I’ll be dedicating a full post to the Apple Harvest Festival I attended on Sunday, but that wasn’t the only fun that was had. I headed to work on Friday in a very TGIF mood, still a little cranky from the day before, but a fun outfit and yummy (yet routine) lunch cheered me up a bit. And the fact that it was Friday, but I’ll give that part a rest at the risk of sounding too much like Rebecca Black.

Red eye removal went to town.

  • Top: Forever 21 (Christmas ’08!)
  • Jeans/Headband: American Eagle
  • Watch: flea market!
  • Shoes: Wal-Mart ($13 baby)

As I mentioned earlier, I used a SaveNowCT deal at South Tavern on Friday night. That place has never left me disappointed!

Pulled pork nachos, shared by the table.

I was impressed with the quality of their Greek Salad. It wasn’t too expensive to add the shrimp, and it came with more than your standard fare: artichokes, chick peas, and pepperoncinis in addition to the usual romaine, feta, tomato, onion, and kalamatas.

Ugh restaurant lighting!

I got a ton of homework done at Daybreak both Saturday and Sunday morning. On Saturday I went with their Bacio (chocolate/hazelnut) flavor for my nonfat cafe au lait, and on Sunday I tried the Pumpkin Spice flavor. YUM.

My co-worker Steve had a BBQ on Saturday night and it did not disappoint! I put together a cheese, cracker, and olive plate to go with the bottle of Priam Vineyards Cayuga White that I have been housing in my fridge for almost a month now. For the crackers I found a tasty wheat variety at the store from Special K: Savory Herb. I also included the normal Ritz for the non-wheat eaters. I usually like to include options for parties for those that may be “watching” what they eat and those that aren’t. Either one of those is fine with me as long as there’s something for everyone!  I used my Artisan Foods cheese but did leave half the wedge in my fridge (too good to give it all up).

Steve really outdid himself. The BBQ had SO MUCH FOOD. I was in heaven and also ended up drinking all but one glass’s worth of that bottle of wine. Woo hoo…I was still in bed before midnight. Grandma needs her sleep!

Grilled pizza! I topped my slice with grilled chicken and my olives.

Roasted cheesy potatoes and crusty bread! Dipped both in garlic hummus.

Romaine, tomato, cheese, some sort of delicious dressing.

Oh boy! I braved the creeper to get to that delish corn.

4 glasses of wine later…

Missing are photos of steak, grilled chicken, ribs, hot dogs (I had my first hot dog in forever…that classic white bun, ketchup, and mustard was AMAZING), stuffed mushrooms, and grilled veggies. THANK YOU to Steve and his wife Sharon for having me!

Sunday I woke up feeling quite iffy from the wine, and also still full. I hit the gym for a Bootcamp workout class that I’d never taken before. It was quite intense but also a little less enjoyable for me than other fitness classes I take. It was a lot of sports drills which were tough and high intensity, but I didn’t get a satisfying muscle-burn like I get from Group Power or the fun choreography I see in Group Step. It was still good to step outside the box though and keep my body guessing!

I also barely took any photos yesterday (Monday), but that could be due to the fact that it was a day of repetitive eats. Seriously, if you want to know what I ate, look here. Hit the gym after work for Group Power and 25 minutes (2.68 miles) on the stair master. I read the latest issue of “Health” with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover – it was a good one! I love SMG, her interview was real and she seems so cool. Looks like I need to start watching “Buffy” since I’m so into “Ringer”.

This morning I woke up a little bit earlier than usual to do some nice yoga stretches per Shayla’s suggestion. I get very antsy and feel “pent-up” on my long work/class days, since I have a desk job and my responsibilities all involve a computer and SITTING! Hoping that starting my day out with some soothing yoga poses will help that today – thanks again Shayla!

The rest of my weekend is deserving of its own post, so I’ll end this here!

What was the best thing you ate this past weekend? I don’t think I can choose…

Is anyone else watching “Ringer”?

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