WIAW: The Usual

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I’m really glad you guys enjoyed reading more about me in yesterday’s post with my answers to the Liebster Award survey that’s been going around! I had a blast writing it and doing so reminded me of how much I enjoy writing personal posts. I feel like sometimes as a blogger, it’s easy to get caught up in sharing experiences with restaurants, events, and products. While I truly enjoy those things and love talking about them on this blog (just look at any of my wordy restaurant recaps and you’ll see what I mean), I sometimes fail to leave time to blog about the author of this blog…aka me!

So in the spirit of continuing to share more about me, today’s What I Ate Wednesday (thanks Jenn!) will be about what you’ll usually find me eating! I’m all for trying new foods, but on standard workdays I tend to eat the same breakfast, lunch, and snack. However, dinner is NEVER the same two nights in a row, and I think that’s because it’s my favorite meal of the day!


I know this is a blogger fail, but breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day. I never really want to sit down and take my time to eat it and I don’t often have an appetite when I first wake up. So almost every morning I just eat the same thing – banana and whatever nut butter I am currently sampling. At least the changing nut butter adds variety?! Another piece of variety you’ll always find at my side – a different flavor of black coffee, which I sip and savor allllll day long (thank goodness for microwaves – I reheat my coffee constantly because I enjoy sipping it when it’s hot).

Lately my nut butter of choice has been PB Crave Razzle Dazzle (white chocolate and raspberry). I won 3 jars of PB Crave from Katie and am LOVING them.

I also love sprinkling cinnamon onto my black coffee! This cup is from my favorite cafe, Daybreak in Glastonbury, CT.


Because my breakfast is on the smaller side, I usually end up breaking into my lunch sometime between 11am and 12pm. You know from last week’s WIAW that it’s a salad beast every time, and it’ll never get old.

Today’s masterpiece…spinach, black beans, egg white, turkey bacon, olives, carrots, tomatoes, pickles, sundried tomato, dry-roasted edamame, and banana peppers!

Afternoon Snacks

I eat about two afternoon snacks a day. Sometimes one of these will also pop up between breakfast and lunch. Favorites include…

How’s that for carb porn? I adore toasty Fiber One wheat english muffins with Laughing Cow cheese!

Cottage cheese and fruit. Do not get me started on how much I love this. DON’T FEAR THE COTTAGE CHEESE.

Plain Chobani and fruit. Not the prettiest but it’s pretty tasty.

Local Yummy Hummy with veggies…

…or something carby and crunchy like these TJ’s curly thingies! No I don’t remember their name.

TJ’s nacho kale chips! Been constantly re-stocking these bags in my pantry since I first discovered them. So affordable! And yes I know this is a mirror imaged photo, I’m being lazy.

Lately I’ve also been enjoying dipping turkey bacon into black beans. Mmm I may have to have some of that when I get home today.


Oh dinner, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Oh wait, I can’t, because there are SO many different meals I love eating at dinner! Luckily I still live at home with a mom who makes the BEST healthy meals. And thankfully I’ve made great strides in getting past that pesky guilt over alcohol and am now OK with enjoying a glass of wine or two at home with my meal. I’ve done it enough nights in a row to see that nothing happened as a result, and I am certainly deserving of some vino after a long day!

Last night’s Chardonnay and water with a powerbowl of mushrooms, black beans, asparagus, and Amy’s Organics split-pea soup that I received from a Swanson Vitamins order. Also had some burnt CORNBREAD.

That would be leftover veggie pizza from my fam’s favorite pizza takeout place, Giovanni’s in Glastonbury. Paired with some swordfish and roasted BRUSSELS. Red wine too!

Used my favorite Sesame Street plate for this meal of a turkey burger, black beans, asparagus, and mashed taters!

Bowl of my mom’s white bean chicken chili with broccoli! Also enjoyed with cornbread.

OMG I’m totally torturing myself right now. Is it dinnertime yet?

Nighttime Snacks

If I am hankering for something after dinner (sometimes if I’m loving dinner and have seconds and perhaps thirds, I definitely am satisfied) I LOVE to crumble a bar or some cookies into sugar-free chocolate Jello pudding. I know that sugar-free does not equal natural, but I eat a lot of whole foods and I honestly love the taste of this variety of pudding. I’ve been eating it since I was in elementary school and have no interest in straying! I switch up the mix-in each night. Here are a couple examples!

I literally think this is one of the best combos ever – a Cascadian Farms Sweet & Salty Peanut Pretzel granola bar with the pudding. I died.

As I’ve mentioned before, I adore SOYJOY bars with my pudding. Last night’s dark chocolate cherry bar was certainly a good choice.

There you have it! This is usually my Monday through Thursday. And most of Friday, but a dinner out is usually in the cards 😀 please keep in mind that this is NOT always a definite every day! Everyone is different and what or how much one person eats should never make you feel bad about what you eat! I know I’m guilty of getting caught in that trap and hence have always been hesitant to do a traditionally formatted WIAW like this, but I think it’s also really fun to see peoples’ favorite foods and learn more about them through their meals and snacks!

Do traditionally formatted WIAW posts ever leave you stuck in comparison traps? How do you overcome that?

Are any of my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or snack foods similar to yours? Are any vastly different?

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

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