Revised Gastro-Goals

Here’s hoping the title of this post doesn’t scare any readers away like the last one may (potentially) have. I just wanna give a harmless little update!

At the beginning of last week my stomach was a mess. I mentioned it felt like shit during the Flywheel class I did with Maria. It continued to feel awful on Monday and Tuesday, but then slowly started getting better. I’d like to think that’s because I’d decided on Sunday upon my return from Stamford to revise the goals I previously set for preventative digestive care (naturopath-prescribed probiotics and ACV), but in reality I’m sure the change-ups I’ve made had not yet had any effect.

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Great Tastes at Top Nosh

Remember the Jewish Teen Learning Center charity event, Top Nosh, that I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well that 18th birthday celebration for the Center was held last Wednesday 2/27, and it was the cherry on top of my February!


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MIMM: Weekend Edition

It occurred to me yesterday while I was in a bit of a late afternoon funk that my weekend as pretty darn marvelous. So let’s focus on the positives on this Monday, with Katie‘s weekly celebration.

Marvelous is…Huffington Post Women‘s Twitter account tweeting my National Eating Disorders Awareness Week blog post on Friday morning. Um, holy. For them to think I’m worthy of a spot on their feed is a true honor. And all of your reactions in the comments and on Twitter were marvelous as well. Thank you!

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