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Five Things Friday: On the Road Again

It’s Friday which must mean I’m hitting the road again! My summer is going to be defined by weekends away from my Boston home, but that’s all good because all my weekends away will be pretty fabulous. I’m lucky to have so much fun stuff going on! Last weekend DC, and this weekend it’s back home to Connecticut to see my family and many old friends. I’ve got updates about those plans plus this past week, so I thought a Five Things Friday link-up with Clare was appropriate.

1. Tonight is the Best of Hartford Magazine party at the Hartford Public Library, and I get to attend as the first runner-up for Best Blog! I can’t remember if I ever mentioned on this blog the fact that I received this honor…I know I mentioned it on social media. But I’m really really pumped to reunite with my CT event friends, FINALLY. And I’m bringing one my token foodie plus ones, Rachel, along for the ride. Expect lots of photos like this to come:


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Five Things Friday: Marvelous!

My Taste of Nature bar giveaway ends tonight, and it has FIVE winners, so make sure you enter!

I missed the Marvelous In My Monday party this week but better late than never right? This week has been loads better than the last and I’m excited to link up with Clare today to share five marvelous things on Five Things Friday!

1. My workouts this week have been way better!

Thank goodness I was able to get back to my evening group fitness classes. Monday I took Danielle’s amazing spin class, and I took another pretty good spin class on Tuesday evening. Wednesday night I invited Jeannie to join me for Total Body Conditioning and I’m so glad I did because I may have copped out and done a not-as-tough StepMill workout instead if I hadn’t already committed to the class by inviting her! She was super curious since I am always talking about how tough the class is and yeah…it was tough. But we both felt great after and want to commit to going every week. I’m glad to have someone to motivate me to attend! Here’s one of the moves we did:

2. I’m proud of how well I handled Wednesday’s dinner out.

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Five Things Friday: Calm Before The Storm

Happy Friday! Some of you may have the day off, but I am working a full day as well as events both tonight and tomorrow night. Luckily these events – Paint Nite and Wine Riot – are events I’d totally attend on my own time for fun. So I’m pretty cool with it, and am excited to write up blog recaps too. One of the many responsibilities of my new job that I sure don’t mind. I’ve got a few things I can talk about today so I thought I’d discuss five of them for the sake of alliteration, and in honor of Five Things Friday.

Check out Clare’s link-up!

1. I finally ran into a meh Boston restaurant experience.

They can’t all be amazing right? I’ve had a great track record so far but on Tuesday I went to the soft opening of a new North End speakeasy called Parla, and was left unsatisfied. The drinks, to be fair, were awesome. My first one (pictured below) contained both Domain de Canton and Campari and it blew me away! I also had a prosecco cocktail with more Domain de Canton plus mint and lemon – it pretty much screamed Kaitlin. I’d return to Parla in a second for cocktails!

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Five Things Friday: Last Day at Work

Another Friday, another chance for me to tell you five things. And since today is my last day with my current employer, what better time than now to publish a leaving-my-job version of Five Things Friday.

Link up with Clare if you’d like to share your five things!

1. My co-workers gave me a pretty perfect going away gift.

During Wednesday night’s goodbye dinner with my department, my boss presented me with a gift certificate to Menton, an extremely foodie Boston dining destination. It’s part of the epic Barbara Lynch Gruppo, which I can thank for my beloved cocktail haven Drink! Man my co-workers know me well.

2. That awkward moment when…

It’s actually the last day here for two other co-workers! Yesterday I received two passed-around-for-signing going away cards for them. I felt incredibly awkward as they were handed to me…because I’m pretty sure the person who did so knew that I now knew that I’d be getting a going away card too. But now I’m very psyched to see what people wrote to me!

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Five Things Friday: Giterdone.

Just like with last week’s snow day, this week I was SO grateful to have one. Yesterday we got a load of snow dumped on us and that was (for once) fine with me because I was working away getting ALL the things done for my move to Boston. I honestly don’t even know when I would have had time to do it all; I’m picturing late night packing-and-panicking. Last week I spent my snow day apartment-hunting, and that ended up working out great. This week I spent the morning making lots of phone calls, and the afternoon getting a huge load of stuff ready to go with my mom, brother, and me to Boston tomorrow.

Linking up with Clare to share five things I got done!

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Five Things Friday: Linking Up!

Check out yesterday’s post to see a review, discount code, and GIVEAWAY for Ellovi Butter, a raw six-ingredient body butter created by my friend from high school!

I’ve done Five Things Friday (or some variation) posts in the past but this is the first one I’ve done since Clare started her link-up! And I have several different things to say today so it’s very appropriate timing. I love these kinds of posts because I don’t have to focus on one topic. I can just bop around and share different news/insights/etc. And what do you know…Clare featured one of my posts in her Five Things Friday today! Thank you Clare!


1. I got really full on Wednesday night. I felt anxious all day at work because not only did I do a morning (which means shorter than usual) workout, but I had dinner plans with Kat to eat in the Millwright’s Tavern. The staff at Millwright’s have a tendency to spoil me 😉 and I found myself future-tripping all day about whether or not that would happen. Well it did – Chef Tyler sent out some amazing appetizers after we’d ordered our (first) drinks and entrees.

Kale with 6-minute egg, tomatillos, blue cheese, bacon, &sweet onion vinaigrette.

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Five Things Friday: Fabulous!

Remember you have until Monday night at 11:59PM EST to enter my Biena Foods roasted chickpea snacks giveaway!

Happy Friday! Let’s kick off the weekend with some alliteration and FIVE THINGS FRIDAY which is basically an excuse for me to share more than five topics in one blog post. As the blonde Orbit lady would say, “Fabulous!”

1. Happy 21st Birthday to my sister Hannah!

I so wish I could be in Knoxville celebrating my best friend and sister’s 21st with her, but I’m thankful I got to do some celebrating with her last weekend. I have always looked up to Hannah – despite being both older and taller. She has always exuded a confidence that I hope to one day master. I know no one is perfect, but Hannah teaches me every day that she doesn’t try to be and that’s okay, as long as life is lived to its fullest. I love you, sista sista! XOXO, Catpoop/Cat/Cat Kitty Chow/etc (don’t ask)

Circa 2007.

Circa 2007.

Circa now.

Circa now. (OMG why am I holding my drink like that?! Freaking alien fingers.)

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Friday Five: All the Topics

Thanks for the well wishes on my belated two-year blogiversary post yesterday! Your comments never fail to make me say “aw, shucks”.

I have a thousand ideas for posts bouncing around in my head and a bunch of stuff to talk about so how about I just do a Friday Five? That way I can talk about five of all the things. Killing five birds with one stone, or five topics with one blog post for the PETA-members out there.

1. The Onyx Moonshine Gatsby Ball is tonight!

I go to a lot of events and I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for one. Onyx is an awesome local company I have worked with since I started my blog and I was thrilled to be invited to their Moonshine Ball & Onyx 111 Infusion Challenge tonight at the Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill in Middletown (where Kaitlin is getting married next year!). I’ve got a flapper dress and fedora packed to change into after the gym, and am ready for some yummy eats from Wood-n-Tap. Some great restaurants (Krust and Pond House Grill for example) are participating in the infusion challenge, which uses the newer Onyx 111 proof. I and other guests will get a chance to try and vote on the infusions, and local foodie judges will make the final decision as to which restaurant will be crowned champion! I am attending with Kat and am so excited to dance the night away!


This is the dress! This pic was taken in June 2009 – I have gotten great wear out of the dress for several Halloween/costume events and many friends have borrowed it and done the same! Best thing is it cost about $20 from Forever 21.

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The Friday Five

Around the blog world, I have noticed a trend called The Friday Five, which began over at Meet Virginia. I’ve decided to join in the fun!

Miss Meet Virginia’s list has got categories, but instead of categories I’m just going to list five things I am currently loving on this lovely fall Friday (though it certainly doesn’t feel like fall out there…humid and rainy CT, wtf?)

1. the baristas at the Simsbury, CT Starbucks

I tweeted and Facebooked about this both yesterday and today, but the last two mornings after getting into my car, post-coffee-run at Starbucks, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find a “Happy Fall!” message and illustration on my cup (grande non-fat half-caf extra-coffee misto for the none of you that are probably wondering). The baristas there are always so nice and efficient and it’s great that they felt like doing a little something extra to perk (bad coffee pun) up my morning! And I’m a sucker for all things FALL, so that only aided in making me smile. Believe me if someone had draws a snowman and puts “Happy Winter!” come January, they should fear for their safety, because it’s likely that I’d physically harm them. “Happy” and “winter” should never be used together.
But I’ve gotten side-tracked. Just look at these cute illustrations!
2. wine tastings
I’ve done three wine tastings in the last few months and have had a great experience every single time! I love expanding my horizons and trying new wines. The CT Farm Wine Development Council has a CT Wine Trail, and I picked up my “passport” to the trail at the tasting I attended last weekend at Priam Vineyards in Colchester, CT. The tasting actually made me realize that there ARE white wines out there I like, and I even bought a bottle of one on special called Cayuga (fun name, and obviously even better because it was the cheapest).

Lidia and I at Priam Vineyards, enjoying our tasting of a red wine.

I’ve also used a Groupon at Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, CT with my mom, where we got to sit out at picnic tables and listen to jazz while we each enjoyed a glass of Merlot. At the Newport Vineyards in Newport, RI, I got the chance to try a dessert wine called a port, which I really enjoyed! My dad was shocked since it’s a bit heavier (think half red wine/half brandy), but I guess I can handle the hard stuff more than one may think!

My dad and I enjoying the tasting at Newport Vineyards.

Wine tastings are great because wine drinkers like myself can try new wines, or non-wine drinkers like my friend Lidia can discover that there are wines out there they like. And so many of these places let you buy a bottle or a glass and drink it on their picnic tables. You can bring your own snacks – Priam even has a pizza place that will deliver to their patio! It’s a great idea for a date night or a girl’s night – or bachelorette party, because I saw my fair share of those at both Priam and Newport. The grounds are so pretty on a nice day!

The view from the picnic tables at Chamard Vineyards.

3. local coffee shops
Oops, two things on this list are about coffee. Oh well, I’m addicted! Also, this doesn’t really make sense since #1 on this list was about Starbucks aka The Man, but hear me out. I go to Starbucks M-F for the convenience and quality factor. I grab my coffee, go straight to work, and don’t stick around.

Cafe au lait in a mug at So G! Cozy windowsill seating too.

When I DO want to stick around, or when I’m visiting a new place, I want to try something new and/or local. I love studying in cafes – the atmosphere helps me concentrate and there’s something so cozy about drinking coffee out of a mug. Cafes are also a great place to hang out with friends and chat. Since I moved back home in May, I’ve been trying to keep my hometown coffee visits restricted to the two local spots that I’m really enjoying in my town, Daybreak Coffee Roasters and So G. Both are places with extremely high quality coffee (Daybreak roasts their own, and the types they have are endless!) and really friendly staff (a So G barista delivered a freshly-baked cookie to my friend Kim and I during one visit!) Call me a nerd, but I can’t wait to spend my weekend doing homework at one (or both) of those cafes.

Kim’s gorgeous So G latte.

When I’m in a city I’m not normally in, I’ve got to try a cup of coffee from a place I can’t get to often. This past weekend, in Brooklyn with Lidia and our NYC-living friend Hong, I got to try one of Brooklyn’s best cafes, Blue Bottle Coffee. Each cup is individually brewed by a barista pouring hot water from a teapot into special hemp filters – how much more fresh can you get?! The coffee was from Africa too, and really high quality. I’d read about this place on other food blogs, so visiting myself was a great opportunity!

The barista pouring hot water into each individually brewed cup.


Aren’t the mugs cute too? I want one!


4. audio books


Call me a grandma. It’s okay, I know I am. But ever since I started work and took my Nana Connie’s suggestion about listening to audio books on my commute home, I’m addicted. In fact, now the only time I listen to the radio is when I have passengers or in the morning on the way to work. Any other time, you can bet I will be listening to my audio books! I love the ones that are read by more than one person, to account for different characters. The best audio book I’ve listened to was “The Help” – the character acting was so great that I thought I was listening to a play!


Currently I’m listening to my first Jennifer Weiner book, “Best Friends Forever“. It’s pretty fluffy and cheesy, to the point where I’ve found myself rolling my eyes. I’ve considered quitting but I only have a couple of discs left and I am curious as to how it’ll play out – even though I’m the ending will be just as fluffy and cheesy as the rest of the book.


5. my DVR


This seems like a very not-intellectual, non-fulfilling thing to put on my list. But I’m going to be real: I love the nights when I have time to plop my butt down on the couch, eat dinner, and catch up on the shows saved in my DVR. Especially with all the new fall shows starting, and my addiction to “Dance Moms” at its strongest point, it just makes for a relaxing way for me to end my day. My Friday night is going to consist of hanging out with my parents while we spend some quality time with the DVR and dinner. No shame.


So that’s what I’m loving this Friday, and that post definitely made me happy – may make this a weekly thing!


What are your thoughts on a weekly Five Things Friday feature?
Do you ever listen to audio books? Are you as addicted to the DVR as me? Got any cafe or winery experiences to share?