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Woo hoo! I loved reading your comments on yesterday’s flashback WIAW about your childhood eating habits and hope to reply to them all today. A couple of you mentioned doing your own posts about that topic – PLEASE DO! I’d LOVE to see what you munched on as a munchkin ūüėČ

My HLS roomie Alex of Wholesome Living nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I really enjoy filling out these little surveys especially because lately I’ve just been enjoying writing more about moi and my musings, thoughts, what have you. In fact I’m going to cheat a bit and use this survey to share some more current words running through my mind, not just general “about me” stuff.

As a recipient of the award, I need to:

  1. Thank the person who nominated me and link back to their blog. (THANKS ALEX!)
  2. Link Beautiful Blogger Award. (I don’t have a link to link it to?!)
  3. List 7 things about myself. (Easy! See below.)
  4. Nominate 7 blogs for the award & comment on their blog telling them. (This is gonna be a cop-out.)

1. It makes me so stinkin’ happy to share with my mom the comments of encouragement you gave her on Tuesday’s post about her first yoga class, and also compliments and photos from those of you who made her Mexican casserole recipe. Susan not only blogged about making the casserole herself, but also shared with me last night a photo of her friend’s successful attempt! I showed it to my mom and she squealed excitedly, saying “It looks JUST like mine!” Well Mom, that’s because it is yours!

2. Tomorrow evening I am attending a special reception at the Connecticut Historical Society¬†in Hartford in honor of the newest exhibit opening there, Cooking by the Book: Amelia Simmons to Martha Stewart. Running from tomorrow 1/18/13 til 4/13/13, the exhibit will allow visitors to “explore the history of food in Connecticut using a diverse collection of cookbooks with recipes that range from the scrumptious to the not-so-tasty. This exhibit will be created in a collaboration between Museum Studies students from Central Connecticut State University and graphic designs students from the University of Hartford.¬†Cooking by the Book¬†showcases one of only four surviving first editions of Amelia Simmons’¬†American Cookery¬†(1796), America’s first cookbook, published in Hartford. Simmons’ cookbook instructed women how to combine recipes from England with ingredients in America, creating a distinct American cuisine.” (Description taken from CHS website.) Sounds right up my alley, right?! I can’t wait to examine the way cookbooks evolved through different eras and share what I learn with you all.

3. I can only recall one instance in which my opening a bottle of wine went off without a hitch. Every other time I have broken the cork and gotten half of it stuck inside the bottle. As of this week, I can also add cutting myself on the wine wrapper to my list of problems I’ve run into while trying to open wine. I guess I have to keep practicing, right? ūüėČ

The wine tasted amazing though, hence my thumbs up.

4. I’ve got some anxiety goin’ today about planning to go to Group Step after work.¬†The last couple times I’ve been, it hasn’t felt “hard enough” for my body (in my mind at least). It isn’t “balls to the wall”. But I am still going to the class because I enjoy Group Step. I like wearing my fancy pants workout skirts and hot pink sneakers and doing the choreographed moves. I could punish myself by doing HIIT on the StepMill instead, because I’m going out to eat after the gym and I feel like I have to earn the right to enjoy my cocktail(s) and meal. WHO SAYS?! I’m going to Group Step and if I don’t come out drenched in sweat, I’m going to move on and embrace the fact that maybe I don’t have to wash my hair when I shower afterward #sorrynotsorry

I packed this Skirt Sports Marathon Chick Skirt that I won on a Zooma Run FB page giveaway. I adore it!

5. I finished that Eric Asimov memoir “How to Love Wine” over the weekend. You can check out my review on Goodreads!

What better place to read than Daybreak?!

6. I was totally shocked by how many likes the back of my Forever 21 peplum top got on Instagram this past Friday!¬†Funny how that happens. Yes I freaking love this top, and it was so cheap too ($17.80!) but I didn’t realize that many other people liked it!


7. I hate winter, but I have to admit it can sometimes look really pretty.¬†I won’t miss it at ALL when I move though. Someday.

I work next to a little airport!

You guys probably saw this coming but…I NOMINATE ALL OF YOU!¬†I’m off now to crank out some real-life work. I know, bummer right? Is it lunch break yet? I can’t wait to read!

Are you good at opening bottles of wine?

Did you ever do a pin, post, Instagram, etc that was unexpectedly popular?

Any tips or mantras for me to remember as I work to enjoy my workout and dinner tonight?

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