Special Fashion Friday Guest Appearance!

Thanks for your words of encouragement and advice on yesterday’s revised gastro-goals post! I think Michelle of Purely Twins put it best when she said it’s all trial and error, but your advice is ammo I can use for that experimenting so keep it coming!

I’m not going to say the s word. I’m not. All I’m going to say is I’m currently trapped in my house because it’s just Mom and me at home (not counting the sleeping brother) so we have a guy coming to plow our driveway and we have no clue when he’ll arrive. Hopefully soon so I can get to work because I have a crapload to do there. OK no more winter talk.

So happy Fashion Friday and I am excited, after a couple weeks of reviews/giveaways (and no post last week), to get back to a more traditional Fashion Friday format today…with a slight twist, because I like to switch it up a little bit (after all, I rarely order the same dish/drink twice)! So read on for a couple of my outfits plus an outfit from a special guest! Oh yes, I went the whole make-you-wait route. But you could always treat this blog post like your DVR, and fast-forward. Not that I’m advocating such a thing. 😉

Dressed Up

Wore this outfit to my fave spot Rooftop120! This was awhile back – see the green on the trees behind me?

Top: Forever 21

Jeggings: American Eagle

Heels: DSW

Chipped nail polish arm party!

Ring: Forever 21

Bracelets: Francesca’s Collections

Watch: Michael Kors

Gotta love a seemingly simple shirt with a surprise party in the back! Thanks Kaitlin for turning me on to that phrase the other day…who can name the song it’s from?

Dressed Down

The badge is a dead giveaway that this is a work ensemble.

Jacket: Abercrombie Kids (in XL, a middle school purchase that I can still “rock”)

Top: ideeli (J’s Everyday Fashion had me on a mad hunt for a mustard top)

Took off the work badge for this one, ha!

Pants: Urban Outfitters  (sadly they’ve since been ruined in the wash…I need to replace them ASAP, they’re a standard)

Wedges: Francesca’s Collections (still can’t get over their super-sale price of less than $20, I definitely get plenty of use out of them and they were even part of Wednesday’s outfit)

And The Special Guest Is…

You know you love her! It’s Mama Plus Ate!

Top: Petite Sophisticates (out of business!)

Scarf: J. Crew

Belt: American Eagle

Corduroys: J. Crew

Shoes: Ralph Lauren Factory Outlet (Mom went crazy at the Orlando Premium Outlets too!)

Yay Mom! This photo was actually taken back on Thanksgiving but I hadn’t posted it til now. I was struck by my mom’s fashionable cute ensemble and said, “OMG MOM! Fashion Friday potential! Pose!” Man, she posed quickly! She must’ve known she was lookin’ good!

Another scarf – AND WINE – sighting!

The funny thing about my mom is she only recently discovered scarves this past fall, and LOVES them, but gets nervous about knowing how to tie them. She often wears them tied in the style of the scarf in the photo above, but when she buys them they’re either already tied like that or she asks someone at the store to do it for her. Then she NEVER unties it and just puts it on/takes it off by pulling it over her head. Kaitlin can attest to this because when she visited, she slept in our guest room and that’s where my mom’s pre-tied scarf collection is hanging. It actually decorates the room nicely!

Oh, Mom. As my sister would say: “What a kook!” Oh and I tied this one for her before we left the house! Which explains the different way she’s wearing it.

Ahh, so pleased it’s Friday. I’m going out with my parents tonight for a low-key dinner, and am off to Fairfield tomorrow afternoon to spend the night with Kaitlin! I’ve certainly been makin’ the rounds in the 203 as of late!

What do you personally prefer – dressing up or dressing down?

Does your mom have any funny quirks  you’d like to share?

Scarves – like ’em? Love ’em? Leave ’em? Leave some scarf wearing tips here for my mom! 😛

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