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Awhile back I entered a Lil Veggie Patch giveaway for assorted The Good Bean products, and was bummed out when I didn’t win. Sometimes I enter blog giveaways because it’s easy to do so, but I REALLY wanted to win that one! I am chickpea-obsessed and picky about bars, but the nutrition stats on The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut Bars looked fabulous. Just 130 calories per bar (perfect amount for crumbling into a nighttime bowl of pudding or Chobani), 11 or 12 grams of sugar (I’ve seen much worse), and 5g of protein. And ever since sampling dried Chickpea Snacks at CT Veg Fest last spring, I have been seeking out more flavors of those adorable crunchy butts (come on, chickpeas totally look like butts).

Now do you agree with me?   Source

Meagan of The Good Bean emailed me asking if I’d like to try The Good Bean products and offer a giveaway. I emailed her back in a hot second – no convincing needed! In fact I’d been gifted a Fruit & Seeds Trail Mix bar by my blend Maria and had loved it, so I was even more ready to jump on Meagan’s offer than I was after not winning Katie’s giveaway. I received one of each flavor of bar, and one of each flavor of dried Chickpea Snacks, so I could try each flavor once – perfect! My mom was excited to try the dried chickpeas, but alas she never got her hands on them. Mine, all mine…

Perfect study snack.

Of course I went for the zestiest Chickpea Snack flavor first, the Smoky Chili & Lime. I packed these for a day of paper-writing at Daybreak and they made for the perfect protein-packed delight. I loved the satisfying crunch and the just-right spiciness of the coating; I had to take some water sips between every few bites, but it was nothing crazy. I brought the Cracked Pepper flavor with me to the vineyard and said pepper paired well with some white wine! I still have to try the Sweet Cinnamon…I want to mix those little guys into plain Chobani for a to-die-for nighttime snack, perhaps on a day I lifted weights since that will surely give me plenty of protein for muscle recovery while I snooze. My favorite way I ate the Chickpea Snacks though came about when my mom made her Mexi-Casserole and cooked mushrooms. Both had me salivating, but I also totally craved extra crunch. Enter the Sea Salt chickpeas! I poured half a bag atop my casserole-mushroom mix and voila, the perfect added protein to sink my teeth into (molars specifically). How good would they be in a salad too, in place of croutons?!

After I took the photo, I mixed the bowl for evenly distributed crunch.

As for the bars, I ate them how I eat all the bars…crumbled into something soupy, as a nighttime snack. I took a photo of the below crumbled bar pre-pudding-addition so you could get an idea of what the bars look like (well, once I’ve ripped them apart). All the flavors have only a touch of sweetness – the heartiness definitely comes through far more.

This Apricot Coconut bar was my fave flavor of the three options!

I thoroughly enjoyed all my The Good Bean products! The Fruit & No-Nut Bars are definitely among the best I’ve ever tried both taste and nutrition-wise, and I’ve tried a ton of bars. #healthylivingbloggerproblems…You can buy The Good Bean products through, which means shipping is free over $25! I’d stock up if I were you – you’ll be needing $25 worth after you try these products.

Good Giveaway!

The Good Bean wants to share the chickpea magic with THREE lucky Cait Plus Ate readers, each of whom will win three dried Chickpea Snacks and two Fruit & No-Nut Bars! This giveaway is open to continental US residents only and entries will be accepted until this Sunday 5/26/13, 11:59PM EST. Leave a separate comment for each method of entry, or multiple entries will NOT count!

  1. Visit The Good Bean website, then comment on this post and tell me which product you want to try most. (mandatory)
  2. Follow @CaitPlusAte on Twitter and comment here saying you did.
  3. Follow @TheGoodBean on Twitter and comment here saying you did.
  4. Tweet “I entered to win @TheGoodBean chickpea snacks from @CaitPlusAte!” and comment here with the link to the tweet.

Good luck to all! I received complimentary The Good Bean products to review, but all opinions on how delish they are come from only me. This is not a compensated post.

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