The Execution of Noa P. Singleton: My Last Meal

I don’t think most are interested in reading a book review unless they’ve either read the book or are definitely planning to read it. That’s why I’m such a big fan of the concept of the From Left to Write online blogger book club. Instead of writing a book review, the book is meant to serve as a writing prompt or inspiration for a post in which I can draw on and blog about my own personal experiences.

July’s book is a debut fiction novel by Elizabeth L. Silver – The Execution of Noa P. SingletonThe story switches between narration by Noa in the first person and narration by the mother of the girl Noa is in prison for killing – in the form of letters to her dead daughter. Immediately Noa is revealed as being on death row for the murder of a girl named Sarah, but we don’t know how said murder or its trial occurred. Slowly, those occurrences are revealed. However, I’m not going to write about them. I’m going to write about a topic discussed at length in one chapter of the book – the last meal.

Are there any dishes or drinks that would be absolute MUSTS in your last meal? If you had the chance to design it, that is. I am hoping you do not, because it would be followed by something usually not good (i.e. death), but have you ever thought about it? Here are some of mine…

The J. Gilbert’s Barrel-Aged Manhattan, served straight up. With 80,000 extra cherries.

Krust Brussels sprouts pizza, with pancetta (and I’d add egg).

My mom’s garlic-roasted Brussels…extra char. Yes, baby cabbages appear twice on this list.

A J Gilbert's medium rare filet.

A J Gilbert’s medium rare filet steak. Of course my favorite restaurant gets two shoutouts.

Barcelona Wine Bar (West Hartford) Pa Amb Tomaquet AKA olive-oil-and-tomato-rubbed bread AKA ahhhhh.

Red Robin garlic parm steak fries AKA my fave french fries ever AKA garlic bread meets french fries. Source

Publix birthday cake, because you cannot beat their bakery.

A really good, really old port.

A really good, really old port.

And for the actual book-related record…I LOVED THIS BOOK! An amazing debut novel. Check out my Goodreads review and pick this up if you are at all a fan of these kinds of dramas!

Have you ever heard of this month’s book?

What would be a part of your last meal?

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