Two-Year (Too Late) Blogiversary!

OOPS. I missed my two-year blogiversary (blog anniversary)! On 9/21/11, I did my first post on Cait Plus Ate. I tried to explain why the timing was right for me to start a blog, but what I didn’t explain was that I hoped to use it as a tool in recovery. I wasn’t yet ready to be open about that part of my life yet, but I knew from reading blogs that though they can be triggering, they can also be huge assets in a fight to learn healthy moderation and self-love. I wanted an outlet where I could focus on my passion for food in a positive way, and learn to embrace it, not fear it.

Amazing Greek sampler platter at Steve's on Newbury Street!

Amazing Greek sampler platter at Steve’s on Newbury Street!

In my one-year blogiversary post (also belated) I counted down my top ten favorite posts I’d done in the first year of starting my blog. While I’m not going to go in order, I am going to steal the general idea from year-ago me and highlight some of my favorite posts that I’ve published over the past year.

Oh HEY Hartford Magazine appearance!

Thank you all for being there with me on this journey. I never would have thought that my blog would be where it is today. Here’s to another year of fabulous eats…

Smoked salmon rillette with everything toasts from Millwright’s.

sweaty workouts…

Hi StepMill!

tasty cocktails…

Prosecco mixed with X-Rated Liqueur in this case.

cheesy photos…

Pumpkin beer flight = two thumbs up.

…and YOU GUYS!

Celebrating Kelly's birthday!

Celebrating Kelly‘s birthday!

Poolin' it with Kaitlin!

Poolin’ it with Kaitlin!

Can't wait for my Florida hangout with Brittany come Christmas time!

Can’t wait for my Florida hangout with Brittany come Christmas time!

Hope to finally get together with Maria soon!

Hope to finally get together with Maria soon!

How long have you been blogging?

Is what you blog about now different than what you originally intended to blog about? Kaitlin recently did a good post related to this!

What’s the best thing blogging has done for you? Or reading blogs, if you don’t blog!

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