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I received two free days of Physique 57 online workouts so that I could review this video. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

I mentioned at the end of my last Physique 57 post that the fitness program now offers, in addition to studio classes, online workouts for fans all over the world! Great news for folks like me who love doing Physique 57 in person, but just don’t live close to any of their locations. Last Friday I was searching for a morning workout since I had plans after work, and thankfully Natasha of Physique 57 reached out to me around that time to see if I’d like to review the months’ new video: Cardio Sculpt. From the description page, I knew it was just what I was looking for – short (so I could sleep later – ha) yet effective.

Tone and sculpt both the upper and lower body by efficiently combining non-impact cardio exercises with strength training.  By engaging several muscle groups at once, you’ll transform your body into its greatest form. Equipment Needed: portable ballet barre or sturdy piece of furniture, a set of weights (5lbs-10lbs) and a cushion or thick towel.

I was sure to wear my Physique 57 grippy socks! I used a chair as my sturdy piece of furniture.

I only had a set of 10lb weights and since the upper body portion consists of many reps, I knew I’d have some trouble. However I made do and either used one weight and held it with both hands, or used both weights but went for slower reps. For those who don’t know how to modify their own workouts, two instructors were positioned behind the lead instructor (Holly Hendricks of the NYC studios) and demonstrated beginner and intermediate versions of each move.


You can do these workouts anywhere – great for travel! (Source)

What I enjoyed most about this video was how closely it mimicked an in-studio class (I’ve done a couple). We started with some cardio to get the blood flowing and then went into upper body, including push-ups. Eventually we made our way to the barre (chair in my case) and did the leg-burning moves Physique 57 is most famous for. And man did my legs burn! The chair was not the steadiest choice of furniture – looking back I should have gone for a table – but I still was able to complete the exercises. Every now and then we would do some quick cardio movements and then go back to the barre or down onto the floor in a plank. I have to admit I didn’t find the cardio super challenging, but what I did enjoy was the chance to incorporate into my workout some strength exercises that I don’t normally do. Each time I do a barre-style workout I am reminded of just how intense that form of lower body strength training is, even though it’s low impact!

And like an in-studio class, we ended with abs. I didn’t find them as challenging as the barre work but I still felt satisfied with the core workout. One thing that bothered me was something the instructor said as we were in a forearm plank dipping our hips from side to side. She asked us to do the movement and pretend we were making a rainbow with our hips, and then said something about our toned stomachs being the pot of gold at the end. I know this is a form of motivation and Holly was extremely motivating during the video; I loved her energy! But I already put way too much focus into my stomach’s appearance and I had to roll my eyes at that one. I just wanted to do my workout without anyone making me think about how my stomach looks or ways I might want to improve it. I DIGRESS! I did like it when Holly had us congratulate ourselves, as we stretched, on our hard work. She asked us to focus on our accomplishments and give ourselves props for taking the time to do the workout. I always need those reminders.


A new online workout will be released both in November and December. The December workout will star Fox Sports’ Erin AndrewsSource

Overall the Cardio Sculpt workout fit the bill for what I needed on that Friday morning, and I’d definitely recommend the workout to anyone looking for low-impact cardio, especially those who have never tried barre before. Physique 57 offers an awesome variety of online workoutsArms & Abs, Thigh & Seat, and even a longer Full Body workout (to name a few). They even offer a Prenatal workout with a different modification demonstrated for each trimester! That one is also great for easing back into working out post-baby.

Free Trial Time!

Thankfully Physique 57 is offering Cait Plus Ate readers a chance to try out the online workouts first-hand, so that you all can decide whether or not you want to use them in the future! Simply click here to get 48 hours of free access (valid until 10/31/13). After that, workouts are $5 per 30-minute video or $7 per 57-minute video (the better deal). I like to try something before I buy it, and this is that chance for you guys!

Do you do online workouts?

Do you prefer an at-home or gym workout?

If you try any of the videos, please comment and let me know what you think or tweet @CaitPlusAte and @Physique57!

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