My Last Week In Town

I don’t know where my blogging mojo has gone, but I’ve lost it like Austin Powers and am not feeling motivated right now to blog. The perfectionist in me though feels bad about not blogging since I didn’t do so yesterday, so here I am! It’s officially my last week as a CT resident and I’ve continued to make steady progress in my transition to Boston. I visited my new apartment this past Saturday to pick up my keys and drop off a huge load of stuff. My mom and brother came along to help and they both loved my place! I’m so pumped to get the big move done this Saturday so that I can finally start getting settled and setting up. My dad will be along for that ride, and is even going to stay over in a hotel Saturday night so he can be around Sunday. I’m going to take him to dinner at the fab restaurant I visited after my interview – West Bridge!

They had plenty more cocktails I wanted to try, so a return visit is a must.

This past Sunday consisted of my first and not last visit to Big Lots. My mom insisted we go there to get most of the stuff I still needed for my apartment, and there’s definitely a reason for the phrase “mother knows best”. Holy crap, so many affordable AND cute supplies! I found a really adorable striped brightly-colored area rug for my “living room”, and a $5 welcome mat with a wine bottle/glass on it. Quite appropriate given my new job 😉

My favorite ladies!

My favorite ladies!

In the evening I held a bit of a going-away gathering at Pond House Grille. Despite some pretty awful service (but to be fair they were packed and had a comedy show going on), I had an amazing time with family and friends and was so touched and surprised by how many of the people I invited actually showed up!

Kim, my fellow introvert and awesome friend!

Kim, my fellow introvert and awesome friend! Especially since she gave me a ride home 😛

Unfortunately I was not so great at drinking water with my beverages and felt pretty crappy about myself yesterday, both physically and mentally. Being tired/hungover is enough to make me REALLY feel self-conscious of my body and guilty about any indulgences. I completely lost track of what I ate for dinner and since my food took almost 1.5 hours to show up, by the time it got to me I was pretty starved and dove in mindlessly. It bothered me all day yesterday that I got quite full and also had no idea exactly how much I ate because I wasn’t paying much attention. I guess that means I was having a blast though, right?

Does this pic look familiar?

Does this pic look familiar?

It should! We had a reunion on our hands.

I’ve made some steady progress in finding a therapist to try out – and one that has evening/weekend hours! I’m ALMOST THERE! I also made an appointment with a dentist that someone had recommended to me, and have great ambitions to go to the RMV and get my car registration transferred this coming Monday or Tuesday (gotta take advantage of those two weekdays I’ll have before my new job starts). Let’s hope all it takes is one trip.

My dad feeding Penelope potato balls at the Pond House...what a pair.

My dad feeding Penelope potato balls at the Pond House…what a pair.

Aside from farewell-style outings, I’ve been keeping it low key and that’s A-OK with me. Last week I stayed in Monday-Thursday evenings and did so this past Saturday as well, because I was exhausted and it was snowing. But tomorrow I do have a dinner planned with my department (fingers crossed we go to Millwright’s!) and Friday it’s not only my last day at work but the last day for two of my co-workers so needless to say after-work shenanigans are going down. We plan to return to Cracker Barrel Pub!

My nights in have involved lots of veggies and some red wine!

I’ve been getting in my favorite fitness classes as much as I can before I leave, though I hope to find new favorites at my new gym! On Friday I took the 5:30PM Group Blast (formerly Group Step…pretty much the name just changed) and then another Group Blast on Saturday at 8AM. Man oh MAN my legs were feelin’ it! After 9AM spin on Sunday morning (one of my favorite instructors…and I hope to see another one this afternoon) my calves were absolutely dead. But Group Power is squat and lunge heavy so off I went to that class yesterday…I said goodbye to my instructor, who seriously makes my Monday every week, and she surprised me with a hug!

I’m working remotely today due to snow and I’m so thankful to have one last day camped out at Daybreak Coffee Roasters. Man it’ll be hard to find a coffee shop I love as much as this one, even though I know there are so many in Boston!

How would you spend your last week living in a place you’ve lived for years?

Ever had trouble getting your blogging motivation up?

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