Staying Put is Marvelous

I cannot thank everyone enough for the support I received in response to last week’s post about my doctor’s appointment. It’s weird – sometimes something is weighing on your mind so much that it just has to come out in some way. So I wrote that post. But once I did, I was kind of over talking about it. I am so appreciative of the love I have received, but I also often found myself politely brushing off the subject with an, “I’m doing better!” or a quick change of subject whenever someone checked in on me. I’m glad I put my feelings out there, but now am trying to focus on moving on. What better way of doing that than a Marvelous In My Monday (MIMM) weekend recap?

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Marvelous is…STAYING PUT! Every weekend in September except this past weekend I have plans to be away. So I knew I wanted to just stay in Boston. After all, I always can find plenty to do in the city. Starting with Friday night – after-work happy hour with co-workers turned into dinner, dive bars, and a bit of dancing.

La Louisiana – one of my favorite Deep Ellum cocktails.

Venetian Fizz – aperol, cava, lemon.

Just a couple of Fireball girls.

Just a couple of Fireball girls.

Marvelous is…getting my long run done and over with. As I fell asleep Friday night I was kicking myself for going out. I feared I would not complete my Zooma Cape Cod half marathon long training run. My last long run was supposed to be 9 and ended up being 9.77, and this week’s run was supposed to be 10 or 11 miles. Well it was ridiculously hot and humid when I set out at 9AM. I knew the weather Sunday morning would be ideal for running, but I preferred just getting out there and getting it over with on Saturday. I wanted to go the rest of my weekend without thinking about it – like I already had been for days before.

And I did it. I got it done – well, 9.5 miles of it. But honestly, I’ll take it. This was one of those runs that started poorly and didn’t improve. After the first mile I knew it just wasn’t going to get any easier. The sun was beating down on me and I had to stop and walk a few times. Thank goodness the Charles River Esplanade is outfitted with water fountains. Not thank goodness it’s a common spot for fundraisers, because I ended up running through some BU cheerleaders doing a demo at a heart walk. Oops!

Marvelous is…a boat day. My coworker/friend Allison invited me to join her husband and their friends on their boat, and I could not have thought of anything I’d rather have done to celebrate my long run being over!

At first I was the only one on the boat still with her clothes on over her bathing suit, and it was hot out there. Eventually I sucked it up and just wore my bikini. I even posted a picture of myself in it on the Internet, because I believe in the phrase “fake it til you make it”.

Me and Allison!

Marvelous is…a fun girls night out on Saturday. My friend from back home (and former neighbor) Leigh and I had dinner at Audubon, one of my favorite spots. I wish I had a photo of my stellar poached egg kale salad and bean chili, but my phone was charging. I did get a photo of a fun pairing though – my little rose drawing (you can draw on the bar at Audubon!) with a glass of my sparkling rose.

Then we walked to Common Ground in Allston to meet Leigh’s friend Tanya for 2000’s night. It was basically the music of our high school dance glory days – so obviously we killed it. But I got sleepy and went home to my bed, my book, and snacks (let’s not even talk about how I feel about that) before it even hit midnight. Leigh and Tanya kept the dance floor bumpin for me, I’m sure!

Me, Leigh, and accidental color coordination.

Marvelous is…a satisfying Sunday morning workout. I woke up in time to make it to 40 minutes of Danielle Dee’s spin class, which I have been missing on many weekends and Monday evenings due to running/work commitments/being away. I pushed as hard as I could and followed up the cardio with some upper body lifting and abs. It felt great!

Marvelous is…a relaxing and productive Sunday all to myself. This sounds extremely antisocial but I literally didn’t speak to anyone on Sunday except any sort of customer service person I interacted with. I chilled (no pun intended) with iced coffee, my laptop, and my book at Refuge Cafe, went to Root (kick-butt vegan restaurant) for a solo lunch with more reading, went grocery shopping, did laundry, cooked dinner, watched a movie…absolute heaven!

My selection at Root – the Thai Peanut Salad. Can you believe this was a half size?! Butter lettuce, red onioin, peanuts, sprouts, chopped portabellos, shredded carrots, and peanut dressing.

This warm maple mustard asparagus & corn salad, courtesy of a recipe I found on Babble, came out soooo well! Glad I have leftovers for my next night in.

Marvelous is…my parents coming into town tonight for a baseball game! Ever since I moved here we talked about going to a Red Sox game when our Orioles (hear that Brittany? 😉 ) came to town, and the night is finally here. I can’t wait to see them and cheer on our O’s!

Time to get this work day done so that I can get to those fun plans, so I’m out of here. But stay tuned tomorrow or Wednesday for a post with a big announcement!

Do you ever use “fake it til you make it” to feel better about a situation?

What was the most marvelous part of your weekend? Did you travel or stay put?

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