My New Makeup

The title of this post was inspired by that dumb YouTube video “My New Haircut”, which I never really got into. But, I saw it passed around plenty by my friends. Hopefully this post is even 1/8th as popular, and 800 times less annoying.

My younger sister Hannah (above left) is a makeup queen and has been slowly working on getting me to up my makeup game for awhile now. I am by no means anywhere close to her level of skill/obsession yet (and I don’t think I ever will be because I’m too damn impatient and cheap). BUT I have slowly started to adopt some Sephora products (and a Beauty Insider Card) that I love! So I wanted to share them with you guys.

What is wrong with the above photo, aside from my obvious lack of tan? How about the fact that I HAVE NO EYEBROWS?! I am now obsessed with filling in my eyebrows, thanks to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz Eyebrow Pencil (in Taupe).

When I bought my first eyebrow pencil, I went with a Sephora brand in a darker color. I found that pencil to a) be unnaturally dark and b) run out too quickly. So I asked Hannah for a recommendation, and she immediately suggested I try out the Anastasia. It’s only a few dollars more than the Sephora brand, and well worth it given that it has lasted me much longer.

The above photo also showcases the first new makeup product I adopted on this little “journey” – lipstick. That started with my first tube (by MAC) which my sister got me for my 25th birthday (a little over a year ago).

It also matches one of my statement necklaces – double awesome.

It’s great, but since then I’ve found that my favorite lipstick for staying power is the Make Up For Ever brand. I own two tubes – red and bright pink – and can honestly say that I barely have to reapply it during an entire night out. Plus it’s totally affordable. One tube lasts so long!

This is the red after I’d already been out for a few hours!

I never ever considered wearing bronzer or blush until my sister put some on for me during a family vacation, and I loved the look. I’m still not that great at applying it, but I keep practicing and hopefully one day I’ll get it.

I’ve been using the Urban Decay Naked palette in Flushed, because that’s the one the sales associate recommended to me. But lately feel like the bronzer has been too deep for my skin tone. I may switch it up next time to a palette with a medium bronzer. And I’m in desperate need of a new palette, seeing as I dropped mine and it currently looks like this:

Except 8x worse. Source

And finally, I have abandoned my old beauty go-to, the CoverGirl Aqua Smooth foundation. Back in December I received a Sephora gift card for Christmas, and the very next day I found the nearest location and had a sales associate help me pick out something higher quality both in terms of appearance and health for my skin. I ended up with Clinique SuperBalanced makeup, as well as a foundation brush that cost more than the makeup itself (dammit). But I really like this makeup – it’s easy to blend, and I’ve actually noticed improvement in my skin’s health since I made this switch. I used to get red splotches on my chin and upper lip (where I apply the makeup most often) and now I barely have any!

Do you have any fun makeup products to recommend to me?

Do you have experience with any of these products?

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