Weekend Getaway in Cape Cod

Back toward the end of last year, I spotted a Gilt City deal for the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, MA – on Cape Cod. I thought an off-season getaway with my boyfriend Jeff would be a great way to break up the long winter and booked a room using the deal for this past Saturday (February 20th). During booking, I wondered if we’d end up with a snowy and frigid weekend. Certainly the opposite happened – the weekend was sunny and the temperatures mild. We really lucked out!

Our favorite part of any hotel is a nice fuzzy bathrobe!

Unfortunately we did not luck out in the realm of resort patrons…and timing with February school break! The Ocean Edge was CRAWLING with kids. It didn’t seem we could escape them; visits to the restaurant on-site at both 5:30PM and 9PM proved that there was no ideal time to dine, as at both hours almost every table had a child sitting at it. I love my friends’ kids, but other than that I am not a kid person. So after a quick dinner, we ended up hiding in our room for most of the night, aside from a quick dip in the hot tub. But it’s OK – we had bathrobes, lots of channels to watch, and plenty of bubbles. Plus the room was really nice! I just don’t think I’ll be staying at the Ocean Edge again, or recommending it to anyone unless they have kids.

Bye bye bubbles…hello Cape room decor.

Sunday was much more successful. Checkout came quickly and a woman at the front desk was very helpful in answering our questions about local beaches (the hotel had a beach but we wanted to avoid it because…you know by now). So we ended up at the beautiful Breakwater Beach.

We stopped first at a liquor store for beachbeers and then a local cafe/sandwich place my coworker recommended to me, called JoMama’s, for lunch to pack for the beach. The coffee at this place was just  OK to me, but I LOVED my breakfast burrito and would totally recommend this spot to anyone visiting Brewster. A perfect place to grab a picnic lunch!


Jeff was clever enough to dig a cooler for our beer in the sand.

The beach was nearly deserted – MUCH more our speed – and pretty warm. We relaxed, ate, drank, listened to music, and took a walk.

When we departed we had plans to look around and see if we saw anywhere else to stop, but that didn’t really happen and we ended up just driving home.

Despite the overly family vibe at our hotel, we still had a great overnight getaway and loved getting out to the Cape in the off season. I never thought my first New England beach day of 2016 would occur in February! I don’t know if I’d ever have the patience for the Cape in the summer, but I hope to return to explore more of it outside of those months.

Have you ever visited the Cape? Did you go in the off or on season?

Do you prefer a quiet resort experience, or something more lively?

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