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Busy Blogger

Busy blogger = bad blogger = another blogger cop-out post. Seriously, I have so much fun stuff from this past weekend to share with you guys, as in three post’s worth, and no time to do it. #bloggerproblems!

TK Grand Smash at Trumbull Kitchen last night – Grand Marnier, muddled mint, and lemon. Wonderful!

Hey, I’m busy living life and having fun! Yeah there’s work and class, but there’s also the good times that keep coming, which give me tons of material to blog about – and then proceed to delay said blogging. What can ya do?!

Trumbull Kitchen’s special stone pie of the night – with duck!

So please to enjoy (as the lovely Carla Binberg says) the above random photos from last night, and check out the following:

How do you handle blogging when life gets too busy?

Blogger Cop-Out

I was absent again yesterday, boo to me! I was busy working, and then being #fitfluential with fellow Ambassador, Heather, of For the Love of Kale. We had a great workout at my gym (it happened to be Free Friend Friday – perfect!) and a fabulous vegan meal at It’s Only Natural in Middletown, CT. I am going to blog about ION and my last couple of visits there in one post eventually, but for now you can check out Heather’s post on our adventures for more details!

This post is a bit of a cop-out because I have a ton of work to do editing and sharing photos from Taste of the Nation: New Haven last Wednesday, so aside from Heather’s post, here’s some other links you can check out on the green-est day of the year (after Earth Day?):

I’m off to get more work done, get a manicure with my mom, and hit the casino for St. Patty’s Day with a big group of friends. Can’t wait for the good times ahead!

How are you celebrating St. Patty’s Day?