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My New Makeup

The title of this post was inspired by that dumb YouTube video “My New Haircut”, which I never really got into. But, I saw it passed around plenty by my friends. Hopefully this post is even 1/8th as popular, and 800 times less annoying.

My younger sister Hannah (above left) is a makeup queen and has been slowly working on getting me to up my makeup game for awhile now. I am by no means anywhere close to her level of skill/obsession yet (and I don’t think I ever will be because I’m too damn impatient and cheap). BUT I have slowly started to adopt some Sephora products (and a Beauty Insider Card) that I love! So I wanted to share them with you guys.

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My 2014 New Year’s Resolution

After you read this post I must insist you go read this funny one from Kaitlin! I am definitely guilty of several things on the list but am also with her on many of them. If the world made a resolution against progress pics and ab Instagrams, I’d be the top supporter!

I don’t usually even make New Year’s resolutions but I just happened to feel inspired to make this one around 12/31, so I’m going to call it a New Year’s resolution. My dad got very upset at first when he heard what my resolution was but hear me out: I want to make more of an effort when it comes to my appearance. Let me explain.

I’m not talking about working out more, eating “cleaner”, etc. I’m talking about blow-drying my hair, putting on eyeliner, and dressing nicely. You may remember my reflections about how much better I felt on a very mentally blah day in Florida – the day I arrived there. I felt tired and large and let my mental blahs translate into feeling like I looked blah – and should stay that way. But if feeling mentally blah makes me think I look blah, why can’t looking awesome make me feel mentally awesome? Why can’t it go both ways? It can!

Before a night out in Florida – I took the time to blow dry my hair and my sis curled it for me!

I encounter plenty of days when I want to wear my glasses, put my hair in a messy bun, and rock yoga pants. Sometimes doing so makes me feel cozy, especially post-gym on the weekend. But other times when I haven’t worked out or when I’m feeling guilty about a previous night out at an event or restaurant, I’m tempted to just retreat into myself and hide in stretchy pants. I don’t feel like trying to make myself look nice because I feel as if I don’t deserve to look nice.

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A Lazy Lady’s Beauty Essentials

When it comes to a beauty routine, I am seriously lazy and impatient. Just ask Kaitlin – I’m often telling her tales of attempting to have the patience to stand in one spot for what seems like forever and blow dry my hair, only to give up after about five minutes. I’ve got places to go, people to see. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


I look at much of what my younger sister and friends do with their makeup, hair, face care, what have you, and I can’t imagine spending that much time on any of it. I grew up looking for anything I could cut out of my morning routine to give me a few extra precious minutes of sleep, and this has made me a beauty routine minimalist.

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December’s Birchbox

Did you win the Shabby Apple necklace giveaway? The winner has yet to come forward!

I received my December Birchbox, albeit a bit late, but the company did take the time to email me and offer me a $10 discount (in the form of 100 rewards points) on purchases as an apology. I won’t be using it unless I can find something that’s exactly $10 with shipping (I use Birchbox purely to sample, not buy), but it was still considerate of them to notice my December shipment was late, acknowledge that fact, and offer compensation.

The box came with a festive card that detailed each item in the box, and its purpose and benefits.

  • Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo: I gave this to my mom because she was practically drooling over it as soon as she saw the bottle, and I have never really needed or wanted dry shampoo. I think my mom wants to use it for occasions when she has to work out and go straight out to run errands, which I do all the time – only difference is, I don’t mind doing it with gross hair.
  • Atelier Cologne Ambre Nue: Ateli-what? AKA a small sample vial of a perfume that my mom and I couldn’t figure out if we liked or not.
  • Jouer Lip Gloss: The color, a bright “Barbie” pink, is appropriately titled “Birchbox Pink”. Haven’t tried it yet, but put it in my beauty storage drawer for next time I need a new tube of gloss!
  • Nuxe Dry Oil Shimmer: Totally intrigued by this, but not sure when I’m going to use it – or how! This multi-use oil is supposed to be applied to the face or body “to give skin a silken feel and subtle glow”. It can even be worked into hair! I’m a little wary of how subtle a shimmery oil could exactly be, or how well it would blend into my hair (and what it could do to it), but when I’m feeling adventurous I’ll try it out.
  • ShowStoppers Fashion Tape: I definitely can see this coming in handy! We’ll see if it actually sticks.
  • EBoost Orange Natural Energy Booster: I’m honestly not a big fan of “energy boosters” loaded with Vitamin B12. I like to stick to my dependable caffeine, so I ditched this sample.

Which of the items in my box would you most want to try?