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Signature Crafted Fun at McDonald’s

I received compensation from McDonald’s in exchange for writing this review. Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions my own.

There was a time when I took pride in saying I never ate fast food. I’ll be honest, I looked down on people who did eat it. But over the years as I have worked on bettering my relationship with food, my opinions have definitely changed. I don’t eat fast food every day, but when I do, I enjoy and savor every single bite. I’m all about treating myself to a Big Mac or those signature golden McDonald’s fries when I’m craving them. So when I found out that the closest location to my apartment, the newly renovated two-story McDonald’s in Everett, wanted to host me and a group of bloggers to try their new Signature Crafted sandwiches…I was 100% in!

The McDonald’s in Everett is one of 11 new “smart” locations that now feature ordering kiosks and table-side service – a “Just For You” experience. Though the classic cashier option remains, those who prefer a digital experience can order from easy to use stations that accept credit card payments.

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Fashion Friday: Celebrate Your Style!

I’m hosting a giveaway on the Cait Plus Ate Facebook page – open until today (Friday 10/5) at 3PM EST! New England (excluding Fairfield County, CT) and Albany, NY readers can enter to win one free small cup of Newman’s Own Organics coffee from McDonald’s every week for almost a YEAR! I am not a customer of McDonald’s for their food but I will take a free cup of black coffee any day…hoping some of you will too!

Thank you all for your many congratulations yesterday on my post announcing my appearance in the North Atlantic region holiday issue of Whole Foods Magazine! I’m still pretty blown away and it’s not even because I’m hoping to gain new readership from this. That actually didn’t occur to me until some point yesterday! What I’ve really been focused on is taking this as a sign of recognition that this blog is enjoyable to others, and that’s really my top priority – along with making sure it’s still enjoyable to me!

Still would tweak my description a bit but still beyond grateful!

Another priority is getting self-hosted! I want to be able to get the stats I need from Google Analytics to put together a kick-ass media kit. I’ve been putting off making one because I don’t want to send out something incomplete to brands I want to work with or magazines I’d like to freelance for. I want to show what I am really capable of with a complete media kit. After BlogHer I resolved that I’d get self-hosted within a couple of months and while I unfortunately haven’t met that goal, I have hired someone to help me out and I have a development site up and running on a new host! The next step is getting the layout all set – I’m going to get a new look (I’m even springing for a paid theme *gasp*) and I can’t wait for you all to see what the blog will look like!

In honor of Becki‘s Leaf Your Negativity Behind October challenge, I am going to make today’s Fashion Friday a particularly positive one. I feel like when I see other bloggers’ fashion posts or Instagrams, sometimes I find myself wishing I had the clothes they’re wearing or wondering if I could “pull off” that look. Yes I know there are more important things in this world, but comparison traps are everywhere and even lurk among all those #ootd’s.

That’s why I want to make today’s Fashion Friday about celebrating your style. So this post is not going to tell you where each outfit is from, like it usually does. Instead it’s going to tell you why I chose to share that look and what it says about MY sense of style, and no one else’s. I’m encouraging everyone else to do the same today, whether in a post, tweet, FB post, whatever! “Leaf” negativity and comparison traps behind. Celebrate your own sense of style and your look!

Before the HLS ’12 Chobani dinner!

To me this outfit goes back to my days as a little girl who LOVED wearing dresses. I still love wearing dresses but living in New England, most of the year I’m too cold to do so. But my favorite thing to wear will always be a dress like this – floral, flowy, something I just want to spin in circles in!

I feel like my sense of style revolves around a “theme” each day. I think I sometimes confuse my co-workers because I’ll go totally casual one day, then the next day show up in a fancy dress. I try to tie everything together with accessories so my shoes make sense with my shirt, my bracelets make sense with a dress, etc. The above outfit is very tropical-vacation! Makes me think of what I might wear when I go visit my grandparents in FL this December 😀 #grandma

The above outfit is SO me. I adore bright, delicate florals. I almost always “cuff” my jeans or jeggings when I wear them. And I love bright, fun flats! Oh, and a messy bun is ALWAYS easier than…anything.

Oops, here I am wearing jeggings with no cuffs 😛 but there’s the bright, fun flats – my beloved fruit flats! I definitely think they say a lot about my sense of style – I like to pop in little “quirks”. I wouldn’t exactly wear a dress covered in a fruit print (though I did express desire for a watermelon skirt in last week’s Fashion Friday…) but shoes covered in fruit? They’re like the cherry on top – or in this case, on the bottom, and fruit other than cherries. I also wear a lot of lace, and I like how the bright neon of this top is again very me! I shy away from neutral colors because they “bore” me. I want to excite myself and those around me with what I’m wearing! It makes me feel good and that is what fashion is all about.

So don’t be afraid to celebrate you today. Celebrate your style – it is YOURS and no one else’s. Don’t compare your clothes, your accessories – your ANYTHING – to anyone else. There are more important things in life than fashion, yes, but if you are able to truly celebrate anything about yourself, even just how you rock a new top, then that’s an amazing thing! It takes a lot of hard work to truly celebrate yourself! So “leaf” negativity behind and accept that you are amazing 🙂

Tell me what your favorite part of YOUR style is in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Use the hashtags #AmazingMe, #FashionFriday, and/or #LeafNegativityBehind!

Definition of Random

Happy to say that I was in a better mood yesterday – thank you for your de-stressing tips! This post is pretty random, but I have a lot of thoughts floating around in my head today.

I had a good day at work yesterday and an interesting class (Law, Business, and Society – we learned about torts and product liability) at night. Something I learned involved the famous lawsuit in which a woman was initially awarded $2.7 million in damages from McDonald’s for the third degree burns she suffered from as a result of spilling their 190-degree coffee on herself. I always thought the reward was ridiculous, but after hearing the full story from my professor, I’m actually changing my tune a bit. Turns out McDonald’s knew about their coffee being hot enough to cause 3rd degree burns within several seconds, but opted not to decrease the temperature after deciding that the money they would continue to pay out in settlements to people with burns was worth spending, compared to the money they’d lose in profit if they made their coffee the same temperature as everyone else’s. And that is why the punitive damages amounted to $2.7 million – because that is the amount of profit McDonald’s was making on its coffee in a single day. The punitive damages had a meaning and sent a message, which is indeed a function of punitive damages. So maybe the award wasn’t so ridiculous after all – what do you think? You learn something new everyday!

In other news, Faith Hill had her big comeback into country music at the CMA’s on Wednesday night. I was a bit annoyed when I was watching my DVR recording last night, and she started singing OneRepublic’s “Come Home” for her performance. I LOVE OneRepublic and their first album is one of my favorite albums of all time (and it has that song). I’m going to make an assumption (so that may make an ass out of me, but I digress) that many people watching the CMA’s didn’t know that she is not the original singer of this song because they may not know OneRepublic’s first album very well. If you’re gonna make a comeback, make it with a new song! Now many people probably don’t realize she’s covering it!


I have so many posts that I have been planning for you guys! I have all these backed up food photos that I want to post today, but hopefully soon you guys will be seeing posts on:

For now, just check out some pictures of food I’ve been eating.

Fiber One whole wheat english muffin, topped with banana and Cinnamon Raisin PB

Saturday’s breakfast – this is my favorite plate ever from my childhood 🙂 and my favorite breakfast that I hadn’t had in FOREVER! Also, I finished that jar of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl yesterday morning. Sad – but I did open a jar of Mighty Maple today!

Packed salad and fruit/cottage cheese while I waited to get my car check-up.

Had egg whites and Moe’s black beans as my protein in the above salad beast.

BBQ chicken and veggie pizza slices.

I came home for dinner Monday night and was surprised to find Giovanni’s pizza waiting for me – PSYCHED. I love their pizza. So thin and crispy!

Moe's black beans + pico de gallo

Needed a little somethin’ on the side.

Roasted brussell sprouts and whole wheat pasta

Tuesday my mom surprised me with those brussells and like the nerd I am, I was psyched. On the spaghetti we put the bruschetta-flavored oil dip mix that I got at the AppleFest. It was just as good as the sample I had there!

Meatloaf, pico, roasted brussells, and broccoli

Tonight I had an awesome dinner – the above (baby) plate, eaten with my (baby) fork, plus more meatloaf and some kalamata olive bread I got at the farmer’s market recently.

Yoplait plain greek yogurt and Uncle Sam strawberry cereal

Just finished off the above snack – dumped the yogurt out of the container into the cup and mixed with the cereal.
I’m headed to Group Step after work today – can’t wait!

What’d you have for dinner last night?