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Pink and Purple PUMA: Fitness Fashion

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

Fitfluential has given me the opportunity to receive another set of PUMA fitness apparel (you can see my first PUMA campaign post here) as part of a campaign. Unfortunately the timing of shipments didn’t work out in my favor. I signed up for the campaign back when I was still living in CT, and by the time the Bubble XT Tribal sneakers arrived, I’d already moved out! I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but wanted to get my post up, so I’ll just fill you guys in on the basic info that was sent to me: stylish design, light-weight cushion technology. And my info: PURPLE. That’s freaking awesome. Once I do get my hands on them (I’ll be home to grab them this weekend) I’ll be able to actually tell you all what I think. You can read another Fitfluential Ambassador’s review here – thanks Clare!

Pink and purple are my top two favorite colors, so I was psyched when I opened the clothing package (which arrived before I moved – phew!) and saw only those two colors. I love the mesh on the sides of the sports bra (which is called Gym-licious and that makes me cringe a bit) and wearing it with the Gym Loose Top was perfect because of the top’s open back. With a bra like that, I want to show it off! The top definitely felt a little cumbersome at times because of how flowing it is, but I enjoyed wearing it to spin classes.

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YMX: Fitfluential Campaign

I received a top from YMX for this review, as part of a Fitfluential campaign. All opinions on the product are my own. This is not a compensated post.

I’m a big fan of bright or unique workout clothes. So bright AND unique workout clothes? Sold! I took one look at the selection on YMX and knew I wanted a chance to rock the brand at my gym. I signed up to be considered as a Fitfluential Ambassador for the May YMX campaign and lo and behold, I was selected and received this Infinite Geometry Long-Sleeve Shirt in the mail.

YMX uses MadKool Performance Fabric in their products, and varies the specific type fabric type according to where or for what activity the product is likely to be used. For example, cycle tops use a fabric with UV ray protection since they’re most likely to be worn outside. My particular top’s MadKool fabric offered moisture-wicking, quick-dry, wrinkle and odor resistance, and UPF 30+ protection as its benefits.

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Fashion Friday: HealthyChic Giveaway!

Happy Fashion Friday (but more importantly Happy Friday) to you all! I did not do this post last week in light of the manhunt going on in Boston. I felt inappropriate blogging given the fact that all eyes that day were turned to other more important media sources on the Internet. Of course this post could wait a week, and it has, and now here it is! I’ll stop rambling and cut to the chase.

What’s HealthyChic?

Marni of HealthyChic contacted me awhile back to introduce me to the website, which I would call RueLaLa for fitness! Some websites claim to offer deals from premium brands – and then customers never see those premium brands come around. But I myself have seen Lululemon and Lucy activewear offered on HealthyChic, at QUITE the discount. Alas, I saw too late and my favorite pieces already were sold out in my size. But HealthyChic doesn’t just offer active wear – I died over these adorable Yummy Yogi cookie cutters!

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Fashion Friday: BAMR Bands Giveaway!

HAPPY FASHION FRIDAY! I’m SO SO SO excited about today’s giveaway but first, I have to give myself a high-five for continuing to do a good job with my gastro-goals! So far I have not missed a day of taking probiotics and I only missed one day of drinking my ACV. That’s pretty good! I honestly sometimes consider skipping the ACV in the morning (best time for me to drink it) but then I remember my blog post and it really does keep me accountable! After all, I don’t want to drink it after work when I’d much rather be drinking my wine – and it’d clash terribly with the taste of dinner and my nighttime snack. So go me for keeping up with my goals!

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Fitness Fashion Friday: pvBody

Attention CT residents! I have a giveaway going on at the Cait Plus Ate Facebook page for two tickets to next weekend’s performance of CONNetic Dance‘s Suite & Spicy Nutcracker at The Wadsworth. Enter before the giveaway ends on Monday night!

I’ve already brought up pvBody on the blog’s Facebook page and Twitter, and I definitely got a LOT of positive feedback…before I’d even shared my full review!

The fashion blogger is on board!

The fashion blogger is on board!

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Reebok: Fitfluential Fashion

If you didn’t get a chance to see my recap of my day at Reebok World Headquarters with FitFluential, you can check it out here!

I’m a sucker for all things fashion-related, even when it comes to working out. Nothing gets me going at the gym like a cute new workout top or some sweet yoga pants. I swear, my performance in a group fitness class is improved when I wear a piece for the first time. It’s for that reason that I save the first-time wear of any workout gear for a day when I plan to take a group fitness class. Yes, I know it’s all mental, but I accept it and just let myself get that extra push from feeling extra-fly.

What do we have here?!

So you can imagine how enthusiastic I was after hearing that in addition to attending #RBKFITBLOG at Reebok HQ, we Fitfluential Ambassadors would be receiving Reebok gear to try, test, and tweet 😉 That became reality when the above box showed up on my driveway (no, not doorstep, Mr. Delivery Man apparently puts packages on driveways now!)

I adore pink workout gear. Call me Gym Barbie, I don’t care. I’ll take it as a compliment. I was so happy to receive the above Reebok backpack in PINK! I was also squealing with delight over the keychain. After the Reebok event, during which I toted my backpack-adorned-with-keychain with pride, I wasted no time transferring the tiny sneaker to my car keys. I don’t use the backpack everyday, but I do use those keys, and I want to be looking at that sneaker allllll the time.

It even came with tissue paper in it like a full-size shoe. Adorable.

I opened up the backpack and, cheesy as it sounds, couldn’t believe my eyes.

I should stop here and add that upon unpacking my loot and trying on the clothing, I discovered that some of it was too big. After mentioning this to Danielle Liss, who forwarded my request for new sizes to Reebok, I received a package with replacement sizes just a few days later. Now that is service! So kind of Reebok to replace the clothing with sizes that would fit me better – that way, I was able to give their clothes the most accurate test-drives possible. I simply brought my larger sizes with me to HQ the day of the event and handed them off to Johnice Graham of the Women’s Marketing Team – along with a huge THANK YOU!

Not just for carrying workout gear! Used my backpack to carry fashion magazines, my camera, snacks, and water to the beach on Saturday.

The gear below all fit, though! I love the Reebok CrossFit Racebrack Bra with removable inserts (I kept mine in). It’s really comfy and has taken me through a couple workouts by now. It doesn’t ride up either. The socks fit really well too and the material feels really high quality. They don’t ride down and bunch under my heel like workout ankle socks often do.

Really like the CrossFit tank with built-in sports bra as well. My girls aren’t in need of too much support, and any girl with a C cup or bigger would probably need a sports bra along with the one attached to the top, but for me the bra included did a good job supporting me through a Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD workout with Heather, which we completed the morning after our day at Reebok.

Also enjoyed planking in it while tweeting some #PROOF at the gym last weekend, after a spin class.

You may have noticed me wearing the Reebok Crossfit headband that I received at the event in the picture of my TIU outfit as well. I considered the TIU HIIT the Beach cardio segment of the Beach Babe DVD to be the ultimate test because of the plyometrics involved. I had high hopes that the band wouldn’t come off due to the gel lining on its interior.

Unfortunately almost halfway through the workout, my band slipped off my head. Heather’s made it through the HIIT workout as well as the ab and stretch segments, though it was close to the “edge” by the end there. After taking it through a test drive during spin back home though, I found that it did not give me any trouble, since spin doesn’t involve jumping around. I plan to definitely rock this headband during my non-Step or HIIT workouts, but just like all other workout headbands I’ve tried, it cannot survive one of my dance or plyo-based group fitness classes!

Band still in place after spin class! Ugh gross look.

I even threw on a cardigan after doing the TIU workout with Heather, though I know it didn’t match the workout gear at ALL, and wore it her favorite local cafe, Wildflour (more to come on that later), to do some blogging, coffee drinking, and scone consuming. I was quite comfy! And Heather was quite fashionable.

Heather and I decided to go all matchy-matchy for the visit to Reebok HQ (are you at all surprised?) and wear our Reebok Essential Short Sleeve Tees and Crossfit capris. I liked the pink and green color combo.

The tee is not something I would usually wear to the gym. If I wear a tee, I prefer either a fun, more laid-back style – literally a very plain t-shirt shape, not the slightly fitted shape of the below tee – or a very form-fitted top. This style was a bit too in-between for me. However, I can’t say it wasn’t comfortable – the fabric was soft and handled a of day sweat from two workouts and trekking around HQ very well. The slightly-fitted style is also one that I know many women do enjoy (for example, my mom prefers it), so I don’t doubt that it has appeal.

Being a goof at the gym in the pink tee.

The capris were pretty comfortable, though like the headband, they did not hold up (literally) during an HIIT workout. I don’t think that was the fault of the pants’ quality though, I think it was the fault of the fit. Most bloggers wearing them during the event were having no trouble, but I just felt like I had to readjust the waist several times during each cardio-workout-centric portion of our day. Yet again, I wore the capris to a spin class AKA not much jumping around, and they felt much better! I’m wearing them in the photo below.

We topped off the outfits (literally) with the Reebok Sport Essential Jacket. Like the tee, I wish the jacket had been more fitted. I prefer my zip-up hoodies to be very form-fitting and my non zip-ups to be very loose. Loved the soft built-for-sweat material though, and the color! Especially the bright yellow lining inside the pockets –  see it peeking out a little? Bright accents like that make me smile 🙂

After the Crossfit class we did with Reebok’s head coaches, we bloggers were pleasantly surprised to find Reebok drawstring bags waiting for us at the tables that had been set up for our lunch and focus groups. MORE workout gear?! We couldn’t believe it! Heather and I felt like the luckiest girls in the world.

Wore these to my favorite high-intensity Step class.

The above shorts were my first foray into the world of workout bottoms with built-in underwear-like liners. I wasn’t sure if these liners are meant to be a sub for undies or not, so I still wore them (TMI?) underneath the shorts. However, having two “underwear” layers didn’t bother me at all and the shorts didn’t inch their way up over my hips like I’ve found happens with cheaper brands (I like to wear my workout shorts resting around my hips, not up around my waist). I really love them!

I also received the above outfit in my drawstring bag. I once again used my gym’s high-intensity Step class to test out a portion of this gear – the Skinny Capris. It’s hard to tell on the website and in the above photo, but the blue on bottom is actually a mesh material that adds a really cute, feminine flair. The top portion also goes over the hips and hugs the stomach at a perfect level of tightness, which I believe is why they named the capris the way they did – they are meant to have a slimming affect through the stomach and hips. I just liked the design because they didn’t fall down at all and stayed in place quite perfectly despite the fact that during the Step class, I was bouncing and kicking all over the place. I haven’t gotten a chance to wear the blue top to a workout yet but it’s the same pink and yellow one Ilyse Baker wore in my cardio dance pics in my recap post, just a different color.

These are the shorts I received.

If you read the recap or followed my tweets the day-of the #RBKFITBLOG event itself (shame on you if you didn’t :-P) you may remember hearing that I won a $100 gift card to the Reebok HQ Store during the event’s closing – and everything was already 50% off for us that day. I went a little crazy as a result! I got myself the above tank top in two colors. I haven’t worn the pink version yet, but I did wear the other color (see below) to spin and weight-lifting on Sunday.

I spy a Reebok shopping bag!

So comfortable! The siding is mesh and made the top VERY breathable during a sweaty cardio workout.

I know what you’re thinking. This post is about Reebok. WHERE ARE THE SHOES?!

In the package shipped to my home I received the above reusable Crossfit water bottle and RealFlex Transition sneakers. They fit perfectly and I wore them all day to the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet. Even for my first time wearing them, they were so flexible, breathable, and comfortable for a full day on my feet. I also wore them during both the Crossfit and cardio dance workouts at Reebok HQ, and am pleased to say that they performed as promised.

The RealFlex Transitions are really ideal for an all-around fitness girl like me who likes to constantly switch it up. I may run once in a blue moon, but mostly I’m spinning, lifting, and taking cardio classes. I’ll also do the standard StairMaster fare – you just never know. In fact I often don’t know what I’m doing workout-wise until the afternoon of, so it’s great to have one sneaker I can pack and know it will function for whatever I choose to do once I get to the gym.

We also received a pair of the RealFlex Transitions in hot pink at the Meet & Tweet. Yayy Gym Barbie! The sock liner in these sneakers is made of poly-urethane (PU for short – ha, a pun that Reebok’s merchandising team did not even realize existed!) to cut down on stench. This design (not necessarily color) is Reebok Women’s key shoe, and its most popular.

Creepin’ on Heather in her hot pink RealFlex.

It provides neutral support for those with normal to high arch feet. Of course I’ve already worn mine to Group Step (see below, taken pre-class). If you’re more of a runner, you can still take advantage of RealFlex technology and go with the Optimal design.

Finally, we have the ZigNano Fly II sneakers, which utilize Reebok’s Zig Technology. I gave you guys a sneak peek of these during my recap. This is Reebok’s running platform. The wave design is meant to propel a runner forward and toe-off as fast as possible. This is also a great shoe for the versatile woman, but is specifically a better choice for runners than the RealFlex. As I recapped on Sunday, even if you’ll be training for any race, no matter the distance, you should really be wearing a runner shoe. This is advice straight from the mouths of Reebok team members!


I’ve worked out in these shoes twice, during the previously mentioned TIU workout with Heather and last night during that go-to Step class. So far each time I’ve put them on, I’ve literally breathed a pleased sigh as it felt like a cloud was encasing my foot. I can tell they’re built to keep the foot safe from jarring, whether from the pavement or plyometrics. I was doing the latter in class last night, and felt well-supported in the foot and, most importantly, in my ankles.

Before class began.

Whew…there you have it! Everything you needed to (and wanted to, I hope :-D) know about Reebok Women sneakers and workout gear. Be sure to check out the online store and please contact me if you have any questions! If I don’t have the answers, I can certainly try to get in touch with the appropriate parties at Reebok, or other FitFluential Ambassadors, to find them for you!

And to cap off this round-up with a little fun FYI – the blue Reebok jacket I coveted at the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet, worn by one of the Fitness Magazine fashion session models, is ON SALE on Reebok.com right now. To buy or not to buy…

Have you ever found a workout headband that will stay put during a dance or plyo cardio workout?

Anyone know if workout shorts with built-in underwear are actually meant to be worn without “real” underwear?

Which of the three sneakers I received would you want to wear most from a fashion standpoint? How about functional?

Same question as above – except with the clothes!

Where’s your favorite place to get workout gear, be it a brand or just a store that sells all different kinds? Gotta admit I’m in love with TJMaxx or Marshall’s to find affordable and cute sports clothes!

Beyond Bananas Guest Post!

Hey guys! Today I am guest blogging over at Caitlin’s blog, Beyond Bananas. No, I am not speaking about myself in the third person and starting a second blog about my favorite fruit. It just so happens there’s another blogger out there who shares my name, its correct spelling, and a lot of the same interests as me!

The post I wrote is a review of some tasty Odwalla bars I won in a giveaway on Katie’s blog, so head on over to Beyond Bananas and check it out!

I just finished a sweaty Stair Master workout. It was only 30 minutes, but I had to turn down the level after 20 minutes and my heart rate still didn’t go down. I did intense intervals and it was so hard! Quality over quantity, my friends. Tomorrow will be a strength-centered day, so we’ll see what the hotel gym has to offer.

Ready to rock this morning.

I’m at Daybreak doing homework and sipping on a nonfat pumpkin spice blanc. Ah, the little things. Hopping on a plane to Tennessee in a few hours – feels surreal! Not sure how much I’ll be blogging this weekend but I hope you all have a good one!

What are you doing this weekend?!