There Is Food In This Post

The above title is necessary because today’s post is actually going to be about fashion, or lack thereof depending on your opinion of what I wear. I like when bloggers share their outfits, whether dressy, casual, or workout-related, so I thought I’d do the same. But I also know most readers expect me to talk about food/fitness so I’ll just start with a quick recap of last night’s workout and dinner.

I hit the gym for Group Groove. Got there a bit late but wanted to check out all of the new songs since the new release is officially out next week. Verdict – disappointed. The new tracks are not nearly as challenging as the summer release’s! After the “peak dance” I felt like I definitely hadn’t reached a peak and still had so much energy, so I skipped the cool-down (bad, oh well) and headed to a place I haven’t been in awhile – the treadmill. I had a weird and random urge to run so I put my dependable work-out playlist on shuffle and busted out a mile at with the incline set on 2. Not a ton, but I just wanted to run something quickly to reach a peak HR and I had to get to dinner anyway! I ran the first half at 7.0 and the second half at 7.5. I felt great afterward! And my desire to run has now probably been quenched for the next several months.

My favorite restaurant was next on the agenda – J. Gilbert’s. I was meeting my foodie friends Evan and Jeff, as well as my friend/Jeff’s girlfriend, Kim. Jeff had a coupon that he was kind enough to split with us (that place is expensive). I was again bad and did not take any photos, but ordered their BBQ Salmon Salad for the first time and was not disappointed. From the menu: BBQ salmon with “baby greens, tortilla straws, smoked corn-black bean relish, ancho chile onion rings, cilantro lime vinaigrette”.

This was AWESOME. I already knew I loved their salmon but the relish and dressing were crazy good. I also asked for sides of mango salsa and pico de gallo to add to the salad. Had to make it a glorified beast! Of course the onion rings mostly took care of that – the pile of them on top of the salad must have been at least 6 inches high. I took most of them off, along with some of the tortilla straws, and plated them on the center to share with the table. Not a ring was left standing, and I enjoyed the moderate amount I left on my plate!

Moving onto the photos – collected over the past week!

Friday's work outfit (yes I get to wear jeans!)

  •  Sweater – Forever 21
  • Jeans – American Eagle
  • Shoes – Keds
  • Watch – Fossil
  • Ring – Forever 21 (I have about 6 different colors!)

Saturday morning workout

  • T-shirt – Race for the Cure 2010 5K (in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!)
  • Hoodie – Victoria’s Secret
  • Pants – Victoria’s Secret
  • Sneakers – Adidas

Back of the hoodie – it's my favorite!

Earrings for the Renaissance Faire!

I got those at Claire’s back in high school – I still love them and wear them every year!

Sunday morning workout

  • Top – 6th grade soccer jersey! Palm City rec soccer represent!
  • Crops – Victoria’s Secret


No joke, these are one of my favorite pairs of PJs. They are so goofy because they’re silk and they match, but I got them at a VS Semi-Annual Sale and LOVE THEM. I call them my fancy pants PJs.
And because I promised you food…
cucumber “soba” noodles, watermelon pickles, tuna crudo, aji amarilla coulis, chipotle aioli, local tomato ceviche
From a tasting I went to at J. Gilbert’s this past summer – told you it was one of my favorite places. Now you can see why!
Do you care at all about fashion posts? Do you have any fancy-pants PJs?

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