Five Things Friday: My Week

I’m glad you all related so much to last week’s Five Things Friday post about aspects of life that have REALLY been making me feel adult-like lately. Those reminders have continued throughout this week, and I also want to give an update on how I’ve been doing since my particularly overwhelming weekend. Then I got to thinking – there are five days in a work week, and it’s Five Things Friday. So I’m going to share how each day of my week went/has been going, in an effort to catch you up on all the things.

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1. Monday

I knew all I wanted to do Monday was go to work, go to spin class, and stay in watching the Emmys. One of those things didn’t happen – spin class. Did I not feel well? Did I not have time? No, I just didn’t want to go. I got out of work late and the class was halfway over. I could’ve made it to half the class or gone to the gym to do my own workout, but I was starving. I was exhausted. So i went home, heated up the casserole I’d prepared the night before, popped a bottle of Prosecco (which I ended up not drinking half of and pouring out #singlegirlproblems), and watched approximately 20% of the Emmys. And then I went to bed, because it was absolutely necessary.

Claire Danes was my favorite dress! Source

Following up the decision to take a spontaneous rest day with watching a bunch of trim and toned celebrities strut their stuff may not have made me feel that awesome about myself, but I probably felt better than I would have if I’d made myself work out and not sat down to dinner til 8:30PM. Seeing as that’s when I ended up getting in bed.

Fake it til ya make it.

Fake it til ya make it.

2. Tuesday

8:30PM bedtime = early run wakeup call. And I actually felt good for it! I mentioned that I’ve been aiming to get in a 10K run for half marathon training, and am proud to say that I did just that. My goal pace was about a 10 minute mile and I hit it right on the nose. So I felt great all day Tuesday and was up for friend time after work, since I had so much of the afternoon available to me (perks of early morning workout, but that still won’t make me start working out early on a regular basis).

The McGuire: Bulleit Bourbon, Carpano Antica, Bitters

First I met up with my former neighbor from CT, Leigh, at City Table. I hadn’t been to since my dad and I took a father-daughter trip to Boston before living here was ever on my radar. Oh how times have changed – or not, because I ordered the EXACT same drink as I did in December 2012. The photo above is recycled! I also had a tasty scallops entree complete with asparagus & corn hash and probably the best bacon I’ve ever had.

We finished dinner and it was still barely 7PM, so I headed to Southie to meet up with Molly for trivia at The Junction. Not my typical scene, but definitely fun. The first question was super easy…and followed up by tons of impossible questions. Oh well, I’ve never been good at trivia and at least I didn’t cheat this time around. I splurged on an Uber home but it was worth it to me to spend that money so that I could still be in bed early.

3. Wednesday

After being out the night before, all I wanted to do Wednesday evening was stay in and get cozy. I spent all day at work dreaming of it! But first I went to the gym after work to try out the Total Body Conditioning class without my fave instructor Corrie (she moved to NYC). The class was really good, but the instructor was just a sub, and there’s still no permanent replacement. Still the workout was just what I craved and made coming home to rest even MORE satisfying. I watched the latest episode of The Leftovers (my favorite yet) and dove into the second half of the Sweet Potato Black Bean Casserole I’d made on Monday. Honestly it just hadn’t tasted great to me (not the fault of its creator Kim – I definitely didn’t use enough cheese and also didn’t use any chili powder, cilantro, or cinnamon because I didn’t have any of those ingredients and was too cheap to buy them). But then I remembered something I had tucked away…

Eureka! I heated this bad boy up, added it to the casserole, and all was well. Good thing I had no chips in my apartment at the time or they may have gone for a dunk or twenty into the leftovers. I totally recommend this queso – but I’ve never met a Pacific Foods product I didn’t love.

Don’t worry, that’s not all the queso I used ;)

4. Thursday

Thursday was a good day at work and I literally ran to plans afterward. I had a second lady date with the hilarious Emily and arranged for us to meet somewhere about 5 miles from my apartment – Warehouse. Because what better motivation is there than cocktails?

I went for a lighter than usual first drink (gin, lemon, lavender simple, soda water) because I was so thirsty, but maybe water would have also been a good idea.

Despite the name and sports-bar-like marketing, Warehouse is actually a trendy-ish Financial District happy hour spot full of beautiful men in work clothes and pretty girls in designer dresses. DULY NOTED by the girl in running shorts and a pit-stained t-shirt. Despite at first feeling awkward because of my out-of-place appearance, I had a lovely evening. Emily arrived and distracted me with her adorable-ness as usual and we shared some damn good buffalo fried Brussels sprouts! I couldn’t figure out what I wanted for a meal so I ended up just having a kale Caesar with a crab cake. One of those times when the spiciness of the app kinda killed my craving for anything else. I took the T home and was in bed plenty early.

With my latest read, Sous Chef - so interesting!

5. Friday

The last few Fridays I have woken up and felt exhausted and/or dehydrated. Not so this week! I woke up ready to hit the gym and do cardio – not something I’m typically up for on a Friday morning. I did 30 minutes of intervals on the stairs and some abs. My legs definitely are a bit sore from Wednesday’s class and last night’s run, so that’s all for me today.

I’m driving back to CT tonight (when am I not?) for a very exciting Labor Day weekend – the theme being KAITLIN‘S WEDDING! Tomorrow are the rehearsal activities and Sunday evening is the big event. I’m bringing Maria as my +1 which will be so fun, and I’m doing a reading during the wedding, something I’m so honored and humbled by. I certainly never imagined I’d do a reading during the wedding of a friend I met online, but that’s 2014 for you, people! I can’t wait to dance the night away afterwards and celebrate – and the wine of the wedding is of course by 90+ Cellars!

What will you be up to this Labor Day weekend?

What was the highlight of your week?

Marvelously Overwhelmed

I had a marvelous weekend, but it was busy, and left me extremely overwhelmed. Like to the point of sobbing on the phone to my mom and not being able to follow through on Sunday’s plans because I worked myself up to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. I seem to always need to re-learn the same lesson, every few months, about over-exerting myself. This summer has been so fun and as much as I’m dreading the colder weather, I think I need fall to get here so that I’ll start slowing down. (Oh but I’m travelling three weekends in September, I’ll try not to think about that for now.)

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Still, there is plenty of marvelous about this past weekend in CT (yes, another one) to be thankful for.

Marvelous is…meeting my parents at Mohegan Sun for another overnight stay. The fam can’t seem to get enough of the casino lately and I’m not complaining about it one bit!

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Five Things Friday: Adulthood

I really wanted to post yesterday, but when I got home from the gym on Wednesday night, the idea of blogging just did not appeal to me. Probably because I am sooo into Breaking Bad right now and wanted to watch the season four finale. Yes, I’ve finally finished season four! And can I say, holy crap.

Anyone who’s seen the episode will know what I mean here.

Anyway, I’m here on Five Things Friday with a little theme I like to call “adulthood”. This week I keep getting reminders that I am an adult, and while I certainly enjoy being a single lady in her mid-20′s living in Boston, there are some parts of living at home that I’m missing.

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Trade Em Up Tuesday: Where Is Summer?

I would trade…how fast summer has gone by.  Is it really already past mid-August? The air is already starting to get crisp and on Friday night when I went out after work, I felt absolutely frigid. Noooo New England, I’m not ready for my summer to leave yet!

I would not trade…finally finding a dress for Kaitlin‘s wedding! That wasn’t close or anything. I am so so so pumped for the Labor Day weekend rehearsal/wedding festivities, and getting to bring Maria as my plus-one so that she, Kaitlin, and I can FINALLY hang out together (all three of us) in person. Kinda nuts that that hasn’t happened yet. And I have to give a big thank you to Tobi for having a 50% off sitewide sale! I’m not going to post a photo of the dress for the wedding but I will share a photo of another dress I couldn’t help but buy because I know it’ll come in handy come fall…

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Five Things Friday: Currently

I often see blog posts written in the “currently…” style as in, I am currently doing/feeling/loving/eating/insert-verb-ing-here this. I thought I’d mash that up with Clare‘s Five Things Friday and do five “currently…” updates. (And if you missed yesterday’s restaurant post, be sure to check it out – it’s been awhile since I wrote a good old restaurant visit recap!)

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1. Currently snacking on…Sweet & Salty Chex Mix Popped. I was sent a couple of new Chex Mix products (and honestly can’t remember who did so…but thank you to the mystery network/PR company that did so) from the lower-fat Popped line. I opened the bag and thought I was being all smart portioning out a bit to mix into my chocolate pudding…until I instantly became addicted after bite #1. I even got out of bed to get more after I’d finished my first helping. Foiled by crack-like snack products! Screw portion control.

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Seaport Secret: Sam’s at Louis

I received the food and drink in this post free of charge. All opinions of the experience are my own; this is not a sponsored post.

The title of this post is a bit misleading because there are already plenty of Sam’s at Louis fans out there. The patio is hoppin’ in the summertime and the restaurant is located on the water right along Boston’s Harborwalk. But unless you’re looking for it, you’re not likely to drive by. And if you call an Uber from there, you’re likely going to have to go meet your driver out on Seaport Boulevard if you want a chance of him or her finding you. So I’m going to go out on a limb and call Sam’s a bit of a secret – location-wise at least.


But now that I know where it is, and how WONDERFUL the food and drink are, I’ll absolutely be back. Jeannie and I had dinner there on Tuesday night, and she’s had nothing but great things to say about Sam’s at Louis for awhile now. The food and drink of the Sam’s Instagram feed have been torturing me and I’m so happy I finally was able to go and experience it for myself.

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A Marvelous Weekend Recap

Ah, what a marvelous weekend, and I am continuing to live life on the slightly-more-low-key side. But, I’m still having a great time! I’m doing a pretty good job of listening to my body and mind, instead of FOMO. Unfortunately I went back to my once-a-week blogging last week, with only one recipe post. Who knows what this week will bring? I’m not too worried about it – I’ll blog when I have time – but at least with this post I know I have one down!

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Marvelous is…a rest day on Friday. Some lessons need to be re-learned and on Friday, I re-learned that if I don’t work out in the morning, it just is not going to happen. In CT I often worked out on Fridays between work and my evening plans, but there’s something about a Friday late afternoon in Boston that makes me just want to get the weekend started as soon as I leave work. When I left for the day I decided to grocery shop, then put away my laundry, then get my nails done…all to put off going to the gym. So then I decided (with help from a text-pep-talk from a friend) to just take the day off. And I felt much better after making that decision and sticking with it.

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MorningStar Farms Meatball Bake

MorningStar Farms products were a staple in my household back when I was still living at home with my parents. My mom often liked to “sneak” the Meal Starter “Crumbles” into family meals (I say sneak because my siblings and dad are not quite as open minded about plant-based protein as my mom and I are!), like her Mexi-Casserole. But I hadn’t tried any other products from this brand aside from the crumbles, so I was excited to have the chance to try some new stuff, thanks to this Clever Girls campaign.

I was also fortunate enough to receive this lovely glass/plate set with wooden utensils, napkin, and a placemat!

I was also fortunate enough to receive this lovely glass/plate set with wooden utensils, napkin, and a placemat!

I was challenged by MorningStar Farms to pick a theme and build a recipe around it, so I selected 15-minute meals. I am a very busy person and quick is certainly a component I look for in a recipe, as well as “Does it match what I have on hand?” and “Is it healthy?” Luckily I was given the ability to choose which MorningStar Farms goodies I wanted to try, and the decision was tough since the products are so varied and versatile. But I was inspired by this Lightened-Up Meatball Casserole by Julie of PB Fingers, so that made my decision to try the veggie meatballs an easy one. Almost as easy as my recipe ;-)

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Thinking Out Loud: Shin Happens

My blogging inspiration and drive has really been in high gear the last couple of weeks! Probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve been trying to give myself the nights in I need to balance the nights out. So that means I have more time to think out loud.

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1. My left shin is freaking killing me and I am SO OVER IT. I had originally planned to run a 10K distance on Tuesday after doing spin on Monday, but once I woke up Tuesday and my shin hurt even when walking, I knew that wasn’t smart. So I ran 3.4 miles instead, but that was also not smart. My shin was literally throbbing afterward. I went home and utilized the closest thing to an ice pack that I had – frozen broccoli.

And wine, because always wine.

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JD Sports: Perfect Timing!

I received a complimentary pair of sneakers in exchange for a blog post about my experience. All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

I recently mentioned that I’ve learned during half marathon training that sneakers really DO matter. What people have been saying for months and months is NOT a joke! I thought I could get by on training for and running the Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon with my eclectic collection of sneakers I’ve received from various blog-related opportunities. But not so much. I was shopping around for a pair to purchase, but then JD Sports contacted me asking if I wanted to try out one of the pairs they offer on their site. Um, yes please!

I was offered either Nike Frees or Asics, but I knew at least with my basic knowledge that Asics were a better choice for running. But which pair to choose? With help from friends like Sarah and Alex, both of whom have worked in running stores, I selected the Asics Gel GT 2000. My contact placed the on order for me and the sneakers arrived in a very timely manner, just as depicted on the site.

image (4)


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