Trade Em Up Tuesday: Slowing Down

Another longer-than-a-week gap between posts – ugh! I honestly had time this past Sunday night to blog, but opted to sit in bed and color (something I haven’t done in awhile) while listening to NPR instead. I’m getting ahead of myself though. Let’s get rolling with a Trade Em Up Tuesday that’ll tell you what’s been up with me in the last week-ish.

Oreos and beer were involved.

Oreos and beer were involved.

I would trade…FOMO. I’ve had a serious case of it lately and it’s resulted in me wearing myself out. I need to take a step back and slow down. Is there an event coming up? I feel like I have to go to make sure I don’t miss anything. Someone’s having  a party? Well I can’t possibly miss it, it’ll be so much fun! The thing is, a lot of the time it’s not even worth it, so I need to take a step back and put on the brakes. I was sick this past weekend and spent all day Saturday contemplating whether or not I should still go to my co-worker’s party. In reality it should have been a no-brainer – NO. Stay home and REST.

NO. That's not resting.

NO. That’s not resting.

That’s what I did and I’m so glad, but I wish I hadn’t wasted all that mental effort on the great debate. I should’ve woken up on Saturday morning, felt the way I felt, and used that to tell me that no, my body did not want to go to a party. It wanted to freaking sleep! I mean, it’s a good thing that I’m not using any little thing I can as an excuse to miss social engagements, because that’s what I used to do all the time out of fear of attending events that involved me eating or drinking more than what I was comfortable with. But I don’t want to take it to the other extreme that leaves me worn the heck out.

Nothing cures being worn out more than outside time on a towel.

I would not trade…some recipe success. Firstly I made PB Fingers BBQ Turkey Meatloaf, and it turned out great. I had some Monday and some Thursday. Next time I make it I’ll probably use more egg beaters, mustard, and BBQ sauce to make it more moist. But I added BBQ sauce after I made it and that helped a lot.

Meatloaf: never pretty, always delicious.

Secondly I decided to use up more of my egg beaters on Sunday night before they expired, so I whipped up some baked zucchini chips. So easy! I sliced the zucchini, coated it in egg beaters, then coated it in bread crumbs and roasted. I was pleasantly surprised by how not-limp they turned out and am glad to have them on hand for the coming week.

I would not trade…a fun Thursday night out with old and new friends. Jeannie introduced me to her friend Allie (who I’d met once before but don’t count since I was not in a state to meet people) and Allie introduced us both to her co-worker Courtney. The result? A fun girls night out at ALL the bars, including City Landing, which I already adore and still do thanks to another delish dinner. I felt pretty damn awful the next morning thanks to not getting enough sleep, and one (or two) too many drinks. But I had a great time and despite the temptation to feel like crap about myself all the next day, I tried to use the fun photos I found on my phone to remind myself of the memories I’d made.

Yes new friends.

I would trade…a summer head cold this past weekend. I didn’t get enough sleep Thursday night and woke up Friday feeling meh. I continued to feel more meh throughout the day, but also had un-cancel-able plans Friday night, so I got barely any sleep yet again. Safe to say that by Saturday afternoon, I felt like my head was in a stuffy cloud and that I could sleep for hours if I only had the time. A scheduled car service appointment and visit from the fam delayed that sleep, but I finally got about 12 hours of sleep on Saturday night and 10 hours Sunday night (thanks to NyQuil). Safe to say yesterday morning when I woke up I was feeling a lot better. Still iffy, but still a lot better. Colds just feel so WEIRD in the summertime!

So does eating soup, but it sure hit the spot. Amy’s Southwestern Roasted Veggie with added sweet potato cubes.

I would not trade…time with my family on Saturday night. My grandma came to CT from FL to visit, and my mom decided she’d bring her to Boston so she could see my workplace and my apartment. And so I could show her fabulous Boston restaurants!

Grannan, Mom, and I stumbled upon a free wine tasting at Brookline Liquor Mart, where my office is located!

I took them out for a drink at a spot I’d already showed my mom (and she’d loved it) – Regal Beagle. Then we went for dinner to Lineage, a restaurant down the street that I’d been to once and hadn’t been impressed by. But it’s from the same folks who brought me my beloved Eastern Standard, and my grandma said she was craving seafood, so I decided to give it another go. GOOD THING!

A black and white duo!

Not only did the three of us totally quench our seafood craving by sharing three seafood entrees – salmon, bluefish, and cod – but the restaurant is also doing half off EVERY bottle of wine in July! That meant my grandma got her own bottle of Chardonnay, because that was cheaper than two glasses, and my mom and I shared a delectable Oregon Pinot Noir. (No, my grandma did not finish that whole bottle!)

I called this moment "Team Seafood!"

I called this moment “Team Seafood!”

Mom, Grannan, and I parted ways after dinner so we could all return to our respective beds and pass out. I missed them before they left the next morning since I slept til 11:15AM (!!!) but am so happy I got to see Grannan and show her my life in Boston.

Brooks Pinot Noir - highly recommend.

Brooks Pinot Noir – highly recommend.

I would trade…less mileage this past week. I didn’t plan to do a long run this weekend (this is why I started my half marathon training early, folks) but I did plan to run at least 5 or 6 miles. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Both Saturday and Sunday I felt crappy, so Saturday I went to spin to sweat it out and Sunday I pushed through 3.6 miles. That’s really all I had the energy for and though I know I should be resting even more than that while sick, I just have this fear that as soon as I start going back down in mileage I’m going to lose the endurance I’ve built up. And I don’t think I’m going to get in a long run this coming weekend since a certain special lady will be in town for her bachelorette party. So when’s it going to happen? Will it have to happen before work, which is my worst nightmare, seeing as I struggle to do more than 3 miles prior to 7AM? Lordy I can’t even imagine doing 5 miles before work, let alone 9 (my next long run)! And this week is so busy too. Deep breaths, Caitlin. I know that this half isn’t until the end of September so I still have plenty of time to get my mileage back up there. But between this past Friday’s rest day and less exercise in the last few days than I’d planned, I’m pretty concerned about it.

I would not trade…getting a new laptop. I accidentally ordered it two inches too big (oops) but am too lazy to exchange it because I’m just so happy to have a new laptop. My last one was getting pretty slow, had a battery with zero life, and had been in my possession since 2009. I stuck with a Lenovo ThinkPad, but this is just a newer version. And it still fits in my backpack despite the bigger size, so oh well. The only annoying thing is redoing all my favorites, log-ins, losing my email filing system, etc. Disorganization, ugh. First world problems, I know.

The dot above the “i” lights up when the laptop is on, which I think is downright charming. Source

As good old Porky Pig would say, that’s all folks. I hope it’s not another week-and-a-day til you hear from me again!

What would you trade from this past week? What would you not trade?

Do you worry about losing endurance/gains when you take time off from workouts?

Ever suffered from FOMO?

Marvelous Miles!

This post will not be all about Zooma Cape Cod half marathon training, despite the title. But it will first and foremost make mention of a marvelous half marathon related accomplishment, because I’m just so psyched about it. Plenty of non-running-related marvelous to share too though!

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Marvelous is…an 8 mile run on Saturday morning! So the run itself wasn’t exactly marvelous because well, I’m not one of those people who will pretend she enjoys running that long. (Not that those who do actually enjoy it are pretending they do.) I woke up really excited to just get my 8 mile long run done so I could feel awesome about it afterward, but during the run I had to battle with myself mentally. Once I got to my halfway mark (yay out and back runs!) I knew I’d make it back, so the mental battle became less – but the physical became more. I ran the whole thing pretty slow (over a 10 minute pace) and am glad I did.

It was hot out (I didn’t get started til 10AM – so worth it to sleep in though) and I also got a bit lost at one point. After calculating exactly how far I’d run, I realized I’d run 8.2 miles thanks to that fact. I did stop every now and then to wait at a crosswalk or drink water (thank you Charles River Esplanade for your water fountains) but the whole time I was actually running, I did run – I really didn’t want to walk! Big thanks to the BU campus grounds worker who sprayed me with his hose (I asked him to, don’t worry) right around mile 6. That got me through to the end! This is officially the furthest I’ve ever run because I ran 8 miles once back in 2010, and this was 8.2 miles. So seriously, go me. (Way better than the other GOMI.)



OKAY, back tracking to the start of my weekend…

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Long Newport Weekend

Once I got going writing yesterday’s post, I knew this recap of the long July 4th weekend in Newport, RI would have to be a two-parter. So many photos and so much to say! Thankfully I woke up at 5:30AM for no reason this morning, actually feeling quite well rested, so I was able to sneak in a quick run and sit down here to blog before starting my work day. Let’s pick up where we left off:

Sunday 7/6

So I woke up and despite feeling guilty about what I’d eaten/drank the day prior, I also just didn’t feel like going running or doing cardio of any kind. Our timeshare complex had a gym that I walked into and said…wtf? It had three machines, dumbbells that maxed out at 10lbs (not that I’m strong man or anything, but come on!), and not even a space to do abs and no bench. So I basically did arms for 20 minutes, abs from the now-longer-than-30-days ab challenge, and called it a day. I was happy to be able to hightail it to Mokka Coffeehouse down the street to get some work done!

The shop was adorable as you can see from the above photo, and the iced coffee DELICIOUS. I had it a few other days on my trip and definitely recommend this place, though Coffee Grinder is still my favorite coffee place in Newport simply because of the waterfront seating (unfair advantage). After plugging away for a couple of hours I got hungry and found out my family was having lunch at a diner. I just didn’t really feel like eating diner food, and OK I was having anxiety over it, so I decided to take my current read and check out Newport’s newest farm-to-table (this term is, to me, becoming overused) restaurant – Stoneacre Pantry.

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Newport for July 4th!

OK, sitting down to write this post because if I don’t, too much time will pass since last weekend and I’d really like to share the fun I had in Newport for July 4th! Anyone who has been reading my blog for a little while knows that Newport is one of my favorite places in the world. I make sure to go at least once per summer! You can check out past posts here:

Thursday 7/3

I ended up going to Newport a day early, Thursday late afternoon instead of Friday morning. Boston was essentially empty Thursday night, plus I wanted to beat Hurricane Arthur since he was scheduled to visit come Friday. Thankfully I have some great family friends in the form of the Cunninghams. They let me crash in their family’s Newport house Thursday night, and the ride there wasn’t even too awful – only half an hour longer than usual (due to predicted holiday weekend traffic). All I can say is I am glad I wasn’t going to the Cape!

Hit the road with fresh 4th of July nails!

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Trade Em Up Tuesday: Because It’s Not Monday

I tend to recap my weekends in the form of Marvelous In My Monday, but I didn’t feel like blogging Sunday night and yesterday was too busy. So since it’s Tuesday, this weekend recap is coming to you in the form of Trade ‘Em Up Tuesday, which I haven’t done in awhile (holy – since before I had my new job!) anyway.

I would not trade…the Friday night that I really needed. As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I felt like a big whale all day thanks to a looooong wine tasting and dinner for work the previous night. What kept me going all day was the knowledge that I’d be able to spend my evening with great people! First I met Jen at Eastern Standard for her first visit there (!!!) and we enjoyed some relaxing girl time over drinks and yummy food. Thankfully Jen agreed that the restaurant lived up to my hype and it was another nice visit of great service and spot-on cocktail recs!

My first drink – the Red Hook – a Manhattan-like cocktail. I took a sip and said “ahhh”.

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Five Things Friday: Good and Bad

I guess twice a week of posting is the best I’m gonna get this summer. Not that I won’t strive for more, but this season sure is busy. With my busy weekends I don’t have time to draft up posts on my days off! Oh well, fun fun fun, and I’m still posting as frequently as ever on Instagram. Let’s get this Five Things Friday show on the road.

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1. I ran 7 miles this week! Once again I got my long half marathon training run done on Tuesday and once again it went better than I thought it would. I stuck by the Charles River for most of the route and that made a huge difference. The gorgeous sights and “sea” breeze were helpful but most important was the presence of so many other runners. I really felt like a part of that Boston running “scene” and that motivated me to run strong and keep going! Really once I got to my halfway point and turned around, I knew I was home free because well…I have to get back home, right? The hardest part of my runs, I’ve found, is getting to a halfway point and turning around. But that makes the second half easier, so I’m going to try to stick with that type of route, instead of one that takes me on a circle of sorts.

I wore my pink and purple PUMA ensemble (the leggings too) and being so matchy-matchy definitely helped my run motivation!

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2014 Best of Hartford Magazine Winners Party!

Oh how I have missed my Connecticut events! Boston events are great, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t have nearly as much of a network here as I do back in the Hartford area. That’s one reason why I was so excited to be able to attend the 2014 Best of Hartford Magazine Winners Party this past Friday! As first runner-up for both Best Twitter and Best Blogger in the 2014 Readers’ Poll, I received one ticket for me and one for a plus one – so I brought Rachel, the girl who named this blog. Of course that’s really a reason way down low on a very long list of reasons why I brought her with me. She’s a great friend and I was so happy to be able to share the special night with her!

Our red carpet glam entrance - thanks Sean!

Our red carpet glam entrance – thanks Sean!

And of course I got to reunite with all of my CT event buddies! That included Carolyn Paine (founder of CONNetic Dance, which I have blogged about before) and Emily Cahill, Community Manager for Yelp Hartford. Oh, and you know Kat was there. That’s a given.

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Five Things Friday: On the Road Again

It’s Friday which must mean I’m hitting the road again! My summer is going to be defined by weekends away from my Boston home, but that’s all good because all my weekends away will be pretty fabulous. I’m lucky to have so much fun stuff going on! Last weekend DC, and this weekend it’s back home to Connecticut to see my family and many old friends. I’ve got updates about those plans plus this past week, so I thought a Five Things Friday link-up with Clare was appropriate.

1. Tonight is the Best of Hartford Magazine party at the Hartford Public Library, and I get to attend as the first runner-up for Best Blog! I can’t remember if I ever mentioned on this blog the fact that I received this honor…I know I mentioned it on social media. But I’m really really pumped to reunite with my CT event friends, FINALLY. And I’m bringing one my token foodie plus ones, Rachel, along for the ride. Expect lots of photos like this to come:


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Marvelous DC Trip!

I’m back from a marvelous weekend away and am excited to share photos from my trip! Thankfully my flight had me back in my apartment last night by 8PM, so I had time to sit down and write this post before hitting the hay.

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I’m back from my trip to DC to visit my friend Jeff, and I have to give myself some props for not only making sure I hit up many different restaurants and beautiful sights, but also for ensuring that I saw as many friends as possible!


One bummer was that timing did not work out for Alex and I to finally meet up, since she was out of town for the weekend. But she did recommend a stellar dinner spot in Georgetown – Farmers Fishers Bakers!

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Thinking Out Loud: Writing & Rambling

Back again posting twice in one week, and that’s not so hard to do when the writing prompt is…ramble about whatever’s on your mind. Thanks for that one, Amanda!

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1. I’ve been feeling better since Saturday’s “whale day”Thanks for your supportive comments! I also saw my therapist this past Tuesday, so that was some good timing. I’m liking her more after each appointment; I know that it takes time to get acclimated to someone new. She gave me a cheesy “homework” assignment for the next couple of weeks, but also not an assignment I’m unfamiliar with. She asked me to stand in front of the mirror a few times a day, look at myself, and literally just say, “I love you.” (Pausing for laughs.) Hey, I am willing to try anything to help me on this journey to self love, no matter how cheesy it may sound! Plus, I love cheese (the literal and figurative kind). I have to admit though that I keep forgetting to try the assignment…maybe writing this will help me remember.

Until then, I will continue to master the art of hand on hip pose and bask in the super-inspiring comment my sister Hannah left on my last post.

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