Why I Love CorePower Yoga

I’ve mentioned CorePower Yoga on numerous occasions on this blog, and thought it might be time to write a dedicated post about my studio (in Allston, MA), my favorite class (Sculpt), and what CorePower has meant for my fitness routine.

I first tried out CorePower when my friend Kat visited me from CT and said she wanted to do a good workout the morning after a mini restaurant tour. I definitely agreed and suggested CorePower since we could both go for free (first week is free at CorePower Yoga studios, which is nice because you have a week to try out the different classes they offer). We woke up at a time that worked to try the Sculpt class, so that’s what we set off to do. I thought it’d be an average yoga class that just focused a bit extra on strengthening poses such as chair or boat, but instead the class ended up being so much more. I felt so satisfied by the workout, which combined yoga poses and flow, light weights, barre-style moves, and cardio bursts, that I couldn’t wait to go back.

The beginning of the class starts with un-weighted sun salutations, and then we add weights. This is crescent pose.

The beginning of the class starts with un-weighted sun salutations, and then we add weights. This is crescent pose.

And go back I did, and then I purchased an unlimited month on Groupon, and now I am currently working my way through a 10-class pack. One reason I enjoy CorePower Yoga Sculpt classes is because they are only an hour long, versus the traditional one and a half hour yoga class. I like workouts that are effective in a shorter period of time, and an hour is plenty long enough with Yoga Sculpt! I also love Sculpt’s variety. A typical class structure (usually) looks like this:

  • Child’s pose to cat/cow stretches
  • Plank series
  • Sun salutations A to B, and then addition of weights to B
  • Biceps/push-ups
  • Squats/other legs
  • Cardio
  • Sculpt series – sun salutation B using weights, with sculpting moves sprinkled throughout
  • Core
  • Stretch to savasana

All of the switching helps break the class up into more manageable, smaller chunks. When I am dying through a squat series I just tell myself it’s only a few minutes long and that helps me get through it! I have also loved seeing my strength grow from class to class. The benefit of doing a workout consistently is being able to see results and improvements each week. I’ve moved up from sets of 3 and 5 pound weights to 5 and 8 pounds, and am able to do harder modifications. I also love that the class is heated. Sweating just makes me feel awesome and also makes the workout all the more challenging. It is rare that I find a class that I am guaranteed to walk out of feeling satisfied…like I put in 100% effort. But CorePower has done that for me. I have never once left a Sculpt class and questioned if I worked “hard enough”. For someone like me, that is a huge mental victory.

Crescent pose (weighted) from the front. Yes asking someone to take these photos was as awkward as you can imagine.

Crescent pose (weighted) from the front. Yes asking someone to take these photos was as awkward as you can imagine. I also felt that this photo looked very “yay, victory!”

Finally, the facilities at CorePower Yoga are gorgeous and the instructors are awesome. I have never once encountered a lobby area, locker room, or studio that is anything but pristine. All the equipment is clean and students don’t have to clean it after each class – woo! I have taken classes from six different instructors at this point, and almost every one of them I have really enjoyed. Most have focused on messages that aren’t about using burning off “bad foods” as motivation for being in class. They encourage students to find their “edge”, but also listen to their bodies and stay safe. I love when a teacher reminds the class to congratulate themselves on making the time to even just show up. That’s something I often need to be reminded to do!

When doing warrior two with weights, instructors remind students to keep elbows bent for safety reasons.

When doing warrior two with weights, instructors remind students to keep elbows bent for safety reasons.

I’m so thankful I tried out that first free week at CorePower (f you have a studio near you, I encourage you to do the same!) and fell in love with a class that makes me feel strong, motivated, and proud of myself. It’s definitely added some pep to my fitness routine, which I need to find every so often. I can’t wait to keep attending classes. And I never thought I’d hear myself say this but…I think it’s time to spend the money and upgrade to a nicer yoga mat. Anyone got any suggestions for me?

Have you tried CorePower Yoga or a similar-sounding yoga sculpt class?

What kind of workout makes you feel most strong and motivated?

How do you know when it’s time to invest a bit more in your workout equipment?

Where Have I Been?

Lately I have been hearing the same proclamation a seemingly endless amount of times: “You’ve been everywhere!” And I can’t say I’m surprised to hear that. Despite the fact that hearing this proclamation immediately triggers my brain to think, “You’ve been going out and drinking and eating too much and slacking on the gym!”, I’ve been practicing fighting that thought and feeling thankful for all I have been able to do so far this summer.

I’ve been to Knoxville, Tennessee to see my little sister graduate from college…


Nantucket (with work) for the Wine Fest…

Connecticut for my dad’s birthday and a wedding…

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Getting “Beach Ready”

This Thursday morning I take off for a four-day trip to Mexico to watch one of my closest friends, Rachel, marry the love of her life. And just like my last warm-weather-vacation, I’ve spent the weeks leading up to this one worrying about the whole bikini thing. But unlike my last vacation, which took place in March, I’m bombarded with the “get-beach-body-ready” messages that are so common this time of year. (Oh, and I’m pretty sure I weigh a few pounds more than I did on that last trip.)

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Wordless Wedding Weekend Wednesday

I haven’t had much time lately to write and during my free time, I haven’t wanted to write. So I’m here today on a four W-word alliteration bender to share some photos, mostly from the Memorial Day weekend, which involved me going back to Connecticut to see my good friend Kristen marry the love of her life!

They're a couple of pretty people, that's for sure.

Kristen and her husband Greg met when he fell into her at a bar, spilled her drink, and offered to buy her a new one. How’s that for a rom-com romance?

I brought my favorite Boston blogger and friend Emily as my date, of course! (This is her photo.)

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Trade Em Up Tuesday: Back from ACK

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your support in response to recovery the Instagram I shared this morning. Your support helps me keep on keepin’ on!

Man, it’s good to be back in Boston. I had fun Friday and Saturday in Nantucket for the Nantucket Wine Festival, but when I woke up Sunday I was so happy that I had an early ferry booked. I wanted to get back home and back to reality! So as you can imagine, I have a few trades for Trade Em Up Tuesday.

I would AND wouldn’t trade…barely having any photos to share from the weekend. I did a lot of Snap story updating, but plain old pictures weren’t really something I was feeling. The would trade is the fact that I continue to have a lot of body image issues when it comes to photos. It probably doesn’t seem like it since I post what many consider to be a lot of pictures, but I probably delete about 10 for every 1 that I like. And taking that many photos would have been exhausting, so I just kind of gave up. I even posted one photo that bothered me so much after the fact that I ended up taking it down. It just wasn’t worth trying to “fake it” at that point.

Comfy roomy dress on point for day one.

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Giveaway Winner and Off I Go!

I’m popping in to say hi and quickly announce the winner of my giveaway five free product coupons from Dr. Praeger’s. Congrats to Alex! I will be emailing you about claiming your prize!

I’m on the road again, or shall I say the water? Likely when I hit publish on this pre-written post I am either about to leave on a drive to Hyannis, or on the ferry itself to Nantucket. I’ll be pouring wine for 90+ Cellars at one of tomorrow’s Nantucket Wine Festival Grand Tastings, and aside from that will be hanging out on that wonderful island, likely collecting material along the way for another event recap!

The remnants of last year's festival.

The remnants of last year’s festival.

It’s been a week of night out, night in, night out, night in. Monday I stopped by a Boston Bloggers event at Audubon – a last minute decision but an easy one once I found out my dear friend Emily was going. I kept things chill with a couple glasses of Rose, finally met Christina, got a chance to photobooth it up, and grabbed Whole Foods takeout (for the first time ever I was disappointed by it) on the way home. I felt reassured by my ability to go out and not GO all out.

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Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burger Zucchini Boats (GIVEAWAY!)


Thank you all for your awesome feedback on yesterday’s post! The advice I received definitely helped remind me last night at an event to stick to a couple of glasses of wine and just Go. Home. once I was done. As a result the event did not exhaust me and I’m also happy about the fact that I have no plans the next three nights! Maybe something will come up, maybe it won’t, but I know that tonight I’m staying in and making meatloaf. Party! And now, on to today’s post, and a necessary disclaimer…

I received veggie burgers free of charge from Dr. Praeger’s. This is not a compensated post and all opinions are my own.

I’m no vegetarian, but I love plant-based products, including veggie burgers! Dr. Praeger’s recently reached out to me to see if I’d like to try out their new Super Greens burgers, made with teff, hemp, collard greens, kale, swiss chard, and quinoa. Yes please! I love having veggie burgers on hand in the freezer to either use in recipes or eat by themselves.



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Just Say No

I’m coming off another weekend on the road, this one spent in Knoxville, Tennessee to watch my little sister Hannah graduate from the University of Tennessee! I am exhausted, and bummed that my work day doesn’t end until 9PM tonight, but am so also glad that I made the trip south to celebrate with my sister and see my family and our friends as well.

Despite the fact that I handled this Tennessee trip better than either of the last two I have taken, I still dealt with the usual anxiety over drinking more than usual, out-of-routine food, and working out less. However I also realized that I didn’t drink or eat a huge amount more than I would lately on a weekend, and the rest day I took was the one per week that I’ve gotten used to taking (and sometimes it’s two).

Manhattans and fried pickles aren’t unordinary weekend occurrences nowadays.

That in itself is perhaps a sign of progress in my journey to stop punishing myself via restriction and overexercising, but more so comes back to my concern that I’ve really been overdoing it lately and need to reel it back in.

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Wines of Caitalunya at Barcelona Wine Bar

I received complimentary admission to this event, but I have paid for and would continue to pay for Barcelona Wine Bar events in the future – they are always more than worth the money!!!

I sound like a broken record to long-time readers, but I just ADORE Barcelona Wine Bar and feel very fortunate that I moved from one area with several locations to another! I used to blog about Barcelona West Hartford‘s events all the time, and though I’ve visted the Brookline location a few times since moving to Boston, I had yet to attend a formal, structured event here in Boston. That is, until last Wednesday!

And not only did I get to attend the Barcelona South End Wines of Catalunya dinner (or Caitalunya, as my sister so cleverly came up with), but I also got to share my experience during a live takeover of Barcelona’s Instagram, @barcelonawinebar! Fun fact: I have attended a Wines of Catalunya dinner at the West Hartford location as well…read that recap here!

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Bully Boy Big-Batch Mint Julep

I received Bully Boy whiskey free of charge for purposes of making this recipe. My opinion of the product (I was already a fan!) is my own.

After inadvertently scheduling my good friend Rachel’s bridal shower on Derby Day, I decided to roll with the coincidence and make the shower Derby themed!


Rachel’s dad made that horse – isn’t it amazing?

Since I came back to CT from Boston to throw the shower, I brought some Boston-based beverages back with me. Of course wine came courtesy of 90+ Cellars

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