Three Dinners

Yesterday after I got out of class, I was in a crappy mood, plain and simple. Even the dinner my mom had prepared, waiting on the stove top when I got home, didn’t cheer me up. Neither did watching the latest episode of “Ringer“. TGIF because I’m still feeling pretty blah. I’m hoping a weekend of dinner with old friends, cafe studying, a fall festival, and a co-worker BBQ will lift my spirits.

Last night's dinner: Boboli wheat crust with goat cheese, grilled chicken, vidalia onion, and broccoli.

That knife looks way creepier than I intended it to! It also did no good in cutting the pizza – toppings everywhere. Any suggestions on a better option?

Be still my heart: roasted Brussels

Went back for seconds on both. And the rest of the brussels found their way into my salad today.

I suspect part of the reason for my crankiness was the fact that I had a lot of pent-up energy from sitting on my butt all day at work and in class. I don’t really have time to work out on those long days (Tuesday/Thursdays). I could if I woke up earlier, or worked out when I got home at 7:45pm, but neither of those things are on my list of things I WANT to do, and I also know rest days are important. In the past I’ve been TOO rigid with having to work out each day and I think it’s actually healthier for me to teach myself to take days off, rest, and work out for enjoyment – but sometimes it’s tough! Any suggestions for me? How many rest days do you take?

I have a lot of photos from the week to share of other eats as well!

Monday's dinner: green beans, Ore Ida fries w/spicy mustard, turkey burger, grilled chicken, turkey sausage.

Is anyone else as addicted to oven-baked frozen fries, plain or sweet potato, as much as I am? I swear I cannot leave any left on the tray. I MUST FINISH THEM! They are so good with yellow mustard too. The green beans are home-canned by my Nana Connie. She brings them to us whenever we see her and we stock up on the jars in our garage! Each time my mom uses one it both pains and overjoys her. And after a weekend of several vegetarian meals (no parents = no meat in the house) I was so ready to load up on my dad’s grilled specialties.

Tuesday's dinner: leftovers and a baked potato!

My mom busted out some frozen meatloaf that I didn’t even know we had (score) as well as chicken and beans from the night before. More mustard, obviously. I filled the baked potato skin with Mariah’s Chow-Chow Relish.

Baked potato innards mixed with garlic salt and Promise.

After I took this photo I mixed in some of the Yummy Hummy pico de gallo – good decision.

I have more photos to share of a breakfast and lunches, but I think I may save them for later, which leaves me to another question for you all: Would you prefer to see one longer post each day from me, or several shorter ones? I will ask the same question on Twitter too!

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