I Am…

My twino (twin wino) Meg tagged me forever ago in her “I Am” post in which she shared with everyone all the things she is to remind herself of all the reasons why she’s awesome. This sounds like a fantastic idea to me – I have been so busy recapping things I haven’t been able to responded to her tag with my own “I Am” post, but now I’m happy to say I finally am! I struggle sometimes with focusing only on my flaws, or on not feeling “good enough”. This has been something I’ve been trying to overcome for the past couple of years now, and I am excited to write this post because I feel like it will be a good exercise in focusing on the positive!

So without further ado: I am….

Independent (a recent development, but one I am extremely proud of)

Dedicated – a hard worker who does not quit easily

A foodie who values high-quality, wholesome eats – wholesome for the body (SALAD BEASTS) and the soul (dessert anyone?)

A wine-o and appreciator of a good cocktail

FitFluential 😀

Nerdy – and a total bookworm

Grandma-like in many behaviors (early bird, bingo-player, etc)


Appreciative of the little things


Technology dependent (I admit it)

Not a fan of children

Lover of my friends and family – I’d do anything for them

Clothing/shoe/accessory-obsessed (thank you, Forever 21)


A dance-lovin’ fool

Always cold


THANKFUL for all I have

What are you?? Time for me to tag some other bloggin’ friends – write a post and tell me what you are! 

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