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I’ve been tagged in the 11 Things chain going around by three bloggers: Meg, Kelsey, and Amanda. I’m finally getting around to answering those tags, but am gonna do things my own way. I’m not going to say my own 11 things because I now have 33 things to answer since I was tagged by 3 people – it’d just be too much! In that same regard, I am not going to make up 11 new questions and tag people at the end of this, because I feel like so many people have already been tagged. If you want to participate, just answer any of the same questions I answer here! I am trying to a) accommodate my own laziness and b) not make something too long for you guys by changing up my 11 things post in these ways.

Questions by Meg:

1. Who is your favourite celebrity?

Oh Natalie, I love you!

2. What is your favourite TV series?

My favorite show that is still on the air!

3. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Oh lordy. I wanted to be a teacher M-F, a dentist on Saturday, and an artist on Sunday, because I couldn’t choose a career. And apparently was a young workaholic? I am still a workaholic but did not end up with ANY of those three, though I do consider myself a bit of an ar-teest as a marketer and blogger 😉

4. Is your CURRENT hair colour your REAL colour? If no, what is your real hair colour?

Kinda? I get partial blonde highlights because my blonde hair got progressively darker until it became dirty blonde when I was 18 or 19. Couldn’t deal!

Now I feel silly because looking back I'm not THAT dirty blonde!

5. What is your favourite season?

Though I am a summer girl who is always cold, I have to say that my favorite season is fall because of how cozy it is.

6. If you could be an animal, what would you be?

A cat…they are the queens of their houses and can just chill all day!

7. What is your favourite flavour combo?

Anything salty + sweet! I love contrast.

8. How much time do you devote to blogging/blog reading per day?

Probably 2-3 hours total, but spread throughout the day, and more on weekends.

9. When you feel lazy, what is your go-to meal?

I just tend to much on snacks in that case! So a meal made out of snacks.

10. It’s your last day on Earth, what would you eat?

I had to think about this when I signed up for Serious Eats –  Flatbread w/goat cheese and  roasted veggies (app);  J. Gilbert’s filet, baked potato w/butter, grilled asparagus (din); Red Robin’s garlic steak fries + Catsup & Mustard’s half-sour pickles; J. Gilbert’s chocolate ganache cake w/banana liquer. Yeah, I’d be full.

11. Does your exercise routine and eating habits change on the weekend?

Not exercise – I actually never miss a weekend workout because I have more time to work out then than on weekdays. But my eating habits may change in that I tend to go out to eat more and also have a couple of drinks each weekend night.

Questions by Kelsey:

1) If you could only eat 1 meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably a giant salad beast because I could put anything I wanted into it and switch it up each time 🙂 sneaky!

2) What is your favorite book?

My all-time favorite is “Ella Enchanted” by Gail Carson Levine. Ooh, now I wanna read it!


3) What was your favorite childhood memory?

Probably all the “shows” that I used to put on as a kid. Whether at home solo/with siblings, or with neighborhood friends. Once we even put on a circus for the whole neighborhood!

4) What’s your favorite joke?

I just love puns. I make them frequently.

5) Who is your favorite actor?

The man…the myth…the Leo.

6) What is your biggest dream in life?

To be a full-time blogger 🙂

7) What’s YOUR favorite number? (did you notice I picked #7 to ask this question? haha)

Kelsey is in love with the #7! I actually don’t have one, never thought of it before.

8) Who was your favorite teacher growing up and why?

My elementary school teachers for 4th/5th grade, Mr. Belowch and Mrs. Pratt, were both amazing, fantastic people. I wonder what they’re up to now!

9) What is your favorite candy?

I don’t eat a ton of candy but my fave candy bar ever is…

10) What is your biggest accomplishment?

I am most proud of starting this blog! But I also achieved the highest grade of 600 students in my Financial Accounting class in my soph year of college and was invited to be a TA as a result – that was pretty cool.

11) What is your favorite thing to wear?

To be honest…


Questions by Amanda:

1. What is your favorite TV show?

See Meg’s #2!

2. Skiiing: downhill, cross country or water (or all/none!)

NONE! No cold for me!

3. Favorite season: winter, spring, summer or fall?

See Meg’s #5!

4. Peanut butter or almond butter?

PB obviously. I feel like I’m the only blogger who doesn’t like almond butter.

My fridge in college.

5. Did you play sports in high school?

No, I just did karate! I dabbled in rec basketball – emphasis on dabble.

2007 rec bball champs!

6. Who’s your favorite singer/band?

At the moment…


7. Country music: yay or nay?


8. What’s your favorite drink at Starbucks?

A nonfat bold half-caf misto, extra coffee please, sprinkled with cinnamon.

9. What is your current fitness goal?

I think I’d like to say I’ve run a half marathon! But I hate running. Thoughts?

10. What’s your favorite type of exercise?

Choreographed cardio (step, Group Groove, Zumba, etc)

11. What’s your dream job?

See Kelsey’s #6!

Woo! That took awhile but was fun. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my, well, 33 random facts. A little less if you take the repeats into account!

Did any of my answers surprise you?

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