So G Coffee Roasters

I’M SO GLAD IT’S THE WEEKEND. I have so much fun stuff planned. But that’s not unusual for a weekend in my life. Not trying to be a jerk, just saying – when you  have time off work, MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! 😀 You’ll be glad you did!

I’ve got another special place in CT to share with you all today…

Daybreak Coffee Roasters may be my favorite cafe, but Glastonbury has got another gem that is quite tasty and enjoyable to visit!

Another local cafe that has opened in my area fairly recently (when compared to how long Daybreak has been around) is So. G Coffee Roasters. I have to say they win the award for the most clever name. The cafe is located in South Glastonbury (hence So. G), but when you say the name it sounds like you’re saying “that place is SO Glastonbury” as in “SO G”. I get a kick out of that stuff!

Took this shot back around the holidays!

This quaint coffee shop roasts all their own coffees. They don’t have a lot of flavored varieties, but do have delicious bold and mild blends, as well as several types of loose leaf teas. My friend Kim‘s mom has a cousin located in California who  has their coffee shipped to him there!

The shop has adorable decor and cozy window seating – perfect for me. Oh, and the Wi-fi is FREE!

Food options available cater to both those wanting to keep it light (bananas, fruit cups, wheat bagels) and those wanting to live it up (pastries and chocolate).

I’ve only been here a few times, but each time I walk in I don’t even need to look at the adorable chalk menu board to know what I want. I always get the same thing – nonfat cafe au lait made with the boldest coffee on tap!

In love with this mug.

So G is green too, with 100% recycled napkins and plenty of to-go tumblers and mugs for sale.

Oooh…how about that specialty beverage?! Another photo taken during the holidays.

 This is another local cafe with a welcoming, comforting environment. I adore how almost every person who walks in the door knows the owner. You can tell they are regulars who are really dedicated to this place!

So G Coffee Roasters gets two thumbs up in my book – everything about local cafes that I love!

What’s your favorite thing about local businesses?

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