Fashion Friday: Halloween!

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How could I not make this week’s Fashion Friday a Halloween version?! I know it’s November now and Halloween has already flown out of your mind (on a broom I assume) but let me bring it back for ya for just a moment. Perhaps this post will inspire you to go buy some cheap candy?!

Lucky ladybug!

Ladybug Accessories: Wal-Mart

Tee: Old Navy

Pants: Urban Outfitters

Watch: Fossil

Ring/Bracelet: Forever 21

I actually bought the above costume (accessories) last year, but Halloween was cancelled due to Winter Storm Alfred. Despite the fact that I felt nauseous this Halloween morning as I donned my wings, I still tried to stay positive and enjoy a chance to dress up at work. I have always dressed up for Halloween – I even went trick of treating up until my senior year of high school.

Senior year costume – Abe Lincoln. Don’t. Ask.

I have also done the whole slutty college Halloween thing. Hey, gotta embrace each stage of life.

Another costume made of “accessories”.

My boyfriend (at the time) and I as Hef and a Playboy bunny. Yep.

Of course at work I kept it quite conservative. And partook in our little Halloween “parade” and costume contest!

Doin’ my ladybug dance.

So I definitely had the lamest costume of my co-workers who participated. I mean, check out that guy in the mask behind me in the pic above! But I hammed it up to the best of my abilities, which included attempted moon-walking and plenty of “wing” flapping.

I think this was when I was trying to moonwalk!

Thanks to my co-worker Brenda for taking pics for me!

I not-so-anxiously awaited the announcement of the winners of awards for scariest, most original, and funniest costumes. I did not win anything, but my friend Steve won Funniest Costume for his LMFAO Party Rock Anthem robot costume!

He made that robot head! I think we are wearing the same pants?

My co-worker Mike makes a really elaborate costume each year, and this year was no exception. Behold…The Protector?!

Doesn’t look like he’s doing much protecting!

After the parade/contest ended, a Halloween cake was served. And the participants took a photo outside – it’s a tradition at my company and this was my first year being a party of it!

Pretty cake!

Spreadin’ my wings – I felt like I was doing Warrior III!

So there you have it – my Halloween Fashion Friday! Not much time to blog at all today so I’m off, but hope to have more for you guys Monday on my GI stuff because I had both an abdominal ultrasound and a visit to a naturopath, and I need to share what I found/learned!

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? If not, what was the last costume you wore?

Did your place of work do anything to celebrate Halloween?

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