My First Vlog: “Spirit Junkie” Reflections

Perfect timing, Universe! Gabby Bernstein’s latest vlog is on Body Image. I loved watching and wanted to point you all to her post so that you could watch too! Then watch my vlog, oh geez, I’ve set myself up for embarrassment 😉

I’ve been teasing you guys for awhile about a review and my reflections on Gabrielle Bernstein‘s “Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles”. Concepts from the book that resonated with me have already been mentioned here and there, but I’ve never written a full-on post.

Kinda wanna find this dress and make this my adorable Halloween costume this year. (Source)

Well, I’m not going to. Nope, instead I’m here today with my FIRST EVER VLOG! And what is a first vlog without a little bit of a faux paus? My memory card filled up and the video cut off right at the very end, but all you missed was me waving goodbye. I did manage to sneak in a quick thank you to Heather for a) introducing me to Gabby B. and b) constantly encouraging me to vlog!

I also have no idea why the video became so dark when I uploaded it. That’s a bummer! I tried using YouTube’s video editing options so hope that helped!


I myself am not a big vlog-watcher, so I also want to quickly summarize the concepts I mentioned in my vlog for those who don’t have the time to/don’t want to watch:

  • Future-tripping: That’s a name for one of my worst habits, worrying about the future. NEWS FLASH – the future doesn’t exist. All that exists is right now. And who wants to waste time worrying about something that isn’t real? Not me.
  • Acceptance and forgiveness: Not only does Gabby teach acceptance and forgiveness of others, but most importantly, ourselves. That’s huge for me. Accepting and forgiving means being kind to yourself, something that’s hard for me to do. If I’d accept something someone else did, and/or forgive them for something, can’t I apply that same standard to me?
  • Idols: Whenever you find yourself stuck in a comparison trap, you’re making an idol of someone. It’s even possible to make an idol of yourself, be it a previous version of you or a future version you wish you could be. Do not let ANY kind of idol determine your worth.
  • The ego: I love having a name for that part of me I just mentioned that isn’t kind. But it’s NOT part of me, it’s separate from me, and I can keep it separate by consciously turning to my inner guide and basing my decisions, beliefs, etc in what is real – love. The ego is all about what DOESN’T exist, like the future, idols, all that jazz. I look at the ego as the root of all the self-harming habits I’ve adopted. Attack the root, crush the problems. That’s my plan! Except we don’t want to necessarily attack the ego…on the contrary, we can pull a Harry Potter vs. Voldemort in The Sorcerer’s Stone, and kill it with love!

Now that’s a cool Halloween costume! #nerd (Source)

If you didn’t stop reading after the above totally random picture, then tell me…

Are you a fan of vlogs?

How’d I do?!

Do any concepts I discussed resonate with you too?

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