MIMM: Weekend Edition

It occurred to me yesterday while I was in a bit of a late afternoon funk that my weekend as pretty darn marvelous. So let’s focus on the positives on this Monday, with Katie‘s weekly celebration.

Marvelous is…Huffington Post Women‘s Twitter account tweeting my National Eating Disorders Awareness Week blog post on Friday morning. Um, holy. For them to think I’m worthy of a spot on their feed is a true honor. And all of your reactions in the comments and on Twitter were marvelous as well. Thank you!



Marvelous is…a night of dancing with Kim at the sold-out Urban Greenhouse Party at Knox Parks in Hartford. Free parking, $20 for unlimited (box) wine, local beer, and area restaurant food, my first silent auction bid ever (did not win), great conversation with new people of all ages, and most importantly, A BRITNEY MOMENT.

Me and Mellow Yellow!

Thanks for the eats, Wood-n-Tap and Hartford Baking Co!

Channeling our inner tropic!

Marvelous is…not one but TWO visits to my beloved Rooftop120 to see my fave bartender Andres and sample yet another menu item!

Asparagus salad with escpeche dressing, poached quail egg, shaved root veggies, frisee.

One of my best Andres cocktails ever: Crown Royal Maple, Maker’s Mark, vermouth, bitters, muddled oranges.

Saturday’s visit with my parents was made all the more fun by another creative Andres receipt!

Not a unique Andres creation, but a lighter cocktail menu item…the Skinny Coconut Cosmo: Skinnygirl Coconut Vodka, lime juice, white cran. It was good but not super exciting.

Marvelous is…meeting up with a social media and events marketer from Hartford Restaurant Group (Wood-N-Tap, Agave, TD Homer’s) at Daybreak to talk about all things restaurants, social media, fashion, and marketing. We ended up getting kicked out after they closed…who knows how long we could have kept chatting and what more I could have learned!

Marvelous is…attending my good friend Kat‘s baby shower at Casa Mia in Hartford’s Little Italy (Franklin Ave). I proved to myself that unlimited wine and food at a multi-course family-style Italian meal does not equate to an overstuffed, overimbibed Caitlin. Take that, ED. But more importantly, I cherished the time I spent meeting new people and being there to experience a special moment in a friend’s life – I can’t believe her little girl, Penelope, will be here this month! I’m holding out for us to be birthday twins (mine is the 22nd). I’m so happy to have met Kat through this blog and social media. Twitter is eHarmony for friends, folks.

Mama to be looks beautiful!

Antipasti…loved the place so much I think I’m going there for din this Friday with my parents…I have a Living Social deal to use!

How cute is the little lip gloss? Each place setting had one. And mine had prosecco 😉

I realized a few hours in that my friend Alexis’s mom was also present – too funny!

How gorgeous is the photo display? Kat’s friend, another Kat, did a great job. And Emily of Get Baked provided various rubber ducky cuppy flavors! You can bet I took home a red velvet for another time.

Kat is a literary maven so this adorable idea was SO her.

And she unwrapped the suggestion I placed in the birdcage, Love You Forever! Did anyone else read this as a kid?

Marvelous is…my dad getting back safely on Friday night from his business trip in Australia – and bringing me a new friend!

Marvelous is…two weekend mornings of good workouts! I killed it in Group Power on Saturday by keeping chest press at my newly increased weight, and I also pushed hard in biceps, my toughest muscle group to see strides in. I even left the gym after Power feeling pretty okay with not doing cardio before/after, and good thing too because on Sunday morning I took a KILLER spin class with one of my fave teachers. She has wonderful music (I was rockin’ it to “Beauty and a Beat”) and kicked my ass. Oo I can’t wait to take Group Power again tonight!

The first attempt at taking this resulted in the flash going off in the mirror…soo not smooth.

Marvelous is…the fact that today being Monday means that this coming weekend I will be reunited with my darling blend Kaitlin when I visit her home turf of Fairfield!!!

Marvelous is…playing MAJOR DVR catch-up yesterday. I am now caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, The Carrie Diaries (I know, I know, but it’s a fun show), and Nashville!


What was the most marvelous part of your weekend?

Are you afraid of snakes? I was surprised by how many freaked out reactions my snake pic got on Instagram!

Have you ever attended a baby shower? Did you see anything particularly Pinterest-worthy there?

How was your weekend of workouts…or rest!?

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