It’s OK!…Healthy Living Blogger Version

Kaitlin and Sarah both recently did posts about the healthy living blogger stereotypes that DON’T fit them, and I totally love the idea. I wanted to do my own post with a version of their idea in Glamour‘s “It’s OK!” format. I love that feature and what it’s all about – very #sorrynotsorry. Which by the way, now pops up on my iPhone as soon as I type the word “sorry”. Guess I’m #sorrynotsorry a lot, huh?

So hey healthy living bloggers – it’s OK…

…to think oatmeal is extremely boring and lame. I know, I can add stuff to it to make it more exciting, but I just don’t feel like it.

…to hate running. Music is just not enough to keep me entertained, nor is scenery.

…to eat a snack right before bed. In fact, snacks taste better IN bed.

With a good book on the side!

…to drink every day. Wine has antioxidants, blah blah blah, it just tastes good dammit.

…to shun protein powder, because I prefer protein I can bite into.

Gettin' lost in that protein.

Gettin’ lost in that protein.

…to not sign up at a Crossfit box as soon as you try it for the first time, because I already have a gym membership and the Crossfit bug’s bite did not affect me.

But I can still wear the headbands and pretend I’m a regular.

…to silently laugh when someone calls any post-dinner snack with fruit in it a “dessert”. Whenever I eat fruit as a dessert, I am not being true to me. I’m actually probably silently laughing at MYSELF.

Oh baby. Now that's dessert.

Oh baby. Now that’s dessert.

…to have processed vices, like my sugar-free Jello chocolate pudding, which I eat several times a week. Woe, the chemical buildup!

Pudding snack paired with balls a la Maria!

…to love the StairMaster not just because it’s super efficient cardio, but because it’s the easiest machine to read a magazine on (less bouncing).

…to never want to be paleo ever because no beans and no bread does not a happy Caitlin make.

Oh bread. Life without you would be so sad.

…to complain about how overpriced Lululemon is, but still literally buy into their gimmick every now and then.

After all, their shirts do produce heart shaped sweat stains. Totally worth the extra money?!

…to eat the bread or chips at a restaurant, even if they are whitest of the white. They’re good for the soul.

…to sit down on the couch and eat chips OUT of the bag. *gasp* no portion control?! You’re not going to go crazy just because you have the whole bag sitting next to you!

These are incredible.

…to eat in front of the TV, because again, you’re not going to mindlessly finish five helpings without even noticing it. Even “Mad Men” couldn’t distract me that much.

…to go out to eat several times in a week. There ARE healthy options at restaurants, and just because you’re dining in one doesn’t mean you’re going to stuff yourself.

And you can always share with a friend!

And you can always share with a friend!

What are your healthy living “It’s OK” ideas? I’d love to see some posts from you guys!

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