YMX: Fitfluential Campaign

I received a top from YMX for this review, as part of a Fitfluential campaign. All opinions on the product are my own. This is not a compensated post.

I’m a big fan of bright or unique workout clothes. So bright AND unique workout clothes? Sold! I took one look at the selection on YMX and knew I wanted a chance to rock the brand at my gym. I signed up to be considered as a Fitfluential Ambassador for the May YMX campaign and lo and behold, I was selected and received this Infinite Geometry Long-Sleeve Shirt in the mail.

YMX uses MadKool Performance Fabric┬áin their products, and varies the specific type fabric type according to where or for what activity the product is likely to be used. For example, cycle tops use a fabric with UV ray protection since they’re most likely to be worn outside. My particular top’s MadKool fabric offered moisture-wicking, quick-dry, wrinkle and odor resistance, and UPF 30+ protection as its benefits.

I have to admit that a huge benefit for me was just the color – pink is my favorite!

The UV ray protection is awesome, but I am an indoor exerciser so it didn’t do me much good in the gym. However, the wrinkle and odor resistance sure did. I wore the shirt to Group Power since I prefer to use long sleeve workout tops while weightlifting so I can keep warm between sets, and noticed the underarm sweat that got on the shirt (sorry not sorry) dried really quickly and it also stayed wrinkle-free even after it had been balled up in my gym bag all day.

Wearing the shirt at all was just plain FUN. As you can see I didn’t hesitate to pair it with another equally-as-bright color and I definitely was noticed by my fellow gym-goers. It was super comfortable and I love that there is no tag in the back – the shirt’s size and other info are printed instead. I loved wearing a top that was like nothing else anyone was wearing in the gym.

I even mixed it one day with a leopard print waistband on my yoga capris!

But now for the huge drawback – price. This top retails for $98. I know that the fabric is high-technology, but I want to be honest as I always am – I do not see how this top is worth $98, and would not pay that much for it. I would rather buy a Lululemon top and I’d still spend less! I’m super thankful that I had the opportunity to get a YMX top for free because I really love wearing it, but do I love it enough to say I’d spend $98 on it? My truthful answer is no.

I want to end this review on a positive note though and point out that YMX has plus-size offerings. I know from personal experience that wearing a cute outfit to a workout is VERY motivating and someone wearing plus-sizes may need the most motivation of anyone if she is just getting back into fitness or diving in for the first time ever. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is often the end goal of a workout regimen and why not start DURING the workout itself with clothes that fit and perform well? I hope to see more workout apparel brands offering plus-size customers the same options that non-plus-size customers have.

Would you wear a funky geometric print top like this to the gym?

How big of a deal is “high-tech” performance fabric to you?

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a piece of workout apparel (not shoes)?

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