It’s OK…To Act Like A Healthy Living Blogger!

Awhile back I wrote a post about healthy living blogger stereotypes “It’s OK!” to break. You guys gave me tons of great feedback – in fact, my girl Kelly even wrote her own take on it today! But there’s also lots of healthy living blogger stereotypes that I will be the first to admit I help perpetuate. After all, stereotypes exist because there are enough people out there to bring them about in the first place! So here are the ones I’m partially “responsible” for keeping alive…

I’m obsessed with brussels sprouts. You knew baby cabbages would get the first mention, right? Lay ’em on me. I could sit down with a bowl of roasted brussels and just eat them all day. My digestive system would hate me but my taste buds would looooove me.

Raw to roasted!

I actually enjoy the workouts I choose to do. I’ve said previously there are some forms of exercise I am not into, running being one of them. But those I am into, I really do truly enjoy! I look forward to attending Group Step, and the thought of taking a Group Power class makes me giddy. I love the feeling I have after a sweaty, tough spin class. And the way my upper body shakes after a good arm day? Lay it on me!

Ready to step!

My workouts come with a side of gym selfies. Judge me all you want, haters.

Arriving to spin early and taking advantage by getting my fave bike AND taking a selfie with the rest of the bikes? Great day.

I think peanut butter and banana were created specifically to be paired together. Most mornings of the week I start my day with this blessed combo.


I’m obsessed with Greek yogurt…most specifically, Chobani.

I adore “weird” healthy snacks. Roasted chickpeas…pumpkin chips dipped in tzatziki sauce…turkey bacon dipped in pico de gallo…the list goes on.

These cinnamon vanilla chickpea snacks by The Good Bean are life changing! They look like sugary cereal and taste BETTER.

I have lots of “real-life” friends I met through the Internet. Whether through blogs or just Twitter, I can’t imagine life without the friends my blog has led me to.

Twitter brought me my lovely Jill! Ah another spin selfie.

I could eat a salad for lunch every single day and never get sick of it. I am 100% sure this is true because I’ve been doing so for two years now. You can find out how I make my sensational salads here!

Hellooooo beauty.

I tend to end my evening with a “healthy” take on dessert. I don’t even call them desserts, I call them snacks, because who am I kidding? A dessert is ice cream or a cake. A granola bar crumbled into Greek yogurt or sugar-free pudding is not a dessert, it’s a snack. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy ending my evening that way!

Roasted pumpkin seeds + pudding!

I’m a hydration freak! I have a bottle of water with me AT ALL TIMES. Whenever I don’t have one with me I go into a mini-panic. On Sunday I went to brunch and had a cocktail, so I was so thirsty afterward and ran out of water while running errands. I ended up parking at my local Whole Foods and running in just to get water from their free water cooler station! However I obviously ended up walking out buying some stuff because it’s not possible to go in there without spending money. Fact.

The good old standby water bottle. With, again, Greek yogurt!

I think hummus is a miracle. I recently found Tribe‘s new limited edition Everything flavor during the aforementioned Whole Foods trip and I’m so excited to dig in!

Props to Jillian for showing me this existed!

Though I’m not a vegetarian, I love experimenting with vegetarian and vegan meals! I do not believe one needs meat to make a meal complete. In fact, I tend to only eat meat around dinnertime. I prefer to keep my lunches (mostly) vegetarian and often use black beans and egg whites in my salads for protein during the day.

This raw kale salad with baked tofu, carrots, onion, sunflower seeds, and lemon tahini dressing was an AMAZING meal at It’s Only Natural over the weekend!

I could probably go on and on with this list but I have “real life” work to do…just like my “It’s OK!” post, please feel free to do your own take on this and share with me and everyone else in your own blog post which healthy living blogger stereotypes YOU perpetuate!

Can you relate to any of these? Do you have any to add to the list?

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