Friday Five: Fitness Essentials

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I really enjoyed recently sharing my (few) beauty essentials, and thought today I’d sneak in some alliteration and give this Friday post a fitness focus – with a little fashion thrown in. I enjoy reading about what other bloggers use/wear during workouts and I hope the feeling is mutual because you’re about to find out my five essential pieces of workout gear. Some items on the list are more general than specific, because how am I supposed to choose, for example, one pair of sneakers?!

1. Sprigs Big Banjees Wrist Wallet

I was sent a free Big Banjees to review but this is an instance of me loving the product so much that if anything were to happen to my Big Banjees, I’d replace it in a second. It’s the only holder big enough for my iPhone (I stream music from iHeartRadio when I work out) when it’s in its case, and the only holder that actually stays in place on my arm.

It’s available in a ton of cute prints too and if you don’t want the big size, there are other varieties to choose from. I’ve had mine for about eight months now and it’s holding up great and not getting too stretched out or faded.

2. Koss Corporation FitClip Headphones

When I wrote my review of these headphones, I said I probably wouldn’t pay their $29.99 price tag given that headphones always seem to break on me no matter how much I pay. What I didn’t know at that time is that Koss headphones all come with a lifetime warranty. Now that I have that knowledge, I can honestly say these headphones ARE worth the price tag.


I’ve never EVER had a pair of headphones that stay in my ears like these do. I usually do all my “jostling” gym stuff during group fitness classes and use my headphones for more “stable” workouts like strength training, but I have actually taken these headphones on a 5K run and they did not need adjusting ONCE. That is huge to me! The FitClip design really DOES work and the sound quality is great too. And the colors are fun!

3. Fancy-pants workout skirt

I have a few workout skirts, all by different brands, and all fabulous. Wearing a workout skirt during a choreographed group fitness class like Group Step makes me feel like a fancy-pants dancer and I swear seeing myself in the mirror in the skirt adds extra pep and flair to my step when I perform each move!

I like to call this the ridiculous ruffle-butt look, courtesy of lululemon.

I don’t wear a workout skirt for every workout (for example, it catches on the back of a spin bike seat, so not ideal for that) but if I’m going to a step class, you better believe I’m rockin’ it.


I was lucky enough to win this Skirt Sports Marathon Chick skirt from their Facebook page!

4. Pink sneakers

Sneakers are AMAZING. I’m fortunate that blogging opportunities have resulted in me owning many pairs, only one of which is all neutrals. Several pairs feature my favorite color, pink! Again, pep in the step! It may be all mental but whatever works right?

My first pair of pink sneakers (Adidas)…started the obsession.

5. Fashionable workout top

I love workout tops that have something unique about them, be it the color or design or even just a fun saying. Fitness should be fun and that expands to the clothes as well!

Despite customer service issues with Ellie, gotta admit I adore this Back in Black tank.

I love the inspirational tanks from Blogilates! It’s all I can do not to purchase them ALL.

This top seems plain but is a souvenir from when I tried FlyWheel with Maria!

My first ever Lululemon purchase and I love every inch of it!

So there you have it, my five fitness essentials. Though if it was Saturday or Sunday I’d title this post with the number six so I could include fun headbands! Am I a slave to alliteration or what? This day has flown so far – I’ve already got a spin workout checked off my list and now I just need to get through my work day so I can get to some exciting plans! My good friend Jill and I will be enjoying a chef’s tasting at Pond House Grille, a restaurant in Glastonbury that I’ve been to before. However, they have a new menu and new management, so I’m curious and excited to sample a variety of foods! Sometimes these tastings are nice because the restaurant just serves me what they want to serve me, and I don’t have any chance to let my ego creep in and tell me what I “should” order. The only decision I have to make is what drink to get…and I’m pretty sure it’ll be an easy decision given there is a specialty Manhattan on the menu!

What’s your can’t-live-without workout gear?

What’s on your Friday night agenda?

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