Semi-Wordless: Tennessee Trip

I don’t really feel like writing about my long weekend in Tennessee. I wish I could write a blog post that reports great success, or at least success compared to last year’s trip, but I don’t feel like I can.

Scenes from the plane – got through the first season of Breaking Bad! And sipped on Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.

I made it to the game this year, but not past the first quarter. I made an attempt to rally later in the game after Tennessee tied it up, and enjoyed watching the last quarter in the hotel bar with my Nana Connie.


But like the football team I committed some blunders…that left me hating myself. That’s all I really feel like sharing word-wise, and while I am disappointed that I was not able to keep my eating disorder from getting to me during my mini-vacation, I do have a lot of fun photos to show off that can remind me of the good times I had!



I suppose if ED was rearing its ugly head, it means I was having fun…and I definitely did. I also need to give myself credit for the GOOD I did this weekend. Like this very healthy lunch!

Me-time in Market Square on Friday afternoon – baked tofu Greek salad from The Tomato Head and iced coffee from Coffee & Chocolate.

The fact that I got to try a new bourbon bar!

Eagle Rare Old Fashioned at Stock & Barrel in Market Square.

My sister has been talking about Linda’s famous meals since she started school at UT, and I got to visit her house and try one!


Chef Linda and Griller Jim (pronounced “Yeem”) prepared a masterful feast for us on Friday night!


Family 🙂

My sister’s happy tears as we surprised her with a 21st birthday cake were so beautiful. More beautiful than the cake!




Pretty cake for the Tennessee ZTA!

Pics of people posing for pics are great if they aren’t posing for YOUR pic. I hope that made sense.


More happy tears – every Southern belle needs real pearls!


Thanking mom for her pearls.

Second-family sister Lauren visited too from Atlanta, and she and I stumbled upon a farmers’ market during our morning walk to find coffee!



Sloane, is that you waiting in line for coffee? 😛


As Lauren and I came upon these guys, she smiled and said, “This is my happy place.” I had to agree – perfect Saturday morning.


Crazy mushrooms!


Farmers’ markets are the best places to find fun veggies.

Can you believe this was only $5? Goes well with my Alex and Ani bracelets! And the name of the Etsy shop is awesome – Snigglefritz!


Love the gameday spirit!


Food trucks galore!


This was just about 20% of the market! Way more to explore.


I enjoyed the tailgating food to its fullest and didn’t miss out on trying any of it!


Our first tailgate stop, on frat row!


Lauren and I – Vol babes 😉 Minus my hair bump.


Homemade rolls! They didn’t need butter, they tasted that rich. And those dips obviously also tasted rich.


I tried to focus on those veggies, but as you can see I (understandably) had other distractions.


SEC football tailgating is a sight to behold!


These bacon wrapped cheese crackers CHANGED MY LIFE.


Most popular tailgate food is definitely DIP!

The fam (minus my bro) visited Hannah-Vol at her job in the stadium's Vol Shop!

The fam (minus my bro) visited Hannah-Vol at her job in Neyland‘s Vol Shop!

Great crowd!

My dad’s favorite moment of every game.

After I left the game early I learned something about myself – pools are therapeutic to me. I went for a dip in the hotel pool once I got back, and it really calmed me.

Spotted this gem when I took a dip in the hotel pool.

And while I didn’t handle the post-game party very well, at least I was there. I could’ve just wallowed the rest of the evening, but I made the decision to throw on a cute outfit and make an effort to enjoy myself on the last night of my trip – and cheer up my dad after the Tennessee loss.

Post-game shenanigans back at the hotel.

Oh yeah, and I worked out each day I was away for a total of one arm/ab workout that left me sore, and ran a total of 6.2 miles on the hotel treadmill. Lots of people would just take the whole weekend off. I worked hard in the gym – SO THERE.

Have you ever been to Tennessee and/or an SEC football game?

When/where was your last long weekend away? 

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