Five Things Friday: Fabulous!

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Happy Friday! Let’s kick off the weekend with some alliteration and FIVE THINGS FRIDAY which is basically an excuse for me to share more than five topics in one blog post. As the blonde Orbit lady would say, “Fabulous!”

1. Happy 21st Birthday to my sister Hannah!

I so wish I could be in Knoxville celebrating my best friend and sister’s 21st with her, but I’m thankful I got to do some celebrating with her last weekend. I have always looked up to Hannah – despite being both older and taller. She has always exuded a confidence that I hope to one day master. I know no one is perfect, but Hannah teaches me every day that she doesn’t try to be and that’s okay, as long as life is lived to its fullest. I love you, sista sista! XOXO, Catpoop/Cat/Cat Kitty Chow/etc (don’t ask)

Circa 2007.

Circa 2007.

Circa now.

Circa now. (OMG why am I holding my drink like that?! Freaking alien fingers.)

2. I’m going to lose my Othello virginity tonight!

What a nerdy statement. Kat scored us tickets to see Playhouse on Park‘s production of Othello, which also happens to be Kat’s favorite Shakespearean play (yes she has one and yes she was an English major). Beforehand I’m going over to her place for dinner because that’s way easier for her than a dinner out; this way she (and I!) can hang with Penelope and put her to bed. Yes I’ll be reading P a bedtime story and I’m SO excited. And I won’t be showing up empty handed – I’ve got a bottle of Montepulciano (purchased during the Bishop’s Corner blogger event!) in my car which will be consumed along with the fig and pancetta pizza + arugula salad that Kat will be preparing. Baby cabbages MIGHT be involved. You know me!


3. I’m spending time with some very special visitors on Saturday!

My little brother is coming home for the night from college so I’m taking him to see Captain Phillips on Saturday afternoon. Seeing Don John a couple of weekends ago got me bit by the movie bug. Plus this is when all the awards show contenders start coming out! I’m glad I’ll get to knock one film off my list and it’s one Michael wants to see too. After the movies I’ll be headed to Agave Grill in Hartford to meet up with my favorite marg-loving blend Kelly and her bourbon-loving hubby Nick. She and I had our first ever meetup at Chili’s for margs so it’s appropriate that as our friendship has progressed, we are also progressing in our quality of margaritas 😉 the ones at Agave look amazing!

Nick and I having too much fun (common occurence).

Nick and I having too much fun (common occurrence).

4. I’m proud of myself for being spontaneous this past Wednesday night!

After my emotionally hard weekend in Tennessee, I was ready to stay in every weeknight this week. But on Wednesday Jill texted me while I was at work and asked if I wanted to go out to eat for dinner, and I knew that I did. I changed my mind about where I wanted to go about fifty thousand times, because I was having a lot of inner debates about what “safe” options would be available to me at each restaurant and felt guilty for changing my plans to stay in when I had just had an indulgent weekend away. But I decided on Market Grille, despite the fact that they had many amazing cocktails and food options that made me scared I’d lose control and eat/drink it ALL, because I wanted to go with what I WANTED. And what I wanted was their limited-time-only pumpkin tacos.

Topped with nutmeg creme fraiche, with roasted pepper mole and house-made guac.

I went into the evening planning to drink wine, but once I saw coffee-infused whiskey on the drink menu, I knew a) I needed to be true to the coffee drinking whiskey lover in me and get it and b) I had made the right choice in choosing to come out to this restaurant for dinner.

Everything happens for a reason, even whiskey.

I also enjoyed my entree (arctic char imperial BRUSSELS SPROUTS and jalapeno-spiced coleslaw that just tasted like coleslaw) and polished off everything, and some of Jill’s entree. But I listened to my body. I had done 40 minutes of spinning prior to dinner and I was hungry. I didn’t finish my food “just because it was there”, I finished it because my body wanted it. I even had a little snack when I got home, because I felt munchy. Plus, it was easy to enjoy myself with the great company I was with. Jill and Jeff and I laughed and joked and caught up (I hadn’t seen them since the NEDA Walk). I’m so proud of myself for breaking out of my plan to stay in Wednesday!

5. I may have found my favorite chick-lit book ending ever.

I finished Revenge Wears Prada and was surprised by the ending in a most excellent way – I totally didn’t see it coming! There were a few other predictable options that I assumed would happen but I was left NOT rolling my eyes at the novel’s conclusion. That never happens for me with chick lit! So bravo Lauren Weisberger for creating a strong-willed main character who doesn’t fall victim to fluff. Man I hope they make a movie of this one – with the original cast of course. No other option.

Do you have a favorite Shakesperean play?

When was your last spontaneous weeknight out?

Did you read either or both of the Devil Wears Prada books? Did you see the movie? It’s one I could watch over and over again!

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