Three Things Thursday: Working and Playing Hard

Another Three Things Thursday, another day-before-Friday (though tomorrow’s post will not be a Friday Five). As a co-worker said this morning, “we’re on the downward slope”. Speaking of which…

1. I have been having some kick-butt workouts this week.

Two spin classes down and while they mostly did NOT involve downward slopes, they did involve amazing music and heart-pumping intervals. I left each class feeling satisfied and accomplished. Last week my workouts were so-so and I honestly think it was because I was not fueling myself well enough. This week I made a conscious effort to not think twice about that Sunbutter, not question myself if my body told me I needed an extra snack, and not let my mind trick me into thinking seconds of dinner are something that shouldn’t be allowed. Talk about immediate gratification…I killed it in Group Power on Monday, and didn’t miss any single-count curls during the bicep track, something that usually happens by the end of the song. I rarely ever get sore from core workouts, but the one I did on Tuesday STILL has me sore on this Thursday morning! Trying to get through a workout without being properly fueled sucks, and I’m glad I’ve been reaping instant rewards for my efforts to make sure I eat enough food (and enough of the right food) for my gym sessions.

2. The March of Dimes CT Signature Chefs Auction Gala is tonight!

I mentioned the Signature Chefs Auction when I blogged about Rizzuto’s, the restaurant of the event’s lead chef (Tony Camilleri). I’m attending with Kaitlin and we have been helping March of Dimes CT to promote the event. We’ll be tweeting and Instagramming during, so starting at 6PM tonight be on the lookout for updates by searching the hashtag #SCA2013CT! I can’t wait to try the restaurant offerings, especially those of my favorites Barcelona Wine Bar, Pond House Grille, and Rizzuto’s. And after falling in love with J. Edwards Winery Cabernet Franc on Sunday night, I sure hope they are pouring some since they’ll be at the event! Oh, and there is a pre-silent-auction credit card swiping option at the door. This could prove dangerous to me, but I want to contribute to MOD so hopefully some of the items will stay within a price range that I can afford!

My pretty blend/partner in crime! (Source)

3. I am providing the female perspective today for Arman’s series, “He Thinks/She Thinks”!

Arman (or Chief as I like to call him…to him I am Champ) asked me to participate in his He Thinks/She Thinks series, which involves a guest (female) blogger and Arman (the he) giving perspectives on certain topics. Our post is about Eating Unhealthily To Prove You’re Healthy. I enjoyed participating especially because I felt like my thoughts kept looping back to the post I wrote last week on body comments. Both relate to worrying about what others think of me, something that I am REALLY trying to stop doing. Arman rocks and I’m so glad we recently stumbled upon each other’s blogs. He also appreciates my love of fabulous cocktails and likes to call morons “twats”, which I find very entertaining. Sadly he lives in Australia where baby cabbages are not in season and therefore super expensive right now, so let’s all have a moment of silence for him and the lack of Brussels sprouts in his life.

Little girl, you have no idea what you're missing! (Source)

Little girl, you have no idea what you’re missing! Also, who did your freaking hair?!(Source)

Alrighty, is it 6PM yet? Because that would mean that I’m not only already at The Riverview for the gala but I’m also past the awkward hair straightening in my workplace bathroom, which is going to have to take place later today.

Do you ever struggle with trying to find the right amount/types of food to best fuel your workouts?

Are you interested in the male/female perspective on body image/eating disorder-related issues?

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