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It’s that time of the week again: Thursday, the time to Think Out Loud! Thanks as always to Amanda for hosting this link-up, even from sunny California…hope you’re enjoying your time in Disneyland, lady! I too am going to be on the move tomorrow (I’m heading to Boston and staying the night to visit friends, Friday to Saturday) so I won’t be posting; this is the last you’ll hear of me this week. But I guess that means I can just throw in some extra thinking today, right?

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1. Since writing Tuesday’s Trade ‘Em Up post, staying in a couple of nights, and making sure I get enough sleep, I have been feeling better about myself anxiety and body-image wise. I didn’t even experience guilt yesterday about going out with friends the night before. I met up with former UConn co-workers (and newly engaged couple) Cara and Brian for dinner at Bricco Trattoria in Glastonbury. Still loving it there and have kept returning since New Year’s Eve!  After dinner we walked (aka jogged, it was freaking freezing) over to Hanafin’s for Tuesday Trivia. Theirs starts at 8PM – nice and early! I enjoyed a half pint of the Rebel IPA (two thumbs up) and even managed to contribute a few movie-related trivia answers. I have to be honest and say I totally judged a bro the next table over who didn’t know that Finch is the last name of Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird. Did you not take high school English?

A side of baby cabbages (of course) and they were awesome.

Salad with olives, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, green beans, fresh mozz, and polenta croutons. Topped with a runny egg, because yes it is delicious.

2. I have officially decided to increase my shoulder weight next time I take Group Power. I was pretty tired at the end of the track during Monday’s class, but don’t think I’d pushed my muscles to exhaustion. I want to keep building strength and that’s what you need to do! So I’m holding myself accountable here and declaring that next class I’ll put a big plate on each end of the bar, instead of a medium and a small. During this release the moves we do with the bar are shoulder raises and presses, but not for the entire song. So I think I can handle it.

3. I feel like I’m the only one who can’t stand the song “Drunk in Love” by Beyonce. I never even went through a phase where I loved it then got sick of it. I just never liked it, and I found the Grammys performance fairly boring.

Even with this provocative action. Source

4. Other random Grammys thoughts…because I never did bring that up. I watched it on the DVR Monday and I’m confident that one-day later DVR viewing of awards shows is really the best way to do it. Anyone can manage to stay fairly unspoiled for a day…just resist the urge to YouTube the most talked-about performances/moments. That being said if you STILL haven’t watched please divert your eyes because here are my opinions:

  • Taylor Swift gave the best live vocal performance I’ve EVER heard her do, but I continue to dislike her as a person because of all the stupid crap she does like her headbanging piano-playing, pointing at people on stage as she dances to their singing, and always acting so in awe and surprised about EVERYTHING.

Bitch stop. Source

  • I’m very much so over Macklemore.
  • My dad’s reaction to Daft Punk’s performance was classic. “Wait, they don’t even sing anything?! And they win the awards? This is bullshit!”
  • The whole social media correspondent thing was random and awkward. I don’t like it when awards or any TV shows for that matter try to convince viewers to go onto social media and talk about what they’re watching. It doesn’t seem very genuine and the best conversation, IMO, comes from those doing it already without being told to.
  • My favorite look of the night was Miranda Lambert. I love the woman but sometimes she just looks a bit messy or half-put-together on the red carpet. Not so this time around.

5. I’m proud to report that the Eat, Live, Run Turkey Taco Casserole I prepared on Sunday was a huge hit with both my dad and I when we dove into it last night. There are some leftovers, but only because I opted for a bigger after-dinner snack (HELLO Get Baked apple cheddar muffin!) instead of polishing off the casserole. I didn’t take a photo because it looked really gross, so I’ll use Jenna’s pretty photo instead.

I loved her idea of cutting a tortilla into strips for each layer. I used La Tortilla Factory Low-Carb Tortillas. Source

6. While casserole-ing last night my dad and I watched the Jonah Hill episode of SNL. Obviously I was excited to see my fave actor Leo make an appearance, even if it was totally predictable. My favorite skit of the night was also the last one – the former porn stars. These ladies get me every time.

7. The point of today’s post title? I’m having some trouble keeping calm. I’ve said this before – sometimes it’s actually a relief to feel anxiety from non-ED-related thoughts – but then I remember that anxiety is still a bitch. I just feel like I have so much to do before my trip to Boston tomorrow, and my plan to do some of that last night was squashed when I discovered last minute that I had to be at work today an hour early. I know feeling tired makes me feel yucky so I’m glad I got to bed on time, but that meant less prep for tomorrow. I’ll get everything done, but just thinking about it makes me prone to panic. I need to make a list, and attack it one-by-one.

8. Jumping off the thing about getting to work an hour early…I gave myself permission to make today a sloppy day. Sorry New Year’s Resolution, but today I’m rocking a ponytail, a Sweatybands headband, and my Color Me Rad tee. At least I put my contacts in?

9. I started the newest Sarah Jio book, Morning Glory, two nights ago and am already very close to finishing it. These are easy reads and when I first started this one I was a bit annoyed. Can’t this lady write any different kind of book? But it has TOTALLY sucked me in and I already can’t wait for today’s lunch break reading session. I’m actually dying to know what happens at the end, unlike the last book by her that I read. I also just found out that her next book will be about the origins of the green room from Goodnight Moon…how cool is that?!

10. Tobi had a 50% off sitewide sale to celebrate their new free shipping policy (STOP IT) and I joined said celebration by ordering some clothes. They arrived at my house this past Saturday and I have yet to open the box. Because well, trying on clothes I ordered online makes me nervous. What if the Small doesn’t fit? I tend to up-guess sizes so I don’t have to worry about feeling bad about myself if I try something on and it turns out to be too small. I just like to avoid trying on clothes but I adore fashion, so there’s that dilemma. Hopefully sometime this weekend I can get up the courage to open the box and try stuff on.

I ordered this and at least I know it will fit, right?! Source

11. My mama gets back from our condo in Florida tomorrow, but I’ll miss here by a day since I’ll be away. So I will see her Saturday and I can’t wait! While I’ve enjoyed the time to practice my cooking and “fending for myself”, I do miss that little nugget. She says the strangest things.

Wouldn’t we all, Mom.

I’d say that’s enough thinking out loud for one day (even though I wrote this post over the course of two days – ha!) so I’m outta here. Cannot believe my work day would not have begun yet on a regular day, but how’s that for productivity, more time to get things done (like publish this post). Again you won’t hear from me tomorrow, so until next week…enjoy your Super Bowl festivities!!!

What were your thoughts on the Grammys and/or this week’s SNL?

Have you read any of Sarah Jio’s books?

What’s your favorite way to keep calm when you’ve got a lot of balls in the air?

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