Thinking Out Loud: First Week

Time to blog is short to come by these days! But all day long I’ve always got blog ideas popping up in my head and I’m always anxious to put them to digital-paper. I may not have time to do a whole post expanding on each of my ideas, but I always have time to think out loud with Amanda!

1. My first day of work went well! I showed up without my laptop because I’m used to working for a job where a PC is provided, but I’d much prefer to use my own laptop and the beauty of living so close to my job is I could easily walk to my apartment to grab it! I had a great time learning our e-commerce system for online wine purchases, brainstorming promotional ideas, and meeting my new co-workers. To be excited for the next day of work is a new feeling for me and one I could easily get used to!

First day of work selfie. I’m still riding high on my braid-making semi-abilities. I also have realized some form of headwear covering the ears is essential in Boston.

2. Boston Sports Club continues to impress me. I took another FAAAABULOUS Danielle Dee spin class on Monday and last night I tried out a Total Body Conditioning class. It was so cool! The instructor set up a circuit workout for all of us in the gym, in the shape of a big circle, and we went through the whole thing three times with cardio in between. I got some amazing ideas for moves I can do on my own!


3. Tuesday’s workout wasn’t so great, but that wasn’t my gym’s fault. After being out and about all day at the DMV and two appointments, I arrived at BSC for a 5:30 UXF class and knew immediately I hadn’t fueled enough to do it. I’m not used to walking several miles prior to even entering a gym, and it sure affected me. I left after about 30 minutes of arm weights and abs, kicking myself for not fueling well enough to do the class. It made me feel very guilty to plan to do an intense class and instead end up doing something less intense/long. I’m really going to have to make an effort to watch that now that I’m going to be walking more daily. The ED part of my mind tells me that since I’m living in Boston, land of fab restaurants, I will eat out and indulge more and therefore need to keep up my usual gym routine in ADDITION to the walking. The recovery part of my mind worries about getting caught up in that thinking, because I don’t want any setbacks. I wish I could find a normal between ED and recovery. A normal that involves eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full and not questioning every signal my body sends me. I know one day I will get there. It’s all part of the journey and the frustrations I feel along the way are going to happen. I need to learn from my mistakes and use them as fuel for recovery and my progress.

4. I crossed another Boston restaurant off my to-do list. A future (now current!) co-worker and I met up Tuesday night (before my first day!) at Lineage in Brookline. The service to get my cocktail, which ended up being not so great thanks to some random shaved ice, was too slow. But everything else was awesome! I tried a Macedonian white wine with my entree (see below) and it blew me away despite the fact that it was the cheapest white by the glass!

I ordered the entree special: monkfish with lentils and beets! Cleaned my plate.

5. I’ve also been staying in, and I love it! Jenna’s Roasted Winter Veggie Salad has certainly been pulling its weight around here, lasting me for several salad lunches and a couple of dinners. Every time I start worrying I’ll eat out too much here in Boston, I have to remind myself of how much I thoroughly look forward to and enjoy my nights in. Both last night and Monday I was perfectly content chillin’ in my apartment, eating healthy food, drinking red wine, and getting ready for the next day.

Freshly made.

Take two.

6. I’ve got QUITE the weekend planned. Friday I will be attending my good friend Greg’s show, and hopefully having some fab beverages/dinner before AND after. Saturday an old friend from CT who also lives here now invited me to go salsa dancing! And Sunday I have an event to attend for work…an Oscars-themed gala! Beforehand I’m going with the co-worker I had dinner with on Tuesday to Blo’s South End location, to treat myself to a blow-out. I’m not buying a new dress for the event (wearing a short one and dressing it up with tights and glitter heels) so I figure I can spend a bit on dressing up my outfit with my hair. Right? Right.

The dress – a Black Friday purchase from Kohl’s.

7. I’m learning new things about myself now that I’m living in my new apartment. For example, I have no dishwasher…so I’ve found I’ll do ANYTHING to avoid dirtying another dish. My leftover roasted winter veggie salad is currently in my fridge in its original huge container, even though there’s less than a serving left. I refuse to change it out for a smaller container. That would mean two dishes to hand-wash – the horror! I also had forgotten how much I like just turning on my TV and having it playing while I’m doing chores. The first thing I do when I get home each evening is turn on E! so I can half-listen as I unpack, re-pack for the next day, get dinner ready, etc. It’s very calming and makes me quite glad I got cable.

I’m outta here. No time for more thoughts! Happy Thursday, friends. Be sure to link up if you thought out loud today too.

Do you ever encounter a bad workout as a result of under-fueling? Have you ever had to adjust your caloric intake to a new level of activity?

Did you eat anything fabulous this week, either in or out?

Have you ever learned anything new about yourself upon moving to a new place?

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