Boston Brunchers Ride-N-Dine

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I received the fitness class and meal in this post free of charge. All opinions of my experiences are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

As I mentioned last Friday, this past Sunday was my first Boston Brunchers event, featuring one of my favorite pairings: fitness and food! Or riding and dining, as the name of the event would suggest. Bloggers and social media gurus gathered in the gorgeous Chestnut Hill Square for a Soul Cycle class, followed by a sampling of the Brio brunch menu.

The workout ended up being perfectly timed because I was out and about the day/night prior and I stayed in bed right up until it was time to get ready to leave! Jeannie (of course she joined me!) and I were running a bit late but thankfully the ride actually began at 11:45AM. Just like my last Soul Cycle visit, I had a great experience. I loved both instructors but actually found this one, Molly, to be my favorite overall (Erin, you’re still awesome!).

My favorite part of the class was when Molly encouraged us to make it “not about losing 5 pounds, not about toned triceps”, but about what of SUBSTANCE we wanted to gain from being there. (Source)

The playlist was out of this world, and the arm portion killer on the shoulders! The 45 minute class was just what I was in the mood for and made me feel empowered and strong. I was going to perhaps splurge on a pricey tank top, but I had taken a cab home the night before and that was $20 gone, so I just couldn’t let myself do it! Some day!

Oh my goodness, YES PLEASE! (Source)

If only the classes weren’t so expensive! But I did enjoy getting to use the free spin shoe rental, the clean studios, and getting my fancy Smart Water 🙂 Jeannie is super hooked and wants to treat herself to a class every now and then. Maybe I’ll have to do the same…or hold out for another chance to attend one for an event!

Jeannie and I! I am shoe-less because I was between the spin shoes and the shoes I wore there :)

Jeannie and I! I am shoe-less because I was between the spin shoes and the shoes I wore there 🙂

After the class we headed next door to Brio Tuscan Grille for a brunch tasting! It was my first visit to this chain but I’ve seen other blogger events at a CT location and also know Brittany is a fan, so I was psyched for a chance to try it out. Hint as to how I felt about the meal: I already have another trip planned!


Bloggers listening, learning, and waiting to munch!


Management welcomes us to the location – the first in Boston – which has been open since November 2013.

I had to take a picture of this FREAKING AWESOME sink!

I had to take a picture of this FREAKING AWESOME sink!


Woo hoo coupons!

We started by putting in drink orders (Jeannie and I kept it simple with Prosecco) and the brunch began with a bread basket and fresh fruit! The crispy herbed flatbread in the basket was by far my favorite above the crusty Italian bread, though that was pretty good too. The flatbread just had the perfect amount of rosemary! Having access to the fruit plate made me realize how long it’s been since I had any sort of melon. I’m too lazy to buy and cut it myself, and too cheap to buy it already cute. So I’ve been living a melon-less existence!

This looks like a crown!

This looks like a crown!

That beautiful fruit!

That beautiful fruit! Don’t worry, I’ll get to the other stuff in the photo…

The next course brought on MUCH deserved ooh’s and aah’s – Berries & Cream French Toast (Marscapone cream cheese stuffed, honey, fresh berry compote).





This is the kind of dish I'd never order a full portion of so trying it at this event was such a treat!

This is the kind of dish I’d never order a full portion of so trying it at this event was such a treat!

My favorite dishes of the event were of course savory – the eggs Benedict. We sampled two kinds – turkey sausage & spinach, and ham. Both came on BISCUITS. Swoon. And we also received another wonderful savory dish, the Sweet Potato Hash. It was absolute perfection! I really appreciate that a lot of the brunch menu items have a bit of a healthier twist. Sweet potatoes in the hash, turkey sausage on the Benedict, and I also spied flavorful egg white omelettes on the menu. One of the several reasons I don’t enjoy going out to brunch is because whenever I order a lighter option, I feel like I paid way too much money to leave unsatisfied. I do not feel that way at all about Brio!


Check out that hash and the biscuit!

I had a lovely time at brunch and my only complaint would be the speed of the drink service – it took awhile to get my Prosecco and some folks didn’t get their cocktails until the meal was more than halfway done! However we were a big group who put in an order all at once, so that’s pretty understandable. I’d still return to Brio for sure and the positive reviews I’d heard were well deserved!


Another French toast picture, just because.

At the event’s conclusion Jeannie and I thanked the Chestnut Hill Square and Brio team members, then headed out to do some shopping! Jeannie took advantage of a Sail Loft coupon, and while I didn’t use any coupons myself (shocker I know), I purchased some real finds. I found the perfect birthday present for Molly at Francesca’s, and also managed to snag one of the last of these amazing Bordeaux Contrast Study Cardis at Anthropologie. $29.99 in that store, people?! Unheard of!

Smug picstitch #ootd – don’t judge my dirty mirror.

Don't worry, we did not buy these.

Don’t worry, we did not buy these.

After taking advantage of coupons for free Panera iced coffee, we headed home very satisfied. A Sunday afternoon of working out, yummy brunch, and shopping is really the perfect Sunday afternoon. I’m happy I was able to bring Jeannie along with me and am excited for my next Boston Brunchers event, whatever it may be! Thank you to the Boston Brunchers, Chestnut Hill Square, Brio, and Soul Cycle for such a fun day!

There always seems to be something cool going on in Chestnut Hill Square, so be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay clued in!

Do you enjoy pairing fitness with brunch (or other meals)?

Have you ever been to Brio Tuscan Grille?

What was your latest fabulous shopping find?

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