2016 So Far

Oops, that was a long hiatus. I have been really busy lately with events (both blog and work related), spending time with friends and my boyfriend, gym stuff, and the hectic holiday season that anyone in the beverage industry will surely understand. I thought about recapping my favorite parts of 2015, but it’s a new year, and¬†people seem to be looking forward instead of back. So I’ll just jump into how my 2016¬†has been going so far.

Once fall hit I started jumping off the cooking train. I have been out so many nights, and when I’m in I’ve really been enjoying takeout from go-to spots like Inbound Pizza (if I’m at home) or Pantry Pizza (if I’m at Jeff’s). I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I can’t deny that the fresh start has inspired me to pick out and cook at least one recipe per week. Plus cooking for someone else is really gratifying, and I love sharing with Jeff the results of my time in the kitchen. The above pictured meal was an Italian turkey meatloaf that I’ve made with success in the past, and it came out just as good the second time around. I paired it with some whole wheat spaghetti and sauce that I had hanging out in the freezer. What you do not see pictured above is poor Jeff accidentally shaking an entire shaker of sea salt onto his plate of seconds (and my floor), but he salvaged what he could!

I definitely haven’t been eating very well on the weekends, and I certainly feel that when I attempt to work out after doing things like eating cold pizza for breakfast or drinking three beers at brunch, but it’s also been nice to eat whatever on Saturday and Sunday like a normal person and not be overcome with anxiety about it. Yes I still feel guilty, but I’m able to brush that off fairly quickly and enjoy my (entire) towering midnight fudge cake from the 99. (Do not ask me why I was there.)

I have taken more time off from the gym than I have in years, but have still been fairly consistent. Spin is happening several times a week, both at the BSC for my favorite Monday night class with Danielle Dee and at new-to-me studios like Cyc in Back Bay and Turnstyle Cycle in Kendall Square. Kaitlin (who recently moved to Boston!) came with me to her first CorePower Yoga Sculpt class. And I have a few new ventures coming up, like my first ever Hula Hoop Vinyasa class at Harvard Square’s Barre & Soul and a fun lifting plan to start doing twice a week.

I’ve been taking classes at Cyc and will be taking the Hula Hoop Vinyasa class with one of my favorite workout partners, Emily!

Coming up the rest of the month I have my first ever visit to the Fireplace tonight, a soft opening tomorrow for Monroe in Central Square, a trip to Newport next weekend for Jeff’s birthday to stay at the beautiful boutique hotel Gilded, another sure to be fabulous Barcelona Wine Bar event, and a visit to Charlotte to see my sister in her new home for the first time! If January is any indicator of the rest of my 2016, it’s going to be another year of awesome food, drink, friends, and experiences here in Boston – and beyond.

How has your 2016 been so far? What are you most looking forward to this year?

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