From High(ball) to (Laying) Low

Usually people post weekend recaps on Mondays, but I’ll use the fact that many (not me) had yesterday off as an excuse for why I am posting a weekend recap on a Tuesday. Moving on.

This weekend was a nice mix of going out and laying low. I took Friday as a rest day and was thrilled to use my time between work and going out to lay around on the couch, color, and finally start watching Master of None. I also got to spend my lunch break at Harry’s, my favorite Friday lunch spot near my office, with Kaitlin. It’s been so nice to see more of her since she moved here! And there’s nothing better than a Corona and salad for lunch on a Friday.

Jeff and I went out for dinner and celebrations for my good friend Jenna’s birthday. We started at Stoddard’s, and had some very good food and drinks! The evening started out a bit sour thanks to a rude bartender but my Manhattans and the burger were good enough to make us forget about him. I definitely recommend the Stoddard’s burger! The fries were great too.

Jon, Jenna, and I!

Then our group headed around the corner to Highball, my favorite place in Boston to go out. The whole floor was packed, and full of a lot of people who seemed to have never gone out a day in their lives before, but Jeff and I still had a blast as always. We love visiting our favorite bartender Tomas!

Tomas working his magic while we work on drinks. (Photo by Jeff.)

Pro tip: take advantage of Highball’s late-night food. Order it to go so that you can eat it in an Uber on the way back home. Some midnight flatbread really hit the spot!

I started Saturday afternoon with a great spin class at Velo City with Kaitlin and her husband, Jeff (it was his first ever spin class). My second time in one of Deepak‘s class was even better than my first. If you can ever take a class with him, do it!

After getting showered, Jeff and I hit the road to Newburyport for the evening. But first we had a very late lunch at Rowley’, MA’s Agawam Diner…a 76 year old diner cart! I’m already excited to go back and try some pie, another omelette, and basically anything else that will come with a grilled English muffin. I had a sip of Jeff’s frappe too and it was awesome.

We had a few stops to make (liquor and grocery related), so the trip to Newburyport seemed to take eons, but we finally made it and settled in for the rest of the night. It was really great to just stay in and watch movies on a Saturday for once. Jeff even made me dinner, and I had my first big bowl of pasta in probably years. I ate every last bite and loved it – especially with some fancy rose champagne!

It felt nice to accept someone’s offer to make me dinner and not need to inquire about every ingredient or know how many calories were in the dish. I used to not even be able to let my mom make me dinner without scrutinizing every step. How relaxing it is to be able to be a “normal” person who can just relax and enjoy someone doing something nice for her.

We woke up on Sunday morning not sure how our day would go, but that changed when we got an invite to go to see some friends, watch football, and play Mountain Pong. It was one of those days when I ended up falling asleep at 8:30PM (and waking up at 10PM unable to fall back asleep…damn untimely naps). I spontaneously took that day off from exercise as well so I’m ready to get back into it this week. Started with my favorite spin class with Danielle Dee last night, and I’m taking a yoga class at Barre & Soul tonight! Hope everyone had a good weekend – maybe even a long weekend, if you weren’t me.

Do you prefer to go out or stay in on weekends?

What’s your favorite pasta dish?

Ever tried Mountain Pong?

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