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Have you guys ever heard of Birchbox? I found out about it through a fellow blogger, and I am bummed to realize that I cannot even remember who it was – UGH! If it was you, I apologize.

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Basically, you go onto and sign up to receive your monthly Birchbox, or a box that contains several beauty samples (based on questions you are asked at sign-up), for $10/month. I think this is a good deal considering I love to try new beauty products, but do not love buying them at full-size at the drug store and watching them stockpile in my bathroom as I rarely use them. With Birchbox, my urge to try new products is satisfied monthly, and there’s also the fun element of surprise because I don’t know what I’ll be getting each month!

I also receive periodic emails throughout the month with beauty tips and deals that correspond to what I received in that month’s box. These emails are not too bothersome, pushy, or frequent. I believe you can customize which you receive, or unsubscribe completely, if you wish! I haven’t felt the need to though.

To give you an example, below is my October Birchbox and its contents:

  • Pandea Organics Facial Scrub
  • Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist
  • Blinc Mascara
  • BeFine Lip Serum
  • Tea Forte Mints (not pictured)
To give you an example of how I typically use the contents of a Birchbox: I stored the facial scrub for use in travel and for when my current scrub runs out. Same deal with the lip serum and mints. However, I have been using the hair mist and LOVE IT. It smells so awesome – honestly the best smelling hairspray I’ve ever used. And I’ve also been using the mascara daily. It supposedly encases your eyelashes in “tubes” of mascara, and it works. I can tell because when I remove my makeup, it comes off very easily in little tube form! So cool, and so much lessy of a removal.
Out of all the products in the above Birchbox, I’d say the one I recommend you actually purchase is the Blinc Mascara. I have really never used a mascara that wonderful!

And November’s Birchbox…

I haven’t really had a chance to try any of these products yet, but check out the chocolate – it’s chipotle dark chocolate! I can’t wait to sample that. In fact, I’m not sure why I haven’t yet. I also received a funky green nail polish that would be perfect for St. Patty’s Day. And I’m curious as to how the whitening toothpaste will work – I’m opening it when my current tube runs out!
I totally think the sample of beauty supplies, plus the experience of getting the Birchbox, is worth the $10/month. They didn’t give me any reason to do this post – I just wanted to share a cool find with you all!
What do you think of Birchbox? Anyone else do it? Let me know if you sign up and what goodies you get – everyone gets different samples each month based on their preferences!

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