Too Blessed To Be Stressed

I’m continuing to see #AmazingMe love flow in and it makes me so happy! Sharla tweeted to me her list of why she’s amazing, and Meg want so far as to create a whole page devoted to her list called Marvelous Me (adore the alliteration, girl). I just might create a similar page with my list as well as links to all the list you guys have been sending me. Keep ’em coming!

I had so much to say after this past weekend of mental challenges that I realized only about a couple paragraphs into yesterday’s post on how I handled an active rest day that I’d need more than one post to cover everything. I know I can get very long-winded sometimes when I blog 😉 so I’m spreading the love and continuing my weekend recap today. I will be summarizing the CT Bloggers event at J. Timothy’s Taverne this past Saturday night soon, but for now, let’s jump to spending Sunday at MGM Grand Foxwoods for their Liquid Sunday pool party.

View from my parents’ room on the 23rd floor!

My parents and I love to take little weekend and day trips together! Over the last couple of summers we have established a tradition of going to MGM Foxwoods for their pool parties, which take place on Sundays from 12p-6p. The pool becomes open to non-guests (guests can still get in for a reduced cover price) and as the event has gotten bigger each summer, celebrity guests have been added. My parents usually stay the night Sunday to Monday, and I head home Sunday evening after we have dinner to go back to the real world.

Look at their room’s huge stand-up shower! With a seat option, haha.


I was pretty annoyed because we arrived around 10:30am to hit the pool early since my parents were paying guests of the hotel, but found out that we couldn’t get in until 12pm and would have to wait in line with everyone else. I was peeved and letting this get to me way more than it should have, but my mom and I found a solution when my dad carried some pool chairs we found over to a nice sunny patch of grass near the pool’s entrance.

Elle, Whole Foods iced coffee, new H&M bikini…I’m all set!

And a pear, obviously.

Gold is essential at the casino!

The line to get into the pool actually never went away, even after it opened at 12pm, but the temperature was the perfect amount of warmth – great for laying out and not too hot that I felt like I needed to go throw myself in the pool. So, we saved $10 each and never had to go in! I even started chatting with one of the security guards, and he was kind enough to run into the pool area and bring my mom and I some free bottles of ice cold water. I was blown away by the service of the MGM Foxwoods security guards!

Those Wildflour kale chips and Ste. Michelle Riesling aren’t from the security guards, but they were still damn good together.

In another great example of security guard service, or just fate in general, a kind guard named Jon trotted over to my mom and I and asked us how we were doing and if we needed anything from him. He was a joyful man who seemed to just be loving life. We thanked him profusely for his kindness and assured him we were doing great at our grassy spot. What he said next really hit home. He smiled widely at me and said, “Ladies, it’s like I always say. You’re too blessed to be stressed.”

Blessed with the best dad ever.

I was speechless for a second, and then my face broke into a wide grin. “I LOVE THAT!” I exclaimed to him! His smile grew wider (didn’t even know it was possible) and he just said, “Y’all, I love God, I love life, I love you all. Have a beautiful day!” And then he bounded off (yes, bounded), and I just sat there, reflecting on what brought this happy man to me to send me a message that I’ve needed the last few months more than ever.

Posing on the outdoor patio of our dinner spot, Alta Strada.

Later in the evening, my parents and I dined outside, where I enjoyed a fabulous flatbread half clam/half prosciutto pizza and a basil lime gimlet. I kept reflecting on Jon the security guard’s words, and was honestly just feeling really emotional as a result. I guess I wasn’t the only one because I raised my glass in a toast to thank my parents for all they do for me, and it turned into quite a lovefest as my dad held my hand, looked into my eyes, and said, “I’m so proud of you. You are so perfect. I love you so much.”

Aren’t the precious?

I enjoyed myself throughout the day and at dinner, partially still riding on a high of Jon’s faithful words. Also partially because I was riding on a high over getting to meet the Liquid Sunday guest of honor, Audrina Patridge of “The Hills”.


It worked out great that MGM wouldn’t let us into their pool before 12pm, because otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen the grassy spot outside the pool gates where I ended up seeing Audrina getting interviewed before her appearance! I ran over and like a huge nerd, stuck out my hand and introduced myself. She looked at my hand like it belonged to an alien (I’m guessing she isn’t used to people my age formally introducing themselves!) but was super sweet about taking a photo. I even snapped a quick “selfie” with my iPhone. I had to Instagram and crop it so that I wouldn’t look naked thanks to my bikini tube top. After I got my photos, she went in through the pool gates and began her appearance. I’m sure I never would’ve gotten to meet her if I’d been in that crowded pool party with the other guests! More fate making my day better!


But back to the real point of this post. I arrived home after finishing dinner and hugging my parents goodbye. I chatted with my sister for a bit, got in bed, and did my color-while-listening-to-NPR routine. And then I went to sleep. But I awoke in the middle of the night plagued by negativity. I felt like I was starting to panic. I thought about the Riesling and cocktail I’d drank, the fries I’d finished off my dad’s plate, the laying around I’d done at the pool. I dwelled on finishing my entire flatbread and sipping on some of my mom’s red wine after dinner. Then I laid on my back in a savasana-like pose, took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and saw this:

The Basil Lime Gimlet!

And this…

And even this:

I took a cue from my own #AmazingMe post and saw the positives of my day, of my life. It was amazing how hard my mind fought to throw negativity back at me. It was bickering taking place in my mind. “What an amazing spin class you  had this morning,” I said. “Well, you missed the first 15 minutes of it because you slept in,” my mind said back. “At least that gimlet was FABULOUS and unique,” I thought. “Well, you shouldn’t have drank it. Alcohol is empty calories,” my mind said. But I kept it up. I kept telling myself why my day, my life, I was amazing. And what pushed me through to keep  fighting were Jon’s fateful words: “Too blessed to be stressed.”

I ended up falling back asleep, and feeling pretty good when I woke up the next morning. I was proud of myself for making the conscious effort to take my own advice and make an effort to be positive. And in savasana too – clearly was still feeling inspired by Om Street Yoga! Heck, looking back on this I am still proud. Jon’s words remain in my mind (in a good way) and I don’t know what brought him over to my mom and I, but whatever it was, it was the perfect example of fate giving me a tool I need to help with my anxiety. I couldn’t wait to come here and blog about this today and share my experience and triumph with you all!

(And I also couldn’t wait to share my Audrina run-in. I admit it.)

Have you ever had a run-in with a celeb?

Have you ever had a fateful run-in with a stranger? What was your last brush with fate?

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