WIAW: Florida Vaca Eats!

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It’s time to do another notdailyeats take on Jen‘s What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). I’ve already done that, and if I shared typical workday eats each WIAW, this blog would be Snoozeville, Population: ALL OF YOU.

After all, you’d much rather read/see a recap of the food & drink I enjoyed during my Christmas vacation to Florida, right? I thought so. I already shared my raw/vegan lunch experience at Christopher’s Kitchen with Brittany, and my apricot beer and TooJay’s takeout on Christmas Day, so start there if you haven’t seen those posts!

It’s a miracle I only picked up a fresh apple/cucumber juice from the local Whole Foods on just one morning. It was tempting to do so every day but one was $6!

However, I barely was able to refrain from purchasing a salad beast from Whole Foods each day for lunch. Do you spy my leftover TooJay’s pickle?

I never could get sick of Whole Foods salads!

I seem to have turned into a flamingo in the photo below.

Is there anything better than drinking Asti champagne (loving your rec, Maria!) by the Intercoastal Waterway in your condo’s backyard? Yes, there is – drinking it out of a solo cup.

Bonefish Grill‘s Fresh Grapefruit Martini: grapefruit-infused Ketel One, grapefruit, basil. I ordered this during my last Bonefish trip and just had to get it again.

Also enjoyed *some* wine. The waitress brought me tons of tastes!

Oh baby. Bonefish Grill mahi, lump crab, lobster, spaghetti squash, and broc.

My mom’s birthday was 12/23 and there was a Publix (MECCA) right by the Bonefish Grill, so I not-so-sneakily bought her favorite cake – white with buttercream frosting. No one does cake like Publix!

Don’t you love the stylish J. Crew top my sister got her for Christmas?

I had one of those bottomless pit days and dabbled in Publix cake and red wine post-dinner one evening.

OMG I miss it. And yes I love icing flowers.

The Gini Hendrix at Guanbanas in Jupiter, FL – gin, cucumber, lime, agave nectar, splash of club soda.

Seasons 52 Hawaiian Pineapple Cosmo – Grey Goose L’Orange (LISA!), Patron Citronage. Perfect and simple.

Appetizer for the table at Seasons 52 – the evening’s special flatbread, Greek (KELLY you know I picked this out) with tomato, lamb, onion, tzatziki, feta.

Spinach, mushrooms, pork tenderloin, polenta. AMAZING job, Seasons 52!

Ordered a Syrah called Woop Woop off of the Seasons 52 impressive wine list, and obviously thought it would be funny to take a “Woop Woop!” picture.

Visited a fave of Brittany’s, Rocco’s Tacos, for happy hour with my parents. The Mexican Manhattan (tequila instead of whiskey), the chips, and chunky salsa were all out of this world.

I’m known for putting more salsa on a chip than chip.

We stayed in one night and despite the fact that I was in Florida, I was obviously cold as always. Had some red wine to help 😉

ALWAYS must have Chick-Fil-A in Florida. ALWAYS.

Had to think of my pickle-loving blend Christina as I was asking for extra pickles on my Chargrilled Chik-Fil-A Sandwich!

Extra of their fabulous Honey BBQ Sauce please!

Also always must visit Duffy’s and order their mahi mahi and black beans, but I also got plantains and split the salmon with my mom.


One of the most unique restaurant salads I’ve ever seen, from Panama Hattie’s – within walking distance of our condo! Sweet potato crusted hogfish, ginger vinaigrette, romaine, blueberries, mango, pineapple, and more!

Threw caution to the wind and ordered a special Bloody Mary in the Delta Sky Club during our layover in Atlanta on the way home, because that’s how you do it on the last day of vacation!

Even took an online quiz after drinking half of it, and got a 100%. Perhaps I should adopt this habit permanently?

Repping Fitfluential in the airport!

So how’d I do with eating these fab foods and drinking these delectable drinks on my vacation? Quite good, but some bad.

The good: I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. I tried old favorites and unique new dishes and drinks. I took advantage of opportunities that don’t come around often (hi first class!) and didn’t let obsessive thoughts come in the way of enjoying my time with friends and family – mostly.

In some instances I let myself get way too hungry before a big meal because of missing snacks, or skipped out on breakfast, which was not good. Whenever that happens, I always kick myself. I end up MORE anxious and upset because I fear backtracking in the progress I’ve made if I let those bad habits stick around. But one thing I’ve learned from “Spirit Junkie” is that all I can do when I succumb to a disordered eating thought is forgive myself for doing so, accept that I did it, and CHOOSE to ignore the ego and live with love – by giving it to myself and to others. That’s what I focused on whenever I felt the ego try to take control, and much of the time I was successful. I also did Gabby Bernstein’s Guided Spirit Junkie Meditations each night!

Which of my drinks and/or eats look best to you?

How do you handle guilty thoughts after enjoying the vacation food/drinks that you may not be used to?

Are there any special restaurants you MUST visit when you go to certain places?

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