Marvelous Already Had and Yet to Come

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Before I get to work recapping what is marvelous on this Monday, can I just express my hopelessly addicted woe over the fact that Instagram has been down (for me) for almost…wait, it’s been less than 24 hours? I need to get a grip. Okay, moving on.

Thank you Katie for helping us see the marvelous in Monday!

Thanks so much for your support in response to Thursday’s reflections on the difficulty I had over my FL vacation letting go and living life. Since being home for over a week now my ego has quieted its mean voice, but I’m wary of its ability to spring back up as soon as I step a toe out of my comfort zone, so I’ve been practicing my positive mindset-mode nonstop. This MIMM post is just one of many ways I can do that.

Marvelous is…judging the Not-So-Secret Ingredient (bacon, chocolate, poblano peppers) category at the CHS Cookoff and feeling like I’m a valued part of the CT foodie community! I’m brimming with excitement over how well this event went and it’s going to get its own post, so for now I’ll leave you with this awesome video of the lovely Jenny Steadman giving me a fabulous intro before my speech about my foodie history and announcement of my category’s winner!

Marvelous is…my good friend Kat giving birth to beautiful, perfect Penelope on Friday! I had the chance to visit the two of them in the hospital on Saturday, and that baby is just too precious. She is also a fashionista. I’ve asked Kat to Instagram her #ootd for me every day, por favor. Maybe I can do a Fashion Friday baby feature?! Seriously, this kid is decked out.

So much love!!!

So much love!!!

In lieu of flowers I brought Pinot Noir. Kat appreciated it greatly and we had to have a cheers in the hospital room!

In lieu of flowers I brought Pinot Noir. Kat appreciated it greatly and we had to have a cheers in the hospital room!

Who doesn’t love a good baby Picstitch? Yes, that is a duck hat and a giraffe print. Yes I am wearing heels and holding a Styrofoam cup of wine AND a baby.

Marvelous is…going bowling and sucking at the bowling portion of the afternoon, but winning a worthless toy from the claw machine (or as my grandma calls it, the rip-off machine). Also, Wallingford Bowl has the best hard alcohol selection I have ever seen at a bowling alley…or many restaurants, actually. I enjoyed a mixture of Van Gogh dark chocolate and banana vodkas on the rocks. Not only was it freaking smooth and delicious as all things banana and chocolate are, but the pour was so generous I couldn’t even finish it. (Holy crap I just went on the Van Gogh website and they have a PB&J vodka. WHERE CAN I FIND THIS.)

Marvelous is…meeting with UConn coworkers for a mini-reunion at Black Eyed Sally’s in  Hartford! It was my first time at the restaurant and though our service wasn’t very great, my food was delish (and free, thanks to a birthday entree coupon), my Manhattan was strong (and cheap), and best of all, my friends were the same people they’ve always been. We had a blast!

Soft sweet Northern cornbread...nothing like my mom's burnt Southern version but still quite tasty. That Maker's Manhattan was just $8.50!

Soft sweet Northern cornbread…nothing like my mom’s burnt Southern version but still quite tasty. That Maker’s Manhattan was just $8.50!

Blackened catfish, collards, and garlicky green beans. Mmmm!

Blackened catfish, collards, and garlicky green beans. Mmmm!


Had to do it.



Marvelous is…taking my dad to Barcelona tonight for a private whiskey tasting with small plates by the West Hartford location’s new exec chef, Alex Feldman! I just adore showing friends and family my most favorite restaurants, and the chance to take my dad to Barcelona to share our favorite spirit and to introduce him to my friends there has got a big smile on my face.

How can I not smile with this guy by my side?

Marvelous is…Kaitlin coming to visit this coming Thursday for Taste of the Nation in Hartford! She is going to stay over after and I’m taking the day off work Friday so we can work out, drink coffee, and have a fun vegan lunch together. I also really want her to meet my mom! My other blend Kelly and her hubby Nick are coming to TON too so we are going to have a cozy foodie time together. Tickets are still available FYI and worth every cent!

Marvelous is…rocking spin class twice this weekend and doing so in one of my new Blogilates tanks! They’re so fun and breezy, and perfect to pair alongside an obnoxiously colored sports bra 😉

Killed it with this selfie.

Killed it with this selfie.

Marvelous is…going over to my neighborhood best friend and new food blogger (but long-time cook) friend Molly’s house tomorrow night for a fantastic seafood dinner! I’m bringing a bottle of Apothic Red – the one Maria got me when I visited her! I know Molly will love it.

And I'll clearly love the dinner.

And I’ll clearly love the dinner.

So lots of marvelous has been had, and lots is yet to come. Too blessed to be stressed! Now it’s time to get Monday REALLY kicked off…watch out world.

What was the most marvelous part of your weekend?

What will be the most marvelous part of your week?

Claw machine…are you a disaster, or a master at it?

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