Three Things Thursday: A Discount, A Campaign, A Leap

Happy almost-Friday, folks. Our database and email network are both down at work today so you are definitely hearing from me. I have a few little things to talk about so I figured a fun, random post was in order.

1. Kona Kase Discount Code

I just received the July Kona Kase to review and will be sharing that eventually. I already received and reviewed the June Kase…you may recall I felt it contained more products for endurance athletes than I need (aka I need none) so I am looking forward to finding out what’s in the July box and seeing if the products are more “me”! I’m not withholding that information from you on purpose…I truly don’t know because I haven’t opened it yet. While you’re waiting for my review though, you can look at my June review and use a new discount code “GIFTSUMMER” to get $5 off your first Kase. That means $10 to try Kona Kase, which I think is a good deal given how much the products inside would probably cost separately.

2. Heather Waxman’s Kickstarter Campaign

Heather is taking a huge leap and pursuing her dream of combining her vocal talent with her desire to spread the word about the benefits of meditation. She’s started a Kickstarter campaign and needs $3,500.00 of funding by August 8 in order to create and distribute her very first meditation album, “Soul Sessions”. It will be available via digital download as well as CD, and backers can get their own copies (and more) as a thank you for donating. Even if you can only donate $5 it will help, so please take a moment to check out the video about her campaign and back it if you support it!


3. Scary Stuff Ahead

What I define as scary may not be scary to others, but if you are having trouble relating to the fears I’m about to disclose, please check out this post that Susan published recently that totally got inside my head. Summer continues to be busy (in a fun way) and I will soon start a bunch of jam-packed weekends in a row of travelling for weekend trips. In the short-term, I have plans tonight for my best friend’s birthday (dinner and a show in Hartford) that will go late. I then have college friends coming in from out of town tomorrow when I get out of work.

Kelly is one friend who's visiting! She's staying over Friday night.

Kelly is one friend who’s visiting! She’s staying over Friday night.

Now, I could set my alarm for 6am tomorrow morning so that I can wake up and work out since I can’t do so after work (as I usually do on Fridays). I really could do that. But I would also be really, really tired because I doubt I’ll get home tonight til 10:30 or 11pm. I want to stay out late tomorrow night and get a repeat going of last weekend’s fabulous Friday. I want to enjoy as much time as I can with my old friends.

Ravi is the other friend coming to visit. Or as we call him, Ravi-Bear!

Ravi is the other friend coming to visit. Or as we call him, Ravi-Bear!

So I am actively making the decision not to set my alarm tomorrow morning to work out. I am actively making the decision to take a complete, 100% rest day. Those who have been reading my blog for awhile will know this is hard for me. I’ve gotten better about not always needing a long workout or a cardio workout (or both) every single day. This past Monday I did 30 minutes of weights and then went to a multi-course wine dinner and lived it up to its fullest. This morning I did a 20 minute Tone It Up workout, and called it a day.

However, I have NOT been good about taking time off from working out altogether. I have not taken a day off since I last blogged about doing so over three weeks ago. Yes, I know that’s bad for me. Yes, I know that is not helping me in recovery. The most frustrating part is KNOWING what’s right, and having such a hard time DOING it. That’s a lot of what going through an ED is.

So I’m posting this to hold myself accountable. I will take tomorrow off 100%. I will not be give into temptation to skip meals or snacks as a result. I will not hold back and go home before I truly am ready to. I will stay out as late as I want to. I will live my life!

Are you into meditation? Have you ever tried a guided meditation CD?

Do you struggle with guilt over rest days? I know I’ve asked this before, but every time I do, I get new people commenting or the same people commenting with great new insights!

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