Five Things Friday: Linking Up!

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I’ve done Five Things Friday (or some variation) posts in the past but this is the first one I’ve done since Clare started her link-up! And I have several different things to say today so it’s very appropriate timing. I love these kinds of posts because I don’t have to focus on one topic. I can just bop around and share different news/insights/etc. And what do you know…Clare featured one of my posts in her Five Things Friday today! Thank you Clare!


1. I got really full on Wednesday night. I felt anxious all day at work because not only did I do a morning (which means shorter than usual) workout, but I had dinner plans with Kat to eat in the Millwright’s Tavern. The staff at Millwright’s have a tendency to spoil me 😉 and I found myself future-tripping all day about whether or not that would happen. Well it did – Chef Tyler sent out some amazing appetizers after we’d ordered our (first) drinks and entrees.

Kale with 6-minute egg, tomatillos, blue cheese, bacon, &sweet onion vinaigrette.

I’m not ungrateful and if I could go back I would not change the fact that the appetizers were sent out. I love being able to try so many different menu items (the above kale was my favorite food of the night!) and I’m glad I didn’t let fear hold me back and stop me from trying some of everything.

Two Fall Soups In One: apple/chestnut&fall squash, mushrooms/fennel/squash seeds.

But then my entree came and I obviously still wanted to try that. So I did and I ate a good portion of it. And then Kat didn’t finish her burger so I finished that. And her fries. Because who needs dessert when there are thirds/fourths/etc of dinner to go around?

A work of food art…pork loin, apples & walnuts, delicata squash, johnny cake, smoked syrup.

I left Millwright’s with excellent memories and warm and fuzzies from being in a restaurant so very special to me. But I also did not sleep well that night because I kept waking up and thinking about how full I’d gotten. I kept beating myself up for not listening to my body, for letting myself overeat. I was being very hard on myself the next morning and didn’t like looking at my body in the mirror, but kept doing so to torture myself. But all feelings pass with time…some just take more than others. The next morning I was no longer full, but the mental feelings of guilt were long-lasting throughout the day. At least I wasn’t feel regret for missing out on all that food, right? Trying to stay positive here, people.

Me, Kat, and her neighbor Becca!

Me, Kat, and her neighbor Becca!

2. On a semi-related note…I’m starting to get that pre-Thanksgiving-week anxiety. It’s sooo dumb and annoying that good times bring bad thoughts but it’s true. My sister, brother, and grandma all get here on Tuesday and while I am psyched, we also have a lot of plans that will involve alcohol and food. I want to enjoy myself because everyone deserves to enjoy a holiday week with loved ones! It’s just going to take a lot of active reminding myself of that fact. Good thing Nana Connie and Hannah are both so good at reminding me to savor life and take advantage of all it offers me.

Nana Connie, Hannah, and I!

Nana Connie, Hannah, and I!

3. I’m continuing my quest for balanced weekends and being okay with the nights out. My mom returned from Florida yesterday and finally she, my dad, and I are together on a Friday night and able to go out for a meal. It seems like it’s been awhile (for me at least) since the three of us did that so we are going to keep it pretty low key and just hit up Rizzuto’s in West Hartford because their new drink menu looks AMAZING. I am perfectly content to go home after and rest up because the next day, after a morning workout, I will be hitting the road for Boston to eat and drink my way through the city with my good friend Molly! Yes I am nervous about what I will eat and drink but I owe her a visit and how often am I in Boston?! Keep an eye on Instagram all day/night Saturday, folks!

Molly and I were taking selfies long before they were the Word of the Year.

Molly and I were taking selfies long before they were the Word of the Year.

4. I finally got around to updating the About Me page. This has been on my “blog clean-up” to-do list for awhile! I originally wrote the page before I ever dreamed of being open about my ED and recovery journey. I alluded to it but now the page has more about my foodie history, development of my ED, and decision to get help and begin to fight. I also added links to both about-me related posts and recovery-related posts! I think the page definitely gives new visitors to my blog a better idea of who I am and what this blog is about. That’s my ultimate goal, because the About Me page used to be the first page I visited of ANY blog when I was only a blog-reader.


5. I wore my new galaxy print yoga shorties from VS Pink today to spin class. It felt great to get today’s workout done in the morning and I just love wearing new workout gear! I was lucky enough to snag these guys on sale.

I think this post was appropriately random for a Five Things Friday. I started out with the heavy stuff and ended with the fun. Actually, it was all fun. Expect more fun in Monday’s marvelous post!

How do you handle feeling REALLY full after a meal?

What are you up to this weekend?

Do you frequently visit the About Me pages of blogs?

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