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I’ve been being all mysterious about my future, a waiting game, etc. Well I’m happy to report that today I can finally spill to you guys. While the job I held for 2 years and 7 months has been good to me, and while I have learned a lot there, it has not fulfilled my passions. I think it’s easy to see what those are. Food, restaurants, wine, cocktails, fitness, marketing, social media, all things digital. That’s why I’ve been on the hunt since this past May for a job that is more me, in an industry in which I could truly see myself building a career.

Thanks to a connection and this blog (I started this blog partially to serve as a walking/talking resume, and it has done just that for me), I can announce today that I have put in my two weeks notice with my current employer. I’m going to be starting a new job in digital marketing in the wine industry and am moving away from Connecticut…to work in Boston.

Don't mind the blatantly fake Chanel.

Please disregard the blatantly fake Chanel.

I am absurdly excited that all the hard work I’ve put into this blog and my job search has paid off! I’m also absurdly anxious to find an apartment so that I can finalize exactly when I am moving. Thankfully I already have appointments set up this coming Saturday to check out some places near the office. I want to be able to live (and find a gym) close by so I can do as much walking as possible, with a bit of T-riding to supplement. And no I don’t plan on becoming a bike person, because the idea of riding a bike in Boston traffic petrifies me.

I also kinda look like a doofus in a helmet.

I also kinda look like a doofus in a helmet. Yes that is obviously my Tennessee Dad pulling a Gossip Girl book cover in this selfie.

If anyone with experience in the Boston area has any advice about apartment hunting, gyms, or just general Boston life…please let me know! I already know I’m looking to live alone (introvert over here) in the Allston/Brighton area, and have scouted out a few potential gyms. Priorities there? Group fitness classes and A STAIR MASTER. I even started packing up a bunch of stuff already (including many blog-relate food freebies which I’m very glad now to have on hand!) and in the process have been throwing out/donating a lot as well, so this whole thing feels pretty cleansing.

But also stressful. I am so very grateful that finally my dream job has come along. But I cannot help but feel so scared of breaking my routine and building a new one. What if I miss workouts? End up living off of takeout? Drink ALL THE WINE? Visit ALL THE RESTAURANTS? Will I gain weight? Will I have to buy new pants? I feel shallow saying this but these anxieties are really the first ones popping up in my head. Followed by…will I be able to budget effectively after living at home all this time? WHY ARE APARTMENTS SO EXPENSIVE? Will I do well in my job?

Working towards a routine has been making me feel better, so that’s why I’m already going to be in Beantown this weekend looking at places, have already started packing, and am in the process of reaching out to gyms about trial periods and monthly rates. Plus it’s good to know so many friends there who I’ll have as a support network. Though I may not be moving to the warm place I often dream of during these winter months, I am moving to a place only 1.5 hours from my friends and family here in CT. And it’s a place where I already have a great group of friends already there, waiting to welcome me with open arms.




Another Kelly!

While I may be scared, nervous, anxious, and worried I am also excited, grateful, psyched, and elated. I am so ready to make this career change, finally move out of my parents’ house (though I know it’ll always be mine too), and start over in a new place. And I’m thankful to have the people on my side who will help ease the transition. So that’s the announcement folks. I hope the teasing and the hinting was worth the wait. I know it was worth the wait for me, to put in time with my current employer so that when this job came along, I felt confident and ready to go for it!

Have you ever made a big move and/or career change?

Does change make you more excited or more nervous?

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