Pink and Purple PUMA: Fitness Fashion

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

Fitfluential has given me the opportunity to receive another set of PUMA fitness apparel (you can see my first PUMA campaign post here) as part of a campaign. Unfortunately the timing of shipments didn’t work out in my favor. I signed up for the campaign back when I was still living in CT, and by the time the Bubble XT Tribal sneakers arrived, I’d already moved out! I haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but wanted to get my post up, so I’ll just fill you guys in on the basic info that was sent to me: stylish design, light-weight cushion technology. And my info: PURPLE. That’s freaking awesome. Once I do get my hands on them (I’ll be home to grab them this weekend) I’ll be able to actually tell you all what I think. You can read another Fitfluential Ambassador’s review here – thanks Clare!

Pink and purple are my top two favorite colors, so I was psyched when I opened the clothing package (which arrived before I moved – phew!) and saw only those two colors. I love the mesh on the sides of the sports bra (which is called Gym-licious and that makes me cringe a bit) and wearing it with the Gym Loose Top was perfect because of the top’s open back. With a bra like that, I want to show it off! The top definitely felt a little cumbersome at times because of how flowing it is, but I enjoyed wearing it to spin classes.

My reaction to the ACTV Power 3/4 Tights was up-down-up. I loved the packaging and the cute drawstring bag they came in! But then I opened them and saw what a strange shine the purple had to it. When I put them on, certain parts of the tights (those pulled tighter, for example the parts around my bum) actually looked pinkish because of the color of the interior fabric.

Like my last pair of PUMA active tights, this gel lined the inside. It makes them difficult to put on, but really does help in keeping them in place!

Though cute I didn’t have much use for the bag. Too tiny!

You can kinda see what I mean in this photo about the pinkish hue in the pants.

However once I put the tights on there was no denying how comfortable they were. I wore them to my Studio Empower class and they performed very well. Plus I got used to the funky color and it ended up making me feel a whole lot better (I had a bad cold on the day I wore them). I seriously adore bright workout clothes and love that PUMA is going more in that direction. Just look at these rad pants!

However the tights are priced at $70, and I certainly would not pay that amount for them. I feel as if I have other fitness tights I paid less for and that function just as well. Still there’s no denying I adore that purple!

Overall I was satisfied with the apparel I received and the sports bra was my favorite piece. I’m excited to try the shoes! Purple and pink cannot be beat (haaaaa) especially in the gym.

Do you enjoy wearing bright and funky workout clothes?

Do you own any PUMA apparel?

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