Reebok Skyscape: Always Thinking Pink

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After some change-of-address-caused hoopla I finally received my Reebok Skyscape sneakers last weekend! You probably have seen other Fitfluential Ambassadors posting about their experiences with the new shoe line, but I’m late to the game on this campaign. At least I can hope that sets my post apart from the others, right? Anyway, I opened the package and found another pair of SUPER bright pink shoes to add to my collection! I think the sneaker gods know my favorite color is pink.

They begged to be paired with cuffed jeans!

Every pair of sneakers (including other Reebok pairs) that I own is a size 8, so I asked for these in a size 8 too. If I could do it all over I’d ask for an 8.5 because with socks on they felt a bit snug, but it was nothing that bothered me much –  even after wearing them all day. I wore them on Marathon Monday which entailed a lot of walking around; I thought that’d be the perfect test!

They sure stand out next to Greg’s shoes! Sorry Greg, had to outdo you.

Unfortunately after all that walking around the toes of the shoes are already scuffed up, but luckily these shoes are machine washable! I will definitely have to take advantage of that benefit (though removing the laces first is recommended, and I’m not super confident in my re-lacing abilities). The Skyscape slogan is “Style Never Stops”, and it is nice to find a shoe that is stylish yet comfortable enough to wear while being constantly on the move! Reebok claims these are “so comfortable you’ll forget you have them on” and while I wouldn’t go THAT far they were still pretty darn cozy. I loved how lightweight they were and they also come in tons of fun colors like my pink and also a fun purple.

Perhaps I won this pool game because my bright sneakers distracted my opponent!

Perhaps I won this pool game because my bright sneakers distracted my opponent!

I’m excited to try wearing these shoes again with a dress or skirt, now that the weather is kinda getting warm (it’s supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow, WTF). At first I wasn’t sure how to do it but Reebok actually put out a style guide which will certainly be helpful! It features bloggers and I love the look that two of them chose – a white dress, leather black jacket, and the Skyscapes. They provide a cute pop of color which is what I tried to do when I paired mine with the jeans and black tee.

Allie Lochiatto of Allie Wears – she’s a Boston girl! Source

You can find Reebok Skyscape sneakers online or in retail locations. They are partnering with one of my favorite places to find affordable shoes – Kohl’s! Overall I really like my Skyscapes and though I’d go a 1/2 size bigger, I still plan to be rocking them all spring and summer long, especially when I have long active days ahead of me here in Boston!

Which color of Skyscapes would you love to rock? (You can also design your own!)

Do you think you’d attempt a dressier look with this sneaker, or keep it casual?


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