Revised Gastro-Goals

Here’s hoping the title of this post doesn’t scare any readers away like the last one may (potentially) have. I just wanna give a harmless little update!

At the beginning of last week my stomach was a mess. I mentioned it felt like shit during the Flywheel class I did with Maria. It continued to feel awful on Monday and Tuesday, but then slowly started getting better. I’d like to think that’s because I’d decided on Sunday upon my return from Stamford to revise the goals I previously set for preventative digestive care (naturopath-prescribed probiotics and ACV), but in reality I’m sure the change-ups I’ve made had not yet had any effect.

My stomach only got WORSE after I started religiously taking the probiotics, so I’ve decided to switch them. I’ve heard too many good things about probiotics in general to go off them completely, but it’s possible that the ones the naturopath gave me just didn’t agree with my body. Or maybe they had nothing to do with anything. But I’ve switched my probiotics to the Whole Foods 365 brand upon Kaitlin‘s recommendation. She called them “life-changing” so we’ll see!

Upon Brittany‘s suggestion (and she’s got a LOT of experience dealing with this stuff) I’ve also started taking digestive enzymes that the naturopath gave me and I never ended up using. They’ve done a lot for her chronic stomach issues and I’m hoping the same for me! Every time I talk to her and ask for advice I am reminded that what’s going on right now is just an inconvenience in comparison to issues others have been and still are dealing with. So I’m hoping these little tweaks to my goals are going to help, paired with my continued battle with my ego.

In summary, the new gastro-goals are…take Whole Foods 365 Probiotics, digestive enzymes, and Bragg’s ACV. So far I am doing AWESOME at this. I’ve rarely missed a pill/glass. I’ve also been continuing my Spirit Junkie Meditations to de-stress!

Not feeling too wordy today so I will end this post with the below e-card because I am so goddamn sick of hearing the word “snow”:

What do you think about my revised gastro-goals?

Any other recommendations for me that I haven’t mentioned?

Are you also ready to punch the next person who mentions snow? #sorrynotsorry

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