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Revised Gastro-Goals

Here’s hoping the title of this post doesn’t scare any readers away like the last one may (potentially) have. I just wanna give a harmless little update!

At the beginning of last week my stomach was a mess. I mentioned it felt like shit during the Flywheel class I did with Maria. It continued to feel awful on Monday and Tuesday, but then slowly started getting better. I’d like to think that’s because I’d decided on Sunday upon my return from Stamford to revise the goals I previously set for preventative digestive care (naturopath-prescribed probiotics and ACV), but in reality I’m sure the change-ups I’ve made had not yet had any effect.

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I hope the title of this post doesn’t scare anyone away.

It’s more about the Goals than the Gastro!

In the healthy living blog world, I see lots of posts about accountability. Most involve staying accountable by eating clean and working out regularly. I truly enjoy doing both of those activities, but also have been known to take accountability too far, so I try to stray from making food or workout goals – at least, specific ones that involve “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”.

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